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Clothing enterprise profit point has to wait

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:38

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Introduction:In the backdrop of the weak stock market, most of the clothing enterprise management is not optimistic, adjust, change is still the clothing the main ...

in the context of the weak stock market, most of the clothing enterprise management is not optimistic, adjust, change is still the clothing the main task of the listed companies.Industry analysts believe that the clothing industry in the short term performance improvement is not big, the pursuit of innovation and transformation, the profit of inflection point has to wait.

prominent economists Song Qinghui, the domestic garment industry has been on the market as the main mode of listed companies, gradually developed into stores, specialty stores, electrical business patterns of three wings fly together.Garment industry listed company will present a consolidation trend, the more, the stronger the strong."For a long time, the domestic garment industry listed company between different brand differentiation is small, there is no significant advantage of the first companies, the homogeneity intensified competition between enterprises, dampened corporate profits, must take the initiative to adjust the management pattern and transformation, and the pursuit of mergers and acquisitions, cross-border, seek development. Such as Caesar's stake in 2014, youngor into investment, cross-border development, investment, real estate, clothing has become the main source of cash flow the two companies."

2014, capital markets continue to stage drama.Some clothing to make acquisitions of listed companies, change the business model, such as change, many enterprises began to the financial, film and television, such as the growth in cross-border investment diversification, and even some keep loss of cotton spinning enterprises to give up its main business, transformed by a shell.

Step from January 2014 to September

, shares with sinoer losses, beauty, a small loss.Sinoer net loss of 33.3944 million yuan, fell 166.67% year-on-year.Beauty of net loss of 5.592214 million yuan, down 152.91% compared to the same.And a weakness, revenue and net profit for two "growth" enterprises.George Bai Ying charge is 435 million yuan, up 2.29%;Net income of 49.8556 million yuan, up 13.02% from a year earlier.Sea rings of revenue of 8.1449 billion yuan, up 70.5%;Net income of 1.613 billion yuan, up 83.57% from a year earlier.The benefit of cost-effective Henry yu's home.More than the Chinese men's clothing brand in the high-end course, a suit the lowest 3000 yuan.In 2014, the sea rings home again will be part of the product price by 15%.

mainly for investment and merger and acquisition of his international brand investment group chairman Yang Dajun, enterprises should by integrating with mergers and acquisitions, globalization Angle of view to consider the market in our country, because China's domestic market is the international competition, the internationalization of domestic competition.Which domestic companies would have thought that their domestic rivals would be ZARA, H&M from abroad?"Many listed for listed company, such as, finally listed, and then ran away, why? Because the listing only left 3 ~ 400 million Hong Kong dollars, bank debt ratio reached 1.5 billion yuan, so the public didn't solve the problem."

there are many enterprises, when there is no batch of IPO for two years, in order to make public statements, blind, double shop quantity, scale, IPO is no result, but tax according to the listed company, and under the condition of new stores in the present market recession became a burden, as negative assets of the firm.So, in the market are faced with the problem is very complicated.

, great changes have taken place in the consumption structure of our country.Consumers use on clothes and household consumption compare with its revenue growth is falling year by year.Global clothing average per capita consumption level is $126, while in China but about $96, below the world level.China's market demand is big."We did a survey in France, French women buy underwear and bras cost per capita is more than 560 euros, and only 116 yuan per capita in China. Because our country consumers put the underwear and bras when durable goods."Yang Dajun said.

harvest fund management co., LTD., chief investment officer Shao Jian, large-cap blue-chip small-cap with alternating performance this year.In 2015, the market is likely to be round, differentiation, takanami 369 t love color optical density meter move.Advised investors to deepen understanding of fundamental investment target, choose better safety mark or entrust a specialized agencies help investment, strengthen risk management.

as a listed company, youngor clothing holding company chairman Li Rucheng has its own a series of measures.He said, quicken the development of youngor leading products, special should attach great importance to the development of functional products;Handle discounts, special offers and gifts, fees, flat effect relationship with gross margin, strengthen budget constraints, strictly control the cost growth at 30%, the promotion product gross margin;Adjust the relationship between the industrial chain with supply chain and optimize the industrial chain, foster the supply chain, strengthen the cooperation and development;Attaches great importance to the team of developing and talent cultivation, the introduction of;To explore the relations of distribution among the under the new situation, tilt the distribution to a line, gradually improve the welfare system, ensure the income is higher than peer average of all kinds of professional talents.In addition, balanced market, self-management, franchise, the relationship between group is very important, key reward store the blazers, improve store sales proportion, standard chartered, strengthening the management of own stores.

Song Qinghui said, since 2014, our country reforms the dividends of began to more and more attention by the world, our country in the world economy component is getting heavier and heavier.It is also important for countries around the world continue to deepen reform in our country, described as a commentator German media: our country to adapt to new situation of economic initiative to make strategic adjustment, and the footsteps of the world should also be on this and our country.

Keyword:Clothing, market, apparel, condition, price, cotton spinning,

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