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CNCE cotton industry conference: cotton industry how to adapt to the new normal

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:28

Keyword:Cotton, markets, and cotton
Introduction:On January 20, 2015 cnce cotton industry development conference held in Beijing, from cotton and cotton textile enterprises, involved in domestic and ...

On January 20, 2015 cnce cotton industry development conference held in Beijing, from cotton and cotton textile enterprises, involved in domestic and foreign organizations of more than 600 delegates attended the conference.

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Theme of this conference is & other;The new normal, industry of the crop, a new future & throughout;.The zheng-wei wang, chairman of the national cotton trading market, in recent years, with fast and fierce development of electronic commerce, big data at a cheaper cost, more convenient, more efficient output continue to impact the traditional business model, and gradually become an important part of global trade.Under the new situation to explore with industry up to the present social development needs of the new cotton trade circulation is a common historical opportunity and challenge for industry.Zheng-wei wang said, the situation facing the cotton industry changes, policy adjustment, advances in technology, the development of the industry many problems waiting to be cracked and the meeting is closely linked to the cotton industry development of the new situation, to explore the future development road.

China cotton association with male xing, points out that China is facing the transformation of economic growth momentum and change the way of economic development, the gaining of economic transformation and structural adjustment, will surely affect the economic society, including cotton circulation on the surface of the side Angle at present and in the future.At present, China's cotton textile industry structure adjustment is stepping up its upgrading, technology and product innovation capabilities continue to improve, keep improving production efficiency, the cotton industry is an urgent need to adapt to this change, to speed up the transformation and upgrading, to reform and innovation to improve the quality of the industry as a whole development, enhance industrial competitiveness, to the whole industry chain development synchronization.Cotton production in China today is low efficiency, high cost and the international competitiveness is weak wait for solving problems, but the development of cotton industry are facing moderate scale, mechanization, intensive direction, cotton planting level of science and technology, production efficiency is improved, such as believe that under the efforts of the whole industry, China's cotton industry along with the development of the textile industry, will complete the historical change from quantity to quality & benefit.

Meeting for the healthy development of the cotton industry, machine mining development trends of cotton in xinjiang, the cotton enterprise risk prevention and control with business strategy and our cotton market situation forecast made detailed analysis and relevant content please pay attention to our subsequent reports.