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Huzhou City, Zhejiang start printing and dyeing leather and other four industries remediation enhance

Published on:2013/4/28 15:09:04

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Introduction:Social business January 23 "shutting down eliminate a number of integrated admission number of specifications to enhance a number of" New Year,

 Social business January 23 "shutting down eliminate a number of integrated admission number of specifications to enhance a number of" New Year, Huzhou around the industrial transformation and upgrading, started the ecological business card again make an important deployment for printing and dyeing, paper, leather Chemical four sectors of the outstanding environmental issues, and strive through 2-3 years to achieve these four industries into the healthy, norms and sustainable development track. Comprehensive promote resource conservation, is one of the tasks of the party's 18 report clearly pointed out that the construction of ecological civilization. After investigation thoroughly, Huzhou is currently a total of 95 printing and dyeing enterprises, paper-making enterprises 36, 24 tanneries, 88 chemical companies, these four industries chemical oxygen demand, ammonia emissions accounted for 47.73% and 74.47% of the city's . "High pollution, high energy consumption industries not only to continue to promote energy conservation, improve the ecological quality of the environment has brought a lot of pressure, but also affect the quality and efficiency of economic development." Huzhou relevant person in charge said: "The industry regulation to enhance the potential In the inevitable. "

Based on the deployment throughout the city this year will strictly enforce the four industry industry access conditions, project approval and regional environmental quality, industrial restructuring, environmental infrastructure construction, energy consumption per unit of product, pollution reduction performance indicators linked to the implementation of new with the old, the total reduction of alternative measures, new, change, expansion of industrial projects, add the total amount of emissions, the total index should balance or regional replacement alternative. Building professional park to optimize the layout of enterprises, the change is low, small, scattered the status quo, industry cluster development, the park unified planning and construction, strict implementation of rain and sewage diversion, supporting the construction of centralized wastewater treatment facilities, wastewater must all sewer and implementation of sub-quality shunt.
In addition, Huzhou determined to shut down small-scale, high energy consumption, heavy pollution and governance hopeless enterprise and production lines, to speed up the elimination of backward technology and equipment, to encourage the use of state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and efficient production processes, equipment, safety and reliable pollution control technology, the four industries and enterprises before the acceptance of the remediation complete compulsory clean production audit in accordance with auditing requirements to the implementation of cleaner production transformation. Companies need to set strict clean-up shunt system, in principle, can only be set on a standardized waste water discharge and a drainage port, all outlets should be located outside the factory to oversee the monitoring of wastewater discharges shall comply with the relevant national standards and to achieve the total area control requirements, corporate emissions should be set to the efficient collection system, the main exhaust vent and standardization of waste water discharge should be required to install online monitoring and control facilities, and with the environmental protection department. Solid waste to be collected separately regulate the disposal of hazardous waste should be entrusted to the appropriate business qualification units utilize processing, and strict implementation of the transfer of hazardous waste program approval and transfer of the single system.
In order to encourage enterprises to play the main role, the city government has combined four industry regulation to enhance the implementation of the program introduced incentives, focusing on the city level to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, energy saving transformation, zero land technological innovation, corporate mergers and acquisitions, new industries and characteristics of industrial development, the repurchase of major pollutants, secondary development of land purchasing and storage and construction sites.