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China's cotton industry policy adjustment boost global cotton inventory by turn down

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:29

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Introduction:China's chemical fiber network - January 21 China is the world's largest cotton production and consumption and the industrial chain's longest countrie...

China's chemical fiber network - January 21,

China is the world's largest cotton production and consumption and the industrial chain's longest countries, however, fluctuations in cotton industry in China is very severe in recent years.Under the background of continuous fell sharply in the planting area, the government in April 2014 canceled three years of the national cotton reserve policy, only pilot in xinjiang cotton price subsidy system.This means that the cotton industry will face a more changeable opportunities with more severe challenges.

For cotton industry changes happened in summer 2014, tsinghua university research team in dafeng city, yancheng city, jiangsu province, on-the-spot investigation, sheyang county, by the local government's interview with cotton, cotton prices, national policy shift for the impact of local cotton industry development.

Industry main body status the plight of

In team visited 21 household cotton, cotton prices have been under the spotlight.This is the core factor to decide whether its cotton.New cotton purpose price with direct subsidies policy in xinjiang only within the scope of the pilot, this means that the yancheng cotton farmers will face the challenges of the mainland prices decline.

Under this condition, yancheng cotton acreage contraction are indisputable facts.According to the research information, more and more farmers to grow rice and other food crops.Cultivation of high cost, low income is the direct cause of cotton planting area.

As the body of the cotton market management, cotton circulation enterprises to undertake production, consumption, coordinate the important role of his balance.Nevertheless, more willing to accept foreign circulation of cotton, a point of low price, quality assured another Angle.But because of the effect of import quotas, cotton acquisition abroad.

chemical fiber in China nets in addition, cotton ginning mill also face a serious problem.In 2010 there were 62 normal cotton ginning mill in yancheng city, in 2014 the number 12.Most have closed, the remaining several business situation is not optimistic, team visited the sheyang new foreign cotton ginning mill are planning moving equipment with capital to xinjiang.

As to the cause of the decline, one is the cotton processing industry disorderly competition;Second, poor equipment, processing and high cost;3 it is after the purchase and storage policy, sales channels to reduce cotton ginning mill, combined with the local variable quality of cotton ginning mill production, cotton is very difficult to sell, heavy fiscal burden.

Transferred to xinjiang, however, there are also challenges: one is that the northwest inland transportation cost is high, will erode profits;Huge, ginning enterprise in xinjiang cotton market after the new competition.

The local government to save the cotton industry appears powerless.One is that in the circumstances, the government to the court of public opinion guidance and technical guidance;The second is for cotton mills, the local government a wait-and-see attitude, let its own devices;Three is that the local government more and more new technology, properly guide farmers to plant scale.

Because multiple subject are facing trouble, lost of cotton industry in jiangsu province are indisputable facts.

Cotton industry reform dynamics: national policy in

Policy, have important influence on the cotton industry development.

One is that in 2011 ~ 2014 national implementation of cotton purchase policy has some limitations.Because the store after the acquisition of seed cotton processing of lint, some cotton processing enterprises become the beneficiaries of policy.The purchase and storage policy for the cotton processing enterprises continue to earn price difference of the flow of opportunity, state of the purchase price also with difficulty to industrial chain upstream of the cotton, cotton planting enthusiasm is still not high.

chemical fiber nets in China although the policy guarantee supply and stabilize the market, but its to cotton to cotton mills and brought heavy pressure.First, the state reserve cotton country bear a heavy financial burden.Current state reserve cotton inventory of more than 8 million tons, occupy the national capital of 160 billion yuan (20000 yuan per ton according to the calculated), countries each year to pay interest on the money, the storage charges, cotton storage cost, depreciation cost, artificial cost, transportation cost, and to bear the loss of state reserve cotton high closing down behind, a total of about 30 billion yuan.

Second, distorts the cotton industry chain, causing the predicament of domestic cotton spinning enterprises.Inside and outside the cotton price difference is as high as 3000 yuan\/ton.Decided to cost in the price of cotton, cotton to decide the price, the high price makes most of the cotton spinning enterprise almost unprofitable, combined with the weak downstream demand, manpower, lead to rising cost of fuel and other enterprise competitiveness decline resulting in the loss of orders, domestic cotton spinning enterprises facing unprecedented difficulties.

Third, farmers have no real benefits.National reserve policy is not to separate farmers with market district, cotton from farmers to purchase process until the cotton spinning enterprise hand layers of middlemen, reserve policy, most of the benefits obtained by the intermediaries, farmers get direct income and no obvious improvement.

The second is, cotton direct subsidies policy.In 2014, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) must be the policy of direct subsidies for cotton farmers in xinjiang the only pilot area, start the cotton price subsidies pilot.Government must purpose of cotton prices, the market form the real price, the price difference is produced.When the market price is lower than the purpose, will be the difference between supply farmers.Purpose reasonably priced, certainly can not only protect the interests of farmers and protect the production enthusiasm of farmers, stable cotton production, and can satisfy the demand of the textile enterprises.As a result, the security of xinjiang cotton farmers income directly;Can reduce the national cotton prices;Can be stable planting area in xinjiang.

Notable is, direct subsidies policy convergence and cotton is poor, medium and long term to see good cotton spinning enterprises.In the short term, direct subsidies policy to the cotton spinning enterprise will produce negative influence, this is because the hoarding a large number of high price of cotton, cotton spinning enterprise product price volatility faster than cotton price swings.Medium to long term, direct subsidies policy can alleviate poor cotton inversion phenomenon, both inside and outside of the cost of the fall will help domestic cotton spinning enterprises enhance the product competitiveness.

However, direct subsidies policy may cause the following problems, one is the loans were not full specified amount;Second, in cotton purchase under the market-oriented operation, the enterprise loan threshold will be promoted, will eliminate a large number of cotton enterprises;Three is to slack domestic consumption situation is likely to continue to continue.

As for direct subsidies policy, in 2014 is likely to become a global inventories by turning down a turning point, driving factor for the change is to stop purchasing and to direct subsidies in our country, the Chinese government will start state reserve cotton to inventory process.Team predicts that cotton prices will give priority to in order to fall in the whole year of 2014, China's domestic cotton prices will drop significantly higher than the cotton prices decline, with domestic imports of cotton slip the difference between the prospective tax cost down to the port will shrink to 1000 ~ 2000 yuan\/ton of normal levels.


industry development

Drawing on the successful experience of American cotton industry development, the team thought, improve the level of mechanization of cotton production is a systematic project, need cotton-picking machine manufacturing enterprises according to the characteristics of domestic cotton production, continue to innovate and improve technology;Need from cotton varieties, cultivation, management to adopt each link to synchronize mechanization development.

For local governments, mainly engaged in cotton industry support and research and development, has a work can not resist the inertia.Should improve the working efficiency of the government departments and increase the purity to work, to organs, larger play space, head of the relationship between all levels, improve work efficiency.

Cotton farmers in the work of investigation and research for the government's credibility is not enough, the government's work efficiency, and the promotion is not strong, the team said Suggestions, one is to enhance the government credibility, correctly and effectively guide the farmers;Second, constructing the authority of the cotton quality inspection system;Three is, unswervingly develop mechanization planting.

The cotton industry chain upstream enterprises including cotton ginning mill, middlemen with textile enterprises.For cotton ginning mill, small cotton ginning mill can choose to transfer or enterprise transformation, xinjiang and other places of large and medium-sized cotton ginning mill can seek with large textile mills merger, reduce the cost of cotton flow experience.

For dealers, it is suggested that in continuous and stable cooperation relationship with textile enterprises, guarantee the quality of income, sell cotton;In view of the different types of customers demand difference to adjust the sales direction;As far as possible to avoid stock up too much.

For textile enterprises, it is suggested that a large textile enterprise with science and technology cooperation work unit, follow the example of the functional fiber in Taiwan, the development of suitable for China textile market and the status of the textile factories replaced product, and promotion.To do this, first to find out the research direction;Second to complete the upgrade technology.As for the cracks in seeking survival of small and medium-sized textile mill is the most important is to maintain integrity of the capital chain with clear.

For farmers, suggest spread dangerous plant in the short term, to try new technology, improve inference, to ensure the economic benefits of farmers are going.In the long run, cotton planting situation the development trend of the scale, mechanization is must.Active transfers of land, complete large-scale cultivation of cotton.

(this article source: the first financial daily, the writer: hai-peng shao)

Keyword:Cotton, price, market, cotton spinning, status, chemical fiber, textile, cotton, research, textiles

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