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Preliminary achievements were made in reform of the cotton price target

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:34

Keyword:Cotton, price, market research, cotton, and cotton yarn, status, printing and dyeing, textile industry
Introduction:In 2014, China launched in xinjiang cotton price reform pilot, at the same time cancel cotton reserve policy in the country.Pilot reforms progress?Rec...


, China launched in xinjiang cotton purpose price reform, at the same time cancel cotton reserve policy in the country.Pilot reforms progress?Received what effect?In practice there are room for improvement?Purpose on these issues, the reporter interviewed the cotton price reform pilot evaluation expert group experts.

experts believe that the present xinjiang cotton target price reform general goes well, the market main body basically adapted to the market operation mechanism, the initial results, but the point of view also reflects some of the difficulties and problems.The core is to grasp accurate payment cash subsidies to cotton growers, the next step should be based on China's cotton industry development, for the purpose of cotton price policy of the comprehensive evaluation system, based on the height perfect operation method, simplified procedures, actively yet prudently proceed with China agricultural products price formation mechanism reform.

pilot obtain preliminary results

cotton market price formation mechanism preliminary construction of cotton textile enterprise management situation improving resource optimization integrated

cotton processing field

"cotton purpose price reform a prominent success is making the cotton price forming mechanism, seed cotton prices, cotton prices and international cotton prices collaborative significantly enhanced, the market main body consciousness strengthen significantly."Chinese academy of sciences institute of science and technology policy and management science sessions deputy researcher thinks, the cotton market price formation mechanism of the preliminary construction.



, according to the instructions in the implementation of store policy, almost all of the cotton into the store, seed cotton purchase price volatility is only a few cents per kg.After reform, processing enterprises directly docking with textile industry, cotton market the buyer and the seller are numerous, close to a perfectly competitive market, cotton prices began to form.Seed cotton purchase price also with the local supply and demand relations, lint spot prices fluctuate synchronization, both at home and abroad the current volatility has more than 1 yuan\/kg.Sessions to think, it is important to confirm that under this situation, rised in xinjiang, there are no big scope, each link of the cotton marketing coordination mechanism is gradually to meet the need of reform.

the purpose of price reform the second effect is improving cotton textile enterprise management situation.Cotton prices formed by market in 2014, and the government of cotton mills with XinJiangMian, yarn, respectively for 500 yuan\/ton, 1000 yuan\/tons of freight subsidies, textile enterprises production raw material costs have fallen sharply, business is generally better.Have, according to data from January 2014 to October, the textile industry in xinjiang year-on-year growth of investment in fixed assets more than 1 times, over 40000 new jobs.According to the customs import cotton yarn data, since April 2014 imports started to fall, domestic cotton yarn using quantity increase.

market price forming mechanism of the preliminary construction to promote the integration of resources optimization in the field of cotton processing."Processing enterprises want to seek buyers, assume all the market risk, some are not competitive with MCP - HT450 enterprises gradually withdraw from the market, it is good for optimizing the allocation of resources."Sessions.In addition, the processing enterprises in xinjiang autonomous region in qualification, ruled out some credit quality is bad, farmers payment in arrears and strength is not strong, it also promotes the optimization of integrated resources.

Need to focus on three major problem at present is

to honour the difficulty of the subsidies to expand cotton with wade cotton enterprise safety level of the xinjiang transport organization ability poor traditional heavy tasks of structure adjustment of recorded in

2014 is the purpose of the first year of price reform pilot, experts say, has exposed some problems in the pilot experience needs special attention.

first of all, affected by the new policy implementation with cotton affected superposition effect, such as subsidies to honour the difficulty of expanding.

, director of the institute of agricultural economy and development of our country agriculture Qin Fu analysis: because of low seed cotton purchase prices this year, parts production, as a result of parts plus farmers rised, sell cotton less income.Parts of the two is cotton labor costs rise, and as a result of increase costs about 200 yuan per acre;Parts cost rise significantly, "the second crop of flower", "after the frost flower" spending has been close to 3 yuan\/kg.3 it is the individual price with the market average price gap leads to cotton farmers to understand the new policy on deviation.In addition, lint sales progress is slow, cotton ginning mill capital takes up time is long, the cost is high, special is the xinjiang production and establish corps reflect the money collecting slowly, may affect the employees to sell cotton secondary settlement.


cotton out of xinjiang with wade cotton enterprise safety level of transportation organization ability is poor.Every year more than 80% in xinjiang cotton shipped to the mainland, in the railway departments to directly store cotton docking;After the reform, dispersed cotton, cotton ginning mill directly facing market railway capacity is difficult to organize and coordinate.From the point of cotton futures on the spot market, the domestic enterprise use futures effective risk management is quite insufficient, speculative futures trading is stronger.

again, the traditional tasks of structure adjustment of cotton are very heavy."Xinjiang pilot monitoring the market price of the average price for the whole xinjiang, and subprime cotton region of northern xinjiang because seed cotton yield is low, poor quality, price is lower than the average. At the same time, the mainland cotton cotton subsidies of 2000 yuan per ton, cotton farmers directly facing market risk with the adjustment of planting structure problems."Researcher at China's academy of social sciences institute of rural development Gao deleterious think, how to ensure the both old and new policies, new and old system stable transition, ensure that the traditional cotton cotton area but quick cuts, cotton farmers income fell sharply, and steadily promote the optimization of agricultural structure adjustment, promote the stable growth of farmers' income, needs further research.

to comprehensive ShiCe, promote the reform of purpose price

as soon as possible to honour cotton subsidies to promote xinjiang cotton diversion works with sales research to improve the comprehensive measures of cotton industry constantly improve propaganda on the policy interpretation and evaluation related policy summary in

today, cotton purpose price reform pilot into subsidies to honour the core of the stage.Qin Fu said: "the core is accurate to honour cash subsidies to cotton growers."Pilot areas shall do a good job three angles: one is to be prepared for subsidies, key to verify good sell quantity data such as cotton, after putting in place to ensure that the central subsidies accurate payment with the fastest speed.2 it is to deal with transfer to subsidies belongs to problems with secondary pay to sell cotton, planting prove adjustment as soon as possible, to ensure that subsidies to actual growers;Corps to carding secondary paid to sell cotton condition, ensure the two payments in place in time.Three is good as a whole with subsidies, in the measure of state subsidy, to comprehensively consider the market price, production costs, due to factors such as disaster damage and aksu region three pilot model.

to take measures to promote xinjiang cotton diversion works with sales.Continue to strengthen market regulation and public opinion guide, guide increase domestic cotton textile enterprise procurement, improve organization scale of xinjiang cotton sinotrans.Relevant departments should strengthen the regulation of cotton futures market, encourage cotton processing enterprise through hedging in futures markets, boost phase industrial correlativeness degree of cotton futures market and spot market degree of positive interaction.

studying ways of increasing the comprehensive measures of the cotton industry."On purpose price alone is not sufficient to improve the competitiveness of cotton in xinjiang, if insurance policy, infrastructure investment, science and technology research and development with the application and not on the xinjiang cotton industry bigger and stronger is difficult, if special is not encouraged and dyeing of enterprises in cluster development policies and measures of xinjiang, xinjiang is difficult to share of production from raw material to the finished product sales industry profits."Sessions that, it is necessary to study as a whole with the mainland in xinjiang, the construction of production, processing and sales as one complete cotton spinning industry, support the development of the xinjiang MianFangYe in accordance with the principle of differentiation.At the same time, we should vigorously develop pick up cotton machine, speed up transformation of cotton production mode of operation to improve cotton production and marketing data information system.

to maintain ongoing policy propaganda explanation.Xinjiang cotton region shall monitor each individual price with market price gap and corps cotton field sales of secondary settlement subsidy way to highlight, mainland recorded in active adjustment of planting structure to guide farmers to adapt to market changes.

experts also advise, to do a good job of policy summary evaluation.Do you want to work through government level summary to entrust a third party independent evaluation way, based on China's cotton industry development, for the purpose of cotton price policy of the comprehensive evaluation system.

Keyword:Cotton, price, market research, cotton, and cotton yarn, status, printing and dyeing, textile industry

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