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Qi growth knitwear, silk weaving machinery market in 2010

Published on:2013/3/29 10:16:39

Keyword:Spinning machinery, weaving machinery, knitting machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, chemical fiber machinery, non-woven fabric machinery
Introduction: In 2010, followed by the fall of the value of labor, to enhance the the knitting equipment mec

 In 2010, followed by the fall of the value of labor, to enhance the the knitting equipment mechanization and enthusiastically level of market demand will be the main stream tends. In the range of knitting machinery, warp knitting machine market in 2010 compared depression. The warp knitting the equipment the Mutual Assistance advantage of peripheral pinpoint positioning, improve product integrity. Foreign warp knitting equipment still a low-end products mainly cover the low-end market; tendency to high-end or different manufactured goods also being carried out.

    In recent years, knitting workmanship and equipment needs of stranded knitting machine production function improved computer and active bundle expand the use of technical means, the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and other new materials promotion rate of warp knitting machine knitting machine machine No. Get improved.
    Currently domestic about 160 million units of manual flat knitting machines, computerized flat knitting machine only 100,000 units dominate the knitting industry in 2010 and belongings promotion, computerized flat knitting machines to multifunction tendency, such as multi-gauge, four-bed, " Knit & Wear "the full tailor technical means. Country produce value of computerized flat knitting machine is usually maintained at between 80,000 to 150,000 yuan, less than imported machine price 1/4, and Peixiu costs are also much lower than the imported equipment, the cost advantage is more prominent. The absolutely electric knitting machine, a computer enthusiastically knitting machine domesticated costs can be extended to 1/6 to 1/8. Followed the progress of the country's production technology, market consideration has originated fall. With the people sweater jacket, bright and personalized applications to improve the device enthusiastically level of robustness, cost-effective improvement of the country produced computerized flat knitting machine adhere to the strong sales momentum. Revealed potential market of computerized flat knitting machine in 2010, reflecting instead of manual, electric knitting machine will be the inevitable transformation of enterprise skills tend.
    The knitting industry still asset investment grew by 26.07%, prime tend the Kun-American martial arts equipment, thus lifting the level of industry-wide skills facilities. Knitting machinery imported always adhere to the first country to create a knitting equipment to maintain the country to create a good momentum of development, of course, high-performance knitting machines manufactured goods posterity equipment there is also a gap, but development potential. The knitting industry trends will increase computer knitting machine, the proportion of high level of knitting machine for high-speed warp knitting machines, jacquard knitting machine, socks and seamless underwear, open to recover high-end knitting products with special specifications out products.
    1 to August in 2010, knitting machinery entrance of $ 305 million, down 8.50%; imports of $ 711 million, a year-on-year growth of 12.69%. Still among the textile machinery industry, foreign trade import and import the first place, the decline in export growth, reflecting the international knitting machinery market awake than quick-witted. Import growth to improve, clarify the knitting industry authorities optimization products technical level in endlessly improve. Followed knitted instead of woven fabrics proportion of belongings textiles endless growth, the knitting equipment imports accounted for 7.10% of the market capacity of the oceanic great potential market demand as before.
    2010 World knitting industry market was exceptionally strong, and the host of Health to build factory thrown up for the current situation should not demand, many end-users as well as sent incidentally ran Machinery Factory reminders machinery and equipment. The neighboring carried Zuotan vary, The Shaoxing become the world's largest knitted fabric of Health to build the base. From late August, the earliest, due to the decline in value of raw materials and Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces brownouts reason, terminal operation rate is lower, the host orders also significantly reduced. 1 October 2010, the circular knitting machine sales of over 22,200 units, a year-on-year growth of 34.7%, the seamless underwear machine terminal market severance in Yiwu, Zhejiang, Guangdong Shantou, Dongguan, selling more than 3800 units over 80,000 units, computerized flat knitting machine trafficking over 2100; warp knitting machine, a year-on-year increase of 31.25%.

Keyword:Spinning machinery, weaving machinery, knitting machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, chemical fiber machinery, non-woven fabric machinery

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