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Printing and dyeing national standard to introduce and enterprise under pressure

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:27

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Introduction:Chief reporter chuan-jin li The infection of textile dyeing governance will tend to "is not a big textile printing and dyeing industry, henan province...

chief reporter chuan-jin li

textile dyeing infection management will tend to

"is not a big textile printing and dyeing industry in henan province, however, printing and dyeing 'national standard come on stage or on henan small and medium-sized printing and dyeing enterprises to strengthen the environmental constraints."On January 20, henan textile industry veteran xiu-ming li told reporters.

"national standard" is referring to the upcoming the textile printing and dyeing industrial atmosphere infection content emission standards.

On January 20,

, the reporter understands from authoritative sources, China's dyeing and printing industry association secretary general the position, is being made of the textile printing and dyeing industrial atmosphere infection content discharge standard "basic implementation work, can be printed and distributed implementation in 2015.

we have learned, for textile printing and dyeing waste gas, many companies now haven't carved realized the severity of the exhaust emissions.Because of imperfect monitoring technology, exhaust emission control are always get too little attention, many companies can only refer to the atmosphere infection comprehensive discharge standard ", the stench infectious agents emissions standards and relevant standards to control emissions, the, country to scientifically control the textile printing and dyeing waste gas will need to develop the discharge standard for textile printing and dyeing industry.

xiu-ming li shows that link of textile dyeing and finishing are areas of industrial waste gas.In 2008, the Chinese textile printing and dyeing industry, VOCs (volatile organic gas emissions share rate was 8.8%, the total industry experience more than 30% of the emissions of VOCs.VOCs with PM2.5 formation is directly related to secondary aerosols, larger influence on atmospheric environment.Had always been bothered by the absence of the national standard related to lack of basis.


" national standard ", make up for the governance standards, will also be the infection of textile printing and dyeing industry management into the orbit by the rule of law."

"textile emissions more hidden than wastewater, and much harder to regulation, the lack of specialized, specific standards, a large number of textile waste gas basic directly through the vent or no organization released into the atmosphere."Luoyang yanshi, head of a printing and dyeing enterprises.Although will introduce "national standard", but the head is hardly optimistic.

"it is an imminent issue."Xiu-ming li said.A complete,, it is necessary to build the new standard system is a national mandatory policy, can be given to the development of textile industry in the future growth space, special is the export trade of textile industry, has the standard will be executed, a implementation can break a new round of international "green barriers".Also, for the growth of the domestic textile industry, is also must make up the lesson.

emissions standards, strong constraints of the standard, textile enterprises is bound to increase exhaust gas treatment technology research and development, improve the related production equipment and technology, to reduce atmospheric emissions of infectious agents.

the personage points out, as the standard, printing and dyeing enterprises invested in the environmental point of view is expected to further expand, small and medium-sized enterprises will face greater pressure of environmental protection, part or do not conform to the requirements of small and medium enterprises will exit the market, industry concentration is expected to increase.

faces a growing problem and enterprise transformation and upgrading of

in domestic macro economic rebalancing, textile industry to the benchmarking is also in the works, for printing and dyeing industry, the country launched in 2015, textile printing and dyeing industrial waste gas governance standards, in addition to environmental pressure reason, also have through the hand of policies to promote industry consolidation.

"henan printing and dyeing enterprises is not much, mostly layout and some theory guilds in the city, printing and dyeing industry is not the focus of the development of textile industry in henan."Xiu-ming li.

the reporter understands from authoritative channels, henan has more than 30 printing and dyeing enterprises, mostly distributed in luoyang yanshi, anyang, xinxiang, xinyang, etc.The printing and dyeing enterprises in the production of smaller, and backward production technology."To say, some production process to the brink of elimination. Only some low-end fabric dyeing and finishing."

the yanshi, head of the printing and dyeing enterprises shows that: "some of the printing and dyeing enterprises in villages and towns, the size is very small, there is the traditional printing and dyeing development."

as a traditional cotton spinning industry, henan province, industry layout concentrated in the industrial chain of raw materials processing at one end, and not to the downstream industry chain layout, low-end is in an industry, but in henan textile industry is not affected by the infection.

"in the twelfth five-year planning textile industry in henan, as to whether incentives market development of printing and dyeing industry, the province's attitude has always been very careful, someone claims that horse, fill a vacancy of henan industry, while others think it is not development belt of gross domestic product (GDP). The final compromise formulation is" moderate development of printing and dyeing industry."

we have learned, henan has many clothing companies see the prospect of printing and dyeing link, a larger scale in fugou county, zhoukou, joint investment of printing and dyeing enterprises, but because of resource allocation does not reach the designated position, has been in a state of work hard.

"some theory guilds are currently focused on the dyeing and printing of small and medium-sized enterprises, to face the new atmosphere infection content discharges the textile and dyeing industry standard" expand the requirements of environmental governance: prompt textile enterprises to gas infection control, guide enterprises to carry out the improvement of production technology, effectively control the infection of atmospheric environment, printing and dyeing industry to improve the air environmental quality in the local area."

under the background of the textile industry overcapacity, the government policy of higher environmental standards, can also be regarded as to further improve the industry concentration.For traditional textile industry and the export of China 's traditional advantage industry, want to in the future global competition in the industry and gain more market share and voice, but increase the industry's green space to grow up.


" national standard ", for henan printing a weak industry, is a heavy topic, from the industry, will face greater growth problem, however, from the individual, is also a growing up transformation and upgrading, to say, enterprises or the phoenix nirvana, or exit the market."These people say.

Keyword:Printing and dyeing, the market, the textile industry, clothing, cotton, textile industry, China's textile

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