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The cotton fabric hypothermia in quick succession and bleaching process

Published on:2013/5/3 13:59:06

Keyword:Fabric, printing and dyeing
Introduction:Editor's Note: 2012 China Dyeing and Printing Association selected the "the sixth installment China printing and dyeing industry energy saving advanced technology recommended list"

 Editor's Note: 2012 China Dyeing and Printing Association selected the "the sixth installment China printing and dyeing industry energy saving advanced technology recommended list", a total of 25. We will be published on the Internet, all enterprises with their own situation, active use of energy saving advanced technology to enhance the level of cleaner production. 

Technical Description 

The technology for traditional cold pad-batch process, the conventional retirement scouring and bleaching three sections steaming process two sections of the steaming process, scouring and bleaching, scouring and bleaching bath steaming process is a breakthrough innovation process. Scouring and bleaching agent with independent research and development of low-temperature, high to liquid technology, low-temperature production lines in existing conventional continuous oxygen bleaching cotton fabric for a bath step scouring and bleaching process. New process into the fabric → padding and bleaching solution (with liquid rate of 100%) → room temperature and bleaching (35 ° C to 40 ° C, mesh belt boxes stacked 75min to 90min) → the seven steam wash me hot wash ( three 60 ° C to 65 ° C, after four in the 90 ° C to 95 ° C) → drying. 

Compared with the traditional process, the new technology batching time reduced from 12h to 24h 75min to 90min; chemicals can reduce the total amount of more than 40%; the steam reduced more than 50%; reduced 40% of COD, pH value from 12 to 7 ~ 8.Energy conservation, economic, social and prominent. 


The project to subvert the traditional high-temperature desizing of hydrogen peroxide, bleach principle, the use of the characteristics of the additives, hydrogen peroxide at room temperature one bath scouring and bleaching process. Traditional scouring and bleaching process temperature is reduced from 100 ° C to 40 ° C. 

Research and development of fast and bleaching agent, scouring, stability, activation, in addition to the wax, wash function, get rid of the water glass, to ensure the quality of semi-finished and soft to the touch, the process is fast and efficient, energy-saving and emission reduction. 

Technological Innovations 

The project broke through the the traditional cold pad-batch process efficiency low alloy and high energy consumption of continuous steaming process ills, independent innovation research and development of low-temperature fast and bleaching agent, the use of high to medium technology in the production line of existing conventional continuous oxygen bleaching cotton fabric continuous low-temperature bath step scouring and bleaching process. 


Pre-treatment, in the textile industry for knitting cotton fabric, dyed fabric and yarn or intermittent scouring and bleaching process. 

Energy saving effect 

A production line annual production of 6750 tons of fabric as compared to the two-stage process of scouring and bleaching, the annual savings of 11,576.25 tons of steam, reduce electricity consumption of 183,600 degrees, to reduce water consumption of 8.3363 million tons, a decrease of 263.25 tons of caustic soda consumption was reduced chemicals the total amount of 286.875 tons, the total annual savings of 248 million yuan; desizing, scouring and bleaching with the traditional three-stage process compared to annual savings of steam 21,448.125 tons, saving 405,000 degrees, water-saving 140,400 tons, a decrease of the amount of caustic soda 364.5 tons, the annualreduce the total amount of chemicals 391.5 tons, the total annual savings of 4,717,000 yuan. 

Input-output Feasibility Analysis 

The project process route design, equipment unit compact, easy to operate, energy conservation, has been put into industrial mass production of nearly one million meters.Steam, water, electricity, additives and other costs are lower than the conventional process, the economic and social benefits significantly, and has broad application prospects, technology has reached the international advanced level. Per ton of fabric desizing, scouring and bleaching costs: consumption of 1.21 tons of steam, electricity 36 degrees, 10.4 tons of water, the auxiliaries 32.5 kg, for a total cost of 488.1 million.Reduce costs 367.42 yuan per ton than the two-stage process; reduce costs 689.825 yuan per ton than the three-stage process.