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International cotton production pattern change China's cotton industry entered a new era

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:33

Keyword:Cotton, price, market, textile, textile industry, cotton yarn, the status quo, textile mills, fiber, statistics
Introduction:As the global economic situation, with the development of the textile industry, cotton and change 2014\/15 for the production and consumption pattern ...

As the global economic situation, cotton , with the development of the textile industry to change 2014\/15 international cotton market pattern of production and consumption is some changes have been made five years ago, China's cotton industry into a new era.

a, international cotton production pattern change in

1. Global cotton production is greatly increased after the fall of

2010\/11 global cotton production at rock bottom, 2011\/12 increased significantly, but after a few annual global cotton production have been gradually reduced.According to a usda (usda) predicted that 2010\/11 global cotton production 25.602 million tons, the highest peak of the 2011\/12 annual 27.756 million tons, to this year fell to 25.946 million tons.

2. The owners of

China's largest cotton producer status

In global cotton production, from the development trend of the peaks in production of cotton in our country the first banner in the 2014\/15 season, recently several year India cotton area has always been among the world's first, but because of low yield per unit of output failed to reach the highest position.As the United States with the cotton planting area gradually decline, India area of steady growth, India's first annual production in 2006\/07 to catch up with the United States as the world's second largest cotton producer, and then, in more than 2014\/15 in our country, finally become a veritable ChanMian first power.

2, international cotton consumption pattern change,

1. Global cotton consumption gradually restored, peak still stay in

2010\/11 global cotton consumption reached record levels, global cotton prices rallied by phases, this is a major cause of promoting 2011\/12 global cotton high yield.However, in 2011\/12 global cotton consumption in steep decline, has hit the global cotton industry.When the global consumption reduced the biggest reason is that the economic crisis, major economies over the years is still in the slow recovery state, extends to the cotton consumption, has also been a slow response experience.According to the USDA forecast, 2014\/15 global cotton consumption will reach 24.437 million tons, the downturn is 2011\/12, 22.653 million tons of recovered, but the distance of 2010\/11 of 25.208 million tons of high rising still has certain space.

The current global economic situation is still not too optimistic, there are some unsure factors in affecting the global economic recovery, want to go back to the level of consumption of five years ago also needs the support of economic development.

2. Asian countries cotton consumption for the center with China and India and Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and other places on the road to rise to

Nearly five year, growing in Asia in the global textile industry status, now formed on India and Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and other places on the road to rise.Inside and outside our country by the three years preceding the poor cotton at a higher level, the influence of factors such as labor costs, prefer to high-end textile industry development and production of high value-added products, outside of our country to replace our low-end products is there for all to see.Other, because the device is a new technology with growing, other Asian countries high-end products with high added value products to our country threatening is gradually enhanced.


times to move into the crop industry of our country

Above is said to almost five annual global cotton with consumption pattern change, back to look at the topic in this kind of production pattern changes of elimination, will enter to a what kind of a new era?

1. The market allocation of resources, is crucial, tolerance of government promotion policy.2014\/15 annual national support policies from the reserve price reform for the purpose of the pilot, the cotton market back to the free market, the market allocation of resources, is crucial.In this context, the government will enhance the tolerance of policy.The national development and reform commission economic and trade department Zhang Xianbin on December 16, 2014 cotton situation analysis of China cotton association conference pointed out that the commencement of cotton to the reform of prices, market in the future, the cotton market price volatility is a new norm, to enhance the tolerance for volatility.Comprehensive macro-control and the development trend of the industry development, improve government policy of tolerance, will is one of China's industry is one of the main features of the era of the crop.

2. The purpose of cotton price reform pilot work will gradually improve.According to the central file no. 1, 2014 t love lubricious li optical density meter 15 year 2014\/369 the price of China in , in xinjiang cotton purpose pilot reforms.Purpose at the end of December in xinjiang cotton price reform pilot work leading group office, at a news briefing, the autonomous region leading group shows the reform of the price of purpose each work progress, and since then, the pilot in the target price reform on the basis of market supply and demand of market formation price mechanism has effect of the initial;Agricultural subsidy mechanism innovation, cotton door gradually accept the new subsidy way;Multifaceted market relationship closer, cotton healthy development of the industry chain of ;To further improve market environment, the cotton quality to rise.

The purpose of price reform pilot work has been progress, but also have a question: how many, but after the reform pilot work will be gradually perfected.On December 28, in & other;Tsinghua BBS agriculture, countryside and peasants throughout 2015 &;, ethnic and religious committee, deputy director of the CPPCC national committee, former deputy director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) Du Ying, central rural work conference has decided that purpose price policy will not increase next year, the key work is still existing soybeans and cotton pilot well organized, good summary, solid foundation.Du Yingze on purpose, with overall confirmed price pilot, he argues, the present problems in operation.Originally used in the money available to the purpose of subsidies for purchasing price policy.From the pilot, the market mechanism to get play, cotton farmers interests basically stable, narrowing of both at home and abroad, inventory improvement, cotton spinning enterprises better off , & other;Industrial chain live throughout the &;.It seems to Du Ying & otherThe problems are not difficult to solve for a long time operation.Throughout the &;

3. The role of professional supervision warehouse will be even more significant.To effectively ensure the smooth operation of the purpose of xinjiang cotton price subsidy policy implementation, to ensure the subsidies and otherFair, accurate, transparent & throughout;, accurate statistics xinjiang cotton production, maintenance of xinjiang cotton quality credibility, according to the state council has approved the cotton quality inspection system reform, the purpose of xinjiang cotton price reform pilot work plan with the purpose of corps cotton price reform pilot implementation plan ", decided to 2014 in the implementation of cotton in xinjiang professional storage system, namely, except in the case of special provisions, certified cotton processing enterprises in the area to be processed into package according to the full in a designated time regulation of xinjiang cotton lint professional supervision warehouse, by the professional fiber inspection institution in library weight inspection, sampling and subsequent notary inspection instrument.According to cotton circulation enterprises with textile factory feedback, since the system of professional supervision warehouse brought some convenience for enterprises, including capacity of visual and convenient processing enterprises to arrange the production, the cotton quality credibility, FangQi purchasing orders according to the warehousing and inspection data directly, not to the library to see goods orders, reduce enterprise purchase time and logistics cost.In the target price reform pilot experience, the role of professional supervision warehouse will further highlight in the marketization process.

4. Our country cotton quality remains to be improved further, pick up cotton machine will play an important role.2014\/15 the marketization level and the cotton storage after the public prosecutor, the cotton quality comparison before in China has improved, but the three wire, with cotton impurity consistency issues still have greater progress space.Pick up cotton in the machine more widely promotion and application in the process of how to more effectively improve the quality of the cotton, need from the strengthening of variety improvement, plant management, processing of process of joint efforts from multiple perspectives.It is, in a new era of cotton industry in our country, the machine adopt the development of cotton will be vital.Will be held on January 20th, 2015 BBS cnce cotton industry development in our country, there will be a spokesman for & other;The present situation of the pick up cotton machine in China and throughout the future &;The topic of the speech, it is worth looking forward to.

5. Cotton imports, the quality advantage is more important.With the improvement of quality of domestic cotton, cotton prices at home and abroad are poor narrowed, in & other;Destocking & throughout;On the road, is must be cotton imports in China will be reduced.Imported cotton wants to occupy a place in our country, the quality are competitive advantage is the main place.In 2015, for example, of the Chinese market is high grade cotton, Australia and so on, is Australia's quality, three wire, impurity to the Angle of consistency is still the domestic cotton temporarily.

6. Cotton imports to increase, low a into with low-end textile yarn production & other;Call forwarding & throughout;Mode.Cotton network information encoding in China as well as mentioned above, in the past few years of competition, China's low a gauze with some low-end products have been gradually losing competitiveness, even if the internal and external difference of cotton prices narrowed, but our country on the import of cotton yarn is unable to reverse the trend, this, as more from China & other;Go out & other;Companies expand abroad, columns such as in Vietnam accounted for nearly half capacity, local enterprises in our country present our country's low a gauze with low-end textile imports will gradually increase.Else, along with our country textile enterprises evolution, as well as foreign textile production process improvement, high-end products have a great impact may not be too long.

four or 2015\/16 annual global production is expected to further reduce the consumption is back with later production situation have great effects on prices.

According to a icac (international cotton advisory committee) the latest global cotton supply and demand forecast published in January, 2015\/16 global cotton production this year will decline 5.9%, our country, the United States and India will be reduced 4.3%, 10.9% and 20.7%, respectively.Reduce the production, consumption whether can change, can will be triggered cotton prices rebounded and the main factors of steady stability of cotton production.In a few years ago the economic crisis recovery experience seen surge in cotton prices collapsed, according to the global current ending inventory pressure rallied again is unlikely, but low cotton prices will hurt the enthusiasm of farmers planting, but a consumer good, the price is reasonable, global cotton production to continue to stable state.Is this, can not miss, cotton consumption change, with the support of policy and international environment of the market, also is our country cotton production can steady the fundamental support.

2015 cnce is the theme of the cotton industry development conference & other;The new normal, industry of the crop, a new future & throughout;, in the changing of market, the cotton industry in China will reveal the new normal, to enter into the new era of the cotton industry, namely, a new chapter in the future.

Keyword:Cotton, price, market, textile, textile industry, cotton yarn, the status quo, textile mills, fiber, statistics

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