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Xinjiang: spot deal difficult to respond Cotton mills in the near future there are fundamental

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:28

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Introduction:China's chemical fiber network - January 24 It is understood that since the middle of January aksu, bachu nocrotophos library lint shipment the stagna...

China's chemical fiber network - January 24,

It is understood that since the middle of January aksu, bachu nocrotophos library lint shipment the stagnation of the basic regulation, the mainland with xinjiang cotton mills directly purchase few, but some civil cotton, xumian processing enterprises to actively inquiry to purchase cotton enterprise surplus batch or for moisture regain, horse values for C1 cannot group reservation into the Treasury of lint.However, because the production and marketing price & other;Upside down & throughout;Generally 400-400 yuan\/ton, 2014\/15 caused by listed delay of seed cotton processing and warehousing period delay comprehensively, and the end of march cotton mills repayment pressure have a certain degree of ease, so & other;Bale off not batch & throughout;Cotton factory delivery price was lower than those of warehouse platform only 50-100 yuan\/ton.The southern xinjiang korla, aksu and there are still a few cotton ginning mill in the acquisition of seed cotton, with middle and later spend is given priority to, the price system, in 5.20 -- 5.50 yuan\/kg (lint 37-39%), is expected to early February acquisition and processing base.

According to xinjiang cotton mills in reflection, the three major difficulties coping, one is the library regulation in xinjiang cotton sold motionless, except for a few traders, dealers, mainland few sourcing cotton mills, some manufacturer for cotton mills goods shipped to the mainland designated warehouse, if detection can reach the quality requirement of cotton to purchase;Second, railways are assigned to number of wagons ChuJiangMian flowers for spring FMX section - 003 electrostatic voltmeter with energy, chemical and other materials dispatching and significantly decline, some cotton mills out xinjiang plan was forced to stranded before the Spring Festival, and enterprise & other;Forwarding & throughout;Costs also rose;Bonded warehouse loading and unloading, and short fall within three is xinjiang, storage and other charges is higher, and the short-term appointment warehouse cannot ship, the public prosecutor inventory will fall before the Spring Festival.

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