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Eight years to realize yarn dyeing full motion listed collaborative innovation awards

Published on:2015/1/30 11:27:28

Keyword:Automation, yarn, dyeing, spinning, research
Introduction:A small, history is not long, the location is not optimal textile enterprises & ndash;& ndash;Shandong Kang Pingna group, had won the 2014 national sc...

A small, history is not long, the location is not optimal textile enterprises & ndash;& ndash;Shandong Kang Pingna group, had won the 2014 national scientific and technological progress first X-ray RITE369 prize, with what?

Taian Kang Pingna name, even in the city, some people are not familiar with, but can't dismiss the industry.The company research and development of automatic bobbin dyeing full set of production lines, the world first.And textile equipment advanced countries such as Germany, Italy, and only the development of local horizontal dyeing production automation system.

Printing and dyeing workshop into large, almost can't see the person's operation link, the yarn dyeing after completed the first full automation in the whole world.Team group chairman Chen fei, this equipment has completed more than 100 sets of equipment, more than 2000 parameters on-line detection, real-time closed-loop control, the whole flow of complete automation, save more than seventy percent of employment.

China's textile industry has a short board: enterprise master craftsmen, institutes in machinery.Industry do people don't fully understand textile processing equipment, and do not understand the person responsible for textile processing equipment.& other;Buy the equipment to earn money, earn money to buy equipment & throughout;, has become many enterprises get out of.Chen fei secretly determined, make your own equipment, go your own way.

Kang Pingna do started with wool, textile machinery was the first time.& other;Textile new material, new technology of dyeing and finishing, dyeing and finishing equipment involved is a textile, printing and dyeing, mechanical, automation, computer, modern management, and other multi-disciplinary system engineering, single-handedly clearly not reality.Throughout the &;Fei Chen team decided to borrow & other;Mind & throughout;Production-study-research cooperation road.So, have the cooperation with mechanical science institute, the two sides to build the r&d team.& other;This is a breakthrough innovation, equivalent to corporate hired us a high-quality team.If completely on self-directed cultivating the talented person, is can not in reality.Throughout the &;Mechanical science research institute, vice President of zhong-de shan said.

Team, mechanical academy of 30 people, human relations still belongs to the institutes, actually wages Kang Pingna company to undertake all the funding, with most of the time of year stay in the enterprise.

Research means that enterprises should take out the money.For eight years, the enterprise in addition to maintain normal operation, almost all the profits to research.A year into the activities of science and technology accounts for more than 5% of sales revenue.

Production-study-research cooperation way, often is not flat.Research takes time, but some companies get rich quick, cooperation is likely to run aground.Chen fei said: & other;Early but no output input. Can't see the economic benefits, but we are mutual trust., it also proved through sincere cooperation, cooperative innovation, really completed the resource sharing and complementary advantages.Throughout the &;

China is the yarn production power, but high-end yarns have been imported.The technology and equipment, greatly improved the efficiency of textile dyeing quality, color difference from grade 4 to 4.5 above, the qualified rate of dyeing increase from 80% to 95% above, process stability and reliability increase from 57% to 95%, the production efficiency by 15%, more than Germany, Italy and other international advanced technology level.

Keyword:Automation, yarn, dyeing, spinning, research

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