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China's textile enterprises are enjoying bring dividend policy changes

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:27

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Introduction:Today, textile enterprises are enjoying a policy shift "bonus".Recently these days, the author in communicate with some people in the industry experie...

today, textile companies are enjoying a policy shift "bonus".Recently these days, the author in communicate with some people in the industry experience, is deeply FangQi some different outstanding change, especially in cost control, profit level, such as product upgrade perspective.

this year, temporary purchase and storage policy exit to price policy instead.Thus, long-term in the split state of internal and external cotton line will be completed.In the short term, FangQi will no longer be "using" the world's most expensive cotton, improve the competitiveness.In the long run, is conducive to the development of the cotton industry chain direction normal orbit.

At present,

FangQi appearance is undergoing profound changes.A 200000 pounds in jiangsu FangQi head said, the moment they inventory has been sold out, the high cost of yarn now use all is a new season of low cost of cotton, so also completed the real profit.In their factory production of combing 40, for example, the main cotton assorting to ChanMian XinJiangMian, the xinjiang cotton DaoChangJia level 3128 3128 yuan\/ton, ChanMian DaoChangJia level 3128 3128 yuan\/ton, compared the first half of 2014 17250 yuan\/ton fell 4000 yuan\/ton.But, since May 2014, combed yarn 40 branch prices fell by 2600 yuan\/ton.Therefore, textile enterprises yarn increased profits in 4000-2600 = 1400 yuan\/ton."Not just combed 40, including general comb, air spinning, etc. Almost all pure cotton yarn, basically completed the profits turned negative to positive."So of the principal told me that the "screaming", still have a lot of enterprises is due to the downstream demand temporarily did not appear, finished goods are still in a poor state as a whole.FangQi at the moment, however, the pain is not that time.

in addition to the cost of raw materials, since October 2014, impressed FangQi is cotton quality significantly improved.During the period of three years reserve FangQi except a small amount of imports of cotton, cotton mostly through bidding purchase state reserve cotton.But temporary purchase policy, farmers only production of cotton on China's cotton, especially the xinjiang cotton quality decline significantly, some cotton ginning mill in order to increase reserves, the part of low grade cotton with high grade cotton mixed together, so as to lower the quality of high-grade cotton cotton quality problems become the primary problem of FangQi concerns.But since October 2014, FangQi direct docking, with cotton prices, cotton merchants enlarge choice.To buy it, what to buy quality cotton is fully FangQi in charge.In this way, the upstream cotton, cotton ginning mill in sales, processing cotton, carved hierarchical consciousness will cotton processing, to enhance the efficiency.

"in the past two years, the market exacerbated FangQi shuffle, reversed transmission enterprise transformation and upgrading."A market source said, after these years of competition, now can survive is "lion", is also the result of the industrial upgrading transformation.

we have reason to believe that, the purpose to FangQi price policy not only only is the moment of this little advantage, it will eventually become the "push" of cotton spinning industry to take off again.