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The traditional textile enterprises cross-border development

Published on:2013/4/11 11:14:00

Keyword:Spinning machinery, weaving machinery, knitting machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, chemical fiber machinery, non-woven fabric machinery
Introduction: Do 10 years of textile enterprises, often sad liquidity     "Yangtze River&quo

 Do 10 years of textile enterprises, often sad liquidity

    "Yangtze River" brand, "the satellite card" wool is wool brand known for some other place in Nanjing. Bo days Textile spend more than 100 million in 2003, bought two grades, and "Yangtze River" brand, "satellite" brand yarn sold in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and other parts of the world, becoming the Nanjing alone eleven students manufacturing wool enterprises.
    With people the consumer still learning the rotation, wool sales shrinking year by year, the cost is declining. Operated for over 10 years, textile Botian does not powerful. More than 100 workers, students each year manufacture 1000 tons of yarn, the annual production value of more than 6000 million, Sri Lanka when the company can maintain the best shape.
    As textile enterprises, we face two major bottlenecks of labor and capital. "Company chairman Yu pre-school speech the author, when the weaver's very difficult, often recruit workers, is not easy to hire a much dry, quite issues affecting the abnormal operation of enterprises. The wool trafficking highlighted and peak seasons, summer off-season, the company needs to go to to hoard the original material with many liquidity. "For this, we every year and withdrawals, how support for 10 years." Yu said pre-school, 2007, due to the quick decision get loans, the company almost died, "Fortunately, a friend lent me a few million turnover, to ride out the storm. "also from the original, the danger of pre-split face thinking about restructuring and development.
    As Transformation, Jimi NAU building networking R & D base
    Bo-day mill area must have an idle site. Just horses face split face solve engage in wool dyeing, have contaminated not completed. "Yu pre-school to say, 2010, organized to build the wool professional market, the introduction of domestic Furthermore brands together to do the research and development of new products, Internet sales, logistics and so on, ending As a result of the blueprint, and funding the title not been implemented.
    In 2011, the municipal government of Nanjing Software Park "Valley Park" as the wealth of the city's software needs of a small piece of the Pukou District subsequently led to the establishment of the Nanjing Software Park (West), with coherent Pearl River Industrial Park have begun to get rid of planning mediation belongings. Which makes the danger of pre-school to see the transformation of the opportunity, he can hope to catch the edge with emerging production.
    Today, NAU message Institute of Science and martial arts are Pukou District After all the research competition works. College seriously and studied electronic journalism danger of pre-school was able to talk to the two sides hit it off, select Cooperation in the Establishment of Things belongings base.
    July last year, R & D Building, 1 laid the first pile. The end of the old, 7-storey, construction area of ​​26,000 square meters, R & D Building, 1 full cap.
    Based on mutual peace talks, our investments cover the R & D building, the purchase of the implementation of the instruments, equipment, structures networked martial arts platform. "Introduce Yu pre-school, future NAU static scientific wonderful Technical College in Branch will be established at the base, and its research The team for the support, absorption Off enterprises to enter even the Internet of Things, networked home manufacturing cluster composition.

Keyword:Spinning machinery, weaving machinery, knitting machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, chemical fiber machinery, non-woven fabric machinery

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