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Chongqing blowing Korea send dress

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:43

Keyword:Clothing, market, fabrics, research, clothing
Introduction:In the future, chongqing clothing enterprise to use Korean fabrics, understand Korean clothing fashion trends, will be more convenient, people buy & o...

In the future, chongqing clothing enterprise to use Korean fabrics, understand Korean clothing fashion trends, will be more convenient, people buy & other;Chongqing made & throughout;Han outfit will be cheaper.Yesterday, led by chongqing ChaoTianMen market clothing enterprises association of is au & middot;Chongqing the first located enterprises signing ceremony held in fashion industrial park, 10 south Korean clothing companies signed a contract, will be in the fabirc, costume design aspects such as research and development, brand display with chongqing in cooperation.

According to clothing enterprises association MouWei ChaoTianMen market, to promote the development of the chongqing clothing enterprises, the association of more than 500 enterprises, was established in late 2012 launch ChaoTianMen garment industry industry alliance, attempt to build & other;It is au & lubricious li optical density meter iddot m369T love;Chongqing fashion industrial park & throughout;.The project with a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan, area 1500 Chinese acres, will accommodate about 1000 enterprises.

Yesterday, the reporter saw in the signing ceremony, in addition to from chongqing, guangdong, zhejiang and other places of local enterprises and fabirc manufacturer, 10 south Korean companies also means signing in.It is au & middot;Fashion of chongqing industrial park, chairman tang are just that, the Korean companies signed a contract, is a south Korean clothing enterprise's first foray into chongqing's clothing industry garden area.As planned, the industrial park to build a special & other;South Korean pavilion & throughout;The fabirc, clothing brand, the introduction of South Korea, and then further introduce the design team.

It was revealed that ChaoTianMen market clothing enterprises association will also set up in Seoul, South Korea, and otherResource integration center & throughout;, the main features include fabirc and brand resources, talent resources, such as integration, help domestic clothing enterprise integration of Korean industrial chain advantage resources, to grasp the first fashion information.

Yesterday, the Korean fashion industry dean Jin Zhonghuan, South Korea has advanced experience of the apparel industry and upstream and downstream resources, chongqing has radiation of western China and even the whole country market, cooperation can promote each other, looking forward to building & other; as soon as possibleResource integration center & throughout;In South Korea, integrating design, fabrics and other key resources, featured brand in South Korea as soon as possible can be settled in yet au & other;South Korean pavilion & throughout;.
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