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Cotton textile enterprise own characteristic road

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:27

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Introduction:Cotton textile enterprise belongs to the technology upgrading and product innovation, different companies, it may have a different way, some enterpris...

cotton textile enterprise belongs to the technology upgrading and product innovation, different companies, it may have a different way, some enterprises should be the upgrade is to rely on equipment, automation and intelligence to reduce labor costs, including complete enterprise whole automation of mass production, the possibility that the entire big data, testing these many of the quality of online technology are applied.

is a kind of individuation, the adjustment of product structure, it is as the competitiveness of the national textile, confirm the road will walk oneself characteristic.

is a cotton, may need some high quality cotton.Another is the application of fiber, so by the different proportion of raw materials, optimization of spinning processing is not the same, including the optimization of the whole process, finally producing products that meet the market requirements of personalized, this is also a direction of whole product structure adjustment, so as the transformation and upgrading of the textile enterprises, should be the right cotton is the raw material, it should be some performance this is tend to be high quality.

companies are now also can accept the quality, also expect our whole cotton industry will put the quality promotion.

the Australian good cotton in 17000 yuan\/ton, our domestic many cotton spinning enterprises still in rob, also could not find.Cotton, but the mainland could also include new xinjiang cotton, currently at around 13000, 14000 higher a little bit better, here the gap in 3000 to about 3000 dollars, this is a level, and in the same a down compared to the market environment, it also introduces the pick up cotton machine itself to improve the potential of have how old?Itself has its necessity, at the same time, it does have its urgency.

cotton-picking machine this point of view, from the agriculture development, because the machine adopt the development trend of the cotton is a must, as a textile enterprise, pick up cotton is machine should also say this must accept.

so pick up cotton in the next machine how to improve quality, how to reduce it, some of the rate of short-staple textile enterprises also is willing to cooperate with in the whole industry to actively promote machine adopt a development of cotton industry, can quickly improve pick up cotton machine quality.

in cotton purpose of price subsidies, have a better guide for the cotton quality and reaction this year more than is currently is in accordance with the production, is incompatible micronaire by high, compared with the coarse fibre, spinnability than low, so the price subsidies can also guide the cotton quality improvement.