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Pick up cotton machine is not fearful Will develop into a big trend

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:33

Keyword:Cotton, market, price, textile company, spinning, spinning mill
Introduction:Wuxi first deputy director tang QiYi YiMian textile factory, this year enterprise preference is not hand picking cotton in xinjiang, but pick up cotto...

Wuxi first deputy director tang QiYi YiMian textile factory, this year enterprise preference is not hand picking cotton in xinjiang, but pick up cotton machine.Since 2014, he said, is to the first year of price reform, change XinJiangMian way of purchase, so buy cotton specially visit to xinjiang.He thinks that pick up cotton machine besides cotton varieties, this is to avoid other quality problem.Some cotton processing enterprises for hand picking cotton with machine pick cotton processing technology in addition to the seed cotton cleaning up completely the same, did not distinguish between designedly, and some pretty serious business, pick up cotton processing machine length can reach 29 mm.So, pick up cotton machine does not necessarily quality is poor.

Jiangsu has paid group co., LTD., chairman of Zhu Kerong also think that pick up cotton machine is ok.Use the machine, he says, the current company cotton-picking no & other;Three wire & throughout;Problems, it is a hand picked cotton question than acute, & other;Three wire & throughout;Is process after the very want to avoid problems.

Don QiYi said, in the future, pick up cotton machine will be the development trend of cotton production, enterprises may not avoid to use, in addition to pick up cotton machine should continue to improve, the quality of the enterprise also should think of some way to adapt.Xinjiang production establish corps cotton association, vice President of he also said, cotton farmers want most is to reduce the production cost, so the machine pick cotton is cotton cultivation direction.

Changle in fujian jinyuan textile chairman zheng hong, if pick up cotton machine also picking cotton price differentials persist in 1000 yuan\/ton, the use of machine pick cotton compared to reduce the cost function is significant.At the current market price, enterprise has certain profit.Jinyuan textile company has decided to increase the amount of cotton this year, from 20% to 40%.

First of all is the film, with cotton planting experience in plastic suction by X-ray RITE528 reflection densitometer cotton machine, applied in the textile enterprises.Zhu Kerong said: & other;Purchase of cotton this year when I was in xinjiang for 9 days, every day to see a half-dozen cotton ginning mill, cotton surprise at high prices.Throughout the &;At his statement, hubei area of cotton can reach 5.0 below, but very few can reach the standard of cotton in xinjiang, mainly in 5.8, 6.2, 29 mm length in the following, and lint can reach 41% ~ 42%, becomes short and thick cotton, cotton spinning mill is the most afraid of be used.

It is understood that in the era of collection and storage, cotton farmers in order to seek high yields, and ignore the quality of cotton, makes the xinjiang cotton varieties of big Thomas cloning of high value, high lint.In 2014 no longer purchase in the future, still adopted before seeking the high yield of cotton, cotton planting, and machine are almost all use hand picking cotton, cotton, sowing according to requirements of the machine adopt specific row spacing and planting distance, is hand picked cotton during the period of growth management mode, but the final harvest machinery operation.

Professional personage points out, China imported from abroad advanced cotton-picking machine, but on the quality of cotton or harvested with pick up cotton machine abroad have bigger difference, that is not why the machine equipment, but the problem of cotton.Pick up cotton machine abroad from professional breeding and production field management until (till) the final recovery operation, has a cotton-picking tailored specifically for machine specification requirements.

Have pointed out that textile enterprises machine adopt the improvement of the quality of cotton in xinjiang should be this is a transfer from the forward after the end of experience.Last year, cotton prices, direct subsidies for cotton farmers, just by the market pressure processing enterprises and trade enterprises, farmers not feel the pressure on the ground, so it may next year cotton farmers will also maintain the present this planting pattern, but to the crop again sales difficulties, processing enterprises and dealers know what kind of cotton textile need, don't accept the poor quality of cotton, cotton farmers maybe there will be pressure from the market, then improve the quality of cotton is imperative.