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Environmental pressure to dye, the market is advancing

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:31

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Introduction:Latest journal of environmental law began in this year, but industry infection large textile printing and dyeing industry faces a new round of collect...

the latest environmental laws began in this year, but industry infection large textile printing and dyeing industry faces a new round of collective environmental pressure.

On January 20,

, China textile industry association, according to the news on January 1, the original expectations with "environmental law" implemented in the same period of the textile printing and dyeing industrial atmosphere infection content emission standard "(hereinafter referred to as" standards ") is still in making now, will be introduced in 2015 years.

recently, as the market for textile printing and dyeing industry atmospheric emission standards issued near the expected strong, printing and dyeing upstream of the dyestuff industry has been crazy prices, the current price of reactive dyes has amounted to 30000 yuan\/ton, up 16%.Increase in the price of disperse dye different color also is in 2000-5000 yuan\/ton.

environmental costs at the same time with the rising cost of dye, semi-serious downstream of the printing and dyeing enterprises, printing and dyeing industry in profit as usual.Downstream has repeatedly over the past more than a year, printing and dyeing industry alliance to resist upstream dye rise in price, but to little effect.

, analysts say, is about to come on stage with the emission standards, printing and dyeing enterprises invested in the environmental protection point of view is expected to further expand, small and medium-sized enterprises will face greater pressure of environmental protection, some do not conform to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises or will exit the market, industry concentration is expected to increase, perhaps for dyeing and printing the balance of bargaining power of upstream and downstream.

Printing and dyeing industry of environmental protection of


textile industry has always been China's traditional infection.Of the state council in 2013 "the action plan for the control of air infection," industrial waste gas of multiple industries focus on governance, is one of textile printing and dyeing industry.

textile center for economic research study in our country, industrial waste gas in the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with PM2.5 formation is directly related to secondary aerosols, China textile printing and dyeing industry VOCs emissions account for more than 30% of industrial experience VOCs emissions for a time.

VOCs in the textile dyeing and printing waste gas mainly comes from two aspects, one is before the textiles and functional after processing operation;Second, the chemical fiber spinning process.Heat setting machine, for example, as an important part of textile pretreatment process, the heat setting, various dyes on the textile auxiliaries, coating additives will be released in the form of gases.So, dyeing process is an industrial waste gas the worst-hit areas.

in 2013, the environmental protection department of the emission standards included in the state environmental protection standards in the revised plan, the new standards will lead to the textile printing and dyeing enterprises to carry out gas infection control.According to the dyeing and printing big province, zhejiang province has a local standards, and the existing enterprise particulate matter, the soot emission limit value respectively 20 mg\/cubic meters with 30 mg\/cubic meters;New enterprise top limit of 10 mg\/m3 respectively with 20 mg\/cubic meter.

, ZhongFang union council for the promotion of environmental protection and resource saving committee Wang Baosheng, introduced the present local standards will become the important reference.Are actively research related standards unit, will be based on the status of the national printing and dyeing enterprise survey responses for the corresponding national standards.

but the equipment situation and technology level of the industry is not the right place in the standard to give effective support to related data index."Textile emissions more hidden than wastewater, harder to control. Because of the lack of standards in specific, targeted, textile waste gas treatment and monitoring technology is still in the opening stage."The Chinese association of environmental protection environmental standards committee director gong 龑 admits.

so, in order to reach the national standard of the upcoming related emissions targets, the enterprise will be from the equipment improvement and technology upgrade, improve the management level, thus effectively control infection with the textile industry to the atmospheric environment.There is no doubt that it will direct a sharp rise in the textile dyeing and printing enterprise environmental cost.

as a matter of fact, in the textile printing and dyeing waste water treatment industry in the past, round, China implemented with developed countries, and even more stringent standards than some developed countries.Printing and dyeing developed regions such as jiangsu, zhejiang for substandard enterprises take coercive measures."Such a large span rigid standards, can meet the domestic printing and dyeing enterprises, is a very big cost."20, a local printing and dyeing industry in the 21st century economic report reporter said, "to meet the requirements of wastewater discharge, in xiaoshan, zhejiang as an example, 63 companies and regulation, shut down 12."

was widely expected, printing and dyeing enterprises is expected in this height round exhaust Angle of environmental protection investment will expand further, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises or will exit the market, industry reshuffle.

Dye price


stricter environmental protection first push up the price and dyeing upstream of the dye.In September of last year or so, also the original main domestic manufacturers - ningxia Ming sheng dyeing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Ming sheng effects") by illegal dumping of old factory was ordered to permanently shut down, and the company's new plant in the short term and cannot be put into production, cause also the original prices.Also the original important intermediate for producing disperse dye, so disperse dye into a rally.

At the end of October

the previous year, dye leading enterprises in zhejiang Long Cheng and RunTu shares ahead of raised disperse blue product price 2000 yuan\/ton.Relative to other disperse dye, but also the original scattered in dark blue as a share of the largest production cost.

in addition to disperse dyes, textile printing and dyeing another necessary reactive dye into the rally.In the first half of 2014, influenced by jiangsu environmental protection check stricter, located in the area of the two major domestic H acid production enterprises in jiangsu province Ming sheng, jiangsu JiHua were shut down, lead to H acid market supplies, prices rose sharply.

H acid as the main material in the manufacture of the reactive dyes, accounted for 30% of the total cost of 50%.End of reactive dyes, driven by cost price last year began to enter the rally.This year on January 11, another main active domestic dyestuff and intermediate enterprises in hubei chuyuan chemical group company boiler pipe leakage accident, caused the fire, make originally the tension of supply and demand of dye production chain.Chuyuan chemical group with an annual output of 40000 tons of H acid, para ester with reactive dyes is 50000 tons, 40000 tons of the world's largest manufacturing enterprises of the dye intermediates and reactive dyes.

according to the analysis of essence securities research report, dye product prices if affected by environmental pressure, small and medium-sized enterprises will be phased out during this height.Dye in high pressure to reduce emissions would be infected with industry keep existence, in this serious situation, the future is expected to accelerate industry consolidation speed, dye prices expected to rise further.

dye price increases for dyeing and printing enterprise has brought the new test.According to our country textile industry federation, the first 11 months of last year affected by factors such as dyes in dyeing and printing enterprise profits dropped by about 6.5%.End of last year to year, dye products prices soared, printing and dyeing enterprise profit or will be swallowed up.

, analysts say, however, for a long time, printing and dyeing industry upstream enterprise dye concentration capacity, capacity and downstream printing and dyeing enterprises scattered, lead to no bargaining power increases in the prices of the downstream enterprises to dye.With the upcoming of the discharge standard, concentration of printing and dyeing enterprises is expected to improve, to printing and dyeing bargaining balance upstream and downstream.