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Old don't lack introspection lack of blasting

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:38

Keyword:Down jacket, dress
Introduction:At the beginning of the Internet, an apology or reflection seems to be a kind of trend, founder of the most intriguing note target than that old.As a ...

At the beginning of the Internet, an apology or reflection seems to be a kind of trend, founder of the most intriguing note target than that old.As a former scenery is dim the helm of the enterprise, frankly, & other;Old reflection & throughout;The brand effect of the matter itself even more than the man and the product itself.The author even worried that in the long term, when reflection (with luxuriant with careful thinking of writing) become a habit, aged might even more famous than that, although the majority of online shoppers before only know every guest not old.
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Back to the widespread reflection, there have been many people to respond to users, in an indictment is easy to cause the public consensus: aged in front of the responsibility to the failure to leave the staff, and for keeping people well thanks, and think it's very correct.A huge controversy over the argument, but I don't want to be carried out to investigate, involves the worker, enterprise culture, it is difficult to speak clearly.But able to identify the root cause of a business not running well are the product is not to force, although the cause of product doesn't give power may be the worker not to force, time don't give force & hellip;& hellip;It's like football in China, the weather is bad, the stadium is not adapt to & hellip;& hellip;But in the final analysis is the players ability not line, otherwise how can also foster world champion Brazil street football, & other;The main street & throughout;Total no more than our country school track and field is the most common quality.
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Nothing more than a magic weapon of the aged confidence By capital is pointed out that the correct selection of with strategy, both associated with millet lei jun.Millet on capital support for every guest, millet also inspired every guest and the secret of success but the problem is that the success of the intelligent hardware can be copied onto the clothing?But old too firmly, take the shirt do experiments, emphasis on quality, the single point of breakthrough looking like millet, looks no problem.
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But I think the problem is that the product itself, millet mobile phone with the Internet essentially grassroots temperament match, so that previous model, but it is the study of millet shirts to choose the wrong direction.Shirt has always been the standard for the middle class, and in fact is not the choice of most of the young group, which means that before away from its famous users, so make it is a good product is high with oligonucleotides, niche from the mass movements, every guest way wrong.But old may not think so, he thought or subversion, trying to promote young man love of shirts in our country, but it is not too big relations with the Internet.
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May someone will ask, what that should be the choice that product?The author think t-shirts (long sleeve) with down jacket is a good choice, basic covers all the year round, every guest have experience in this aspect, optimize product quality, same could shirt, T-shirt is not?Actually really let a person sympathize with every guest, the enterprise should not only study li ning, xtep such assets product manufacturers, and learning about taobao, only will do the Internet platform, the temptation is too big to fall, it has already fell down once, if you don't want to thoroughly transform, choose a right product, shirt his range is not big, because the twist is too big.