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China national textiles import and export chamber of commerce: improved fabric export

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:29

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Introduction:Since last year, China's textile industry appeared the falling growth is slowing, domestic cotton market demand, production costs, etc.Although the st...


the previous year, China's textile industry growth is slowing, falling domestic demand for cotton market, rising production costs, etc.Although the state adopted a policy of direct subsidies to the cotton, but the effect is limited, poor cotton prices at home and abroad is still larger, cotton and downstream products prices keep falling, textile industry development difficult.

people in the industry, since 2014, China's textile industry presents the Angle of two new features: a perspective, the growth in high speed, production, export, investment, consumption and the operation indexes such as profit growth is slowing down a few years ago;Falling another Angle, the domestic cotton market demand, the comprehensive cost keep rising, international competition became more heated and a series of severe challenges still to be resolved, the textile industry itself in the aspects such as raw material, production capacity, layout, the organization of enterprise inner structural contradictions also be solved.


reported that 2014 cotton price still larger, both at home and abroad and domestic cotton complex situation.Domestic cotton management policy to complete the new breakthrough, the new listing XinJiangMian, countries affirmed by the 9 ~ 11 months average difference between the market prices to provide subsidies, which will be conducive to gradually restore domestic cotton market attributes.However, because of the specific implementation of direct subsidies policy effect is still not sure, state reserve cotton, such as import quota policy for domestic cotton prices also will have a direct impact, domestic cotton market overall situation is more complicated.Cotton and downstream products prices on a downward interval, also increases the risk of management, more test of textile enterprises with internal management ability, market reaction cotton problem for safe operation of the textile industry influence still nots allow to ignore.

in recent years, the domestic textile industry raw materials, labor and other factors of price and cost of financing channels, such as keeping increased comprehensive cost pressure is very prominent.In the case of labor costs, rising labor costs of labor, or lower than before, in the first half of 2014, the rural labor monthly revenue grew 10.3%, subject to capital, technology, talent, management strength limit, such as the ability of micro, small and medium enterprises to improve development significant deficiencies, facing the adjustment is more serious, growing survival plight.

with the same time, in recent years, China's imports of cotton number continues to grow, make high inventories, domestic cotton market overproduction, textile product prices fell.It is understood that in 2013, China imported 4.15 million tons of cotton, about 40% of cotton consumption for the whole year, accumulative total imports of cotton yarn 2.1 million tons, up 37% from a year earlier, the cotton spinning enterprises of cotton fiber processing accounted for 65%.Since 2013, the domestic pta and polyester, polyester chemical fiber raw materials and products such as prices, maintain downward trend, the enterprise loss pressure, chemical fiber industry structural excess production capacity, by phases.

In addition, the

China textile industrial layout adjustment faces many problems, the personage inside course of study thinks the main performance for three angles: one is the central region to undertake the pace of the textile industry transfer continues to slow, first eight months of 2014, compared with a year earlier in the industry in the total investment fell 0.2%, transfer to undertake coastal manufacturing system faces reality;2 it is gradually become a new hot spot of domestic textile industry investment in xinjiang, but need to strengthen the planning guidance, make its real complete industrial development with an organic combination of resources and environment conditions, to adapt to social stability, the rational allocation of industrial structure, avoid industrial chain local link over-expansion, reduce the development efficiency.

Keyword:Cotton, the price, the market, the textile industry, chemical fiber, cotton, yarn, China textile, polyester, cotton fiber

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