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In Europe and the factory also Southeast textile no longer fly

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:48

Keyword:China's textile and clothing, market research, cotton spinning, shoes, cotton, cotton yarn, condition, price
Introduction:Recently, under the pressure of workers strike, Cambodia labor department announced the apparel industry monthly minimum wage increase 25% to $100, bu...

Prior to

, under the pressure of workers strike, Cambodia labor department announced the apparel industry monthly minimum wage increase 25% to $100, but still do not like the industry workers, minimum wages can rise to $160 a month.

people in the industry, due to the increasing labor costs of time lag has gradually shortened, at present our country brand to transfer to southeast Asia has not much meaning.

cost advantage of southeast Asian nations or will no longer be


, yarn-dyed fabric leading enterprises lutai announced plans to invest $8 million A new annual output of 3 million shirts factory in Cambodia.Such as, lutai A enterprise to build A factory in southeast Asia is not one or two.Since 2004, in our country manufacturing gradually overseas experience, in order to lower labor costs and raw material prices, has been nearly 200 clothing enterprises production base "move" to southeast Asia.

Light industry

senior researcher Xiong Xiaokun when accepting a reporter to interview, points out that most of the enterprise value to southeast Asia is its low labor cost and rental costs, but labor technology is not high, in southeast Asia and management difficult, production efficiency is low, in addition, also must bear the "strike" in these countries.Now, the call of the southeast Asian countries to wage increases increasingly white-hot, investment attraction of the enterprise will be greatly reduced, the number of brands in China to southeast Asia transfer again reduced.

the reporter understands, famous sports brands such as Nike, adidas contract the world's largest shoe ShangBaoCheng industrial co., LTD., are also will be part of the production line to south-east Asian countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam, the strike to Cambodia occurred, some influence on the baocheng in local factories.Since 2013, although yue yuen basic remain stable revenue, but because labor costs keep increase, had a certain influence on its operational performance.

reports that, after discussing, Cambodia, several shoes clothing factory to the workers from $80 to $80 a month.Asked whether he has received the southeast Asia's "strike", the influence of the relevant personnel said to the reporter of a clothing company in jiangsu province, "a temporary haven't heard the Angle of news over there."

"with the increasing of labor costs rise, the cost advantage of southeast Asia or will no longer. But has been in southeast Asia to build enterprises in a short period of time, or will not turn back, these enterprises in southeast Asia has been basically stable, although Labour costs increased, but compared in terms of domestic was low."Xiong Xiaokun said.

FangQi don't fly to southeast "to Europe and the United States?

Whether in manufacturing enterprise with

"fly to southeast Asia, the cotton textile enterprises in zhejiang cole group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the" group "cole), however, claim that wants to spend $218 million Lancaster county, south Carolina in the United States to open its first overseas factory, and this is our country textile companies to build factories for the first time.

Cole said Huang Guogang, director of the group office,

foreign investment master if in response to the domestic cotton industry labor, energy, such as the high cost of problem, avoid trade barriers set by the international market of China's textile industry, promote the implementation of the strategy of enterprise internationalization.

news that cole group, the movement is in the southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, India and the United States made a decision after comparison.Company owner, although the high labor costs in the United States, as has the advantages of southeast Asian nations, but can be in cotton, cotton textile raw materials such as power consumption Angle come back a little.

Xiong Xiaokun pointed out that cole group to the factories, can bring some new inspiration for the development of the traditional manufacturing.Compared to European and American countries to build greater potential.A

point of view, China textile and clothing industry's high dependence on exports, but exports are mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States, to Europe and the United States, with the export business of foreign trade clothing enterprises can reduce the transportation cost;Factory to open the market in Europe and the us and the factory sales to domestic or European and American countries in southeast Asia shipping costs;Another point of view, in addition to the labor cost is higher than the southeast Asian nations, the European and American countries in technology, management, talent and Angle were significantly superior to southeast Asian countries.This strategy of "go into Europe and the United States", to promote the transformation and upgrading of textile and garment enterprises and developing its own resources, technology, market and brand competitiveness Angle will have a positive impact.

institutes of our country enterprise lead researcher edmond lee believes that the United States south Carolina near the Atlantic ocean, near the Central America and Europe, is a traditional manufacturing populated place, compared to the factory has a very significant geographical advantage.Else, there are the advantages of a north American free trade agreement, the provisions in the area of trade partners is free, it can be for foreign enterprises have very good effect to reduce costs.This kind of experience to learn, but to specific analysis.

"to Europe and the United States to plant, and is not foolproof. Now was the time that the yuan to rise further, when one thousand started to fall, will appear the exchange rate risk. And the relevant departments for Angle consideration, such as national security, may take some measures to limit it. So, go to factories or to the developed countries of southeast Asian nations plant, can not use relative measure, the enterprise depends on situation and strategy, to see which market is more proper choose you to do."Edmond lee said.

Keyword:China's textile and clothing, market research, cotton spinning, shoes, cotton, cotton yarn, condition, price

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