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Xinjiang cotton fell space narrow Cotton traders bargains procurement

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:26

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Introduction:China's chemical fiber network - January 20 According to understand, to move into the middle of January southern xinjiang aksu, bachu, cotton prices i...

China's chemical fiber network - January 20,

According to understand, to move into the middle of January southern xinjiang aksu, bachu, cotton prices into relative stabilization period, but each enterprise for cotton grade is different, the money situation is different, is not the same as the repayment pressure and gap is bigger.Korla library regulation 2128 (2129) level of lint quote on 13600-14000 yuan\/ton;Bachu, jiashi, yarkand, gross level 2128 warehouse delivery price in 13200-13600 yuan\/ton;Aksu regulatory library level 2128 cotton prices are concentrated in the 13600-13800 yuan\/ton.But mainland cotton textile factory, civil cotton enterprise inquiry, see cargo is relatively rare, lack of effective clinch a deal, coupled with the libraries regulation because a lot of cotton warehouse booking and goods in and out slowly, snow also affect the transportation, loading and unloading of cotton with public prosecutor, cotton in a poor state.Aksu shaya, a cotton mills, regulatory library ginned cotton price level 2128, though still in 13700-13800 yuan\/ton (gross settlement), but the actual clinch a deal the generally low to 13550-13550 yuan\/ton.

For XinJiangMian 2 - in May, the direction of the differences in the xinjiang cotton mills is larger, several international cotton traders began to layout in advance, with large and medium-sized cotton merchants plan before the Spring Festival, traders with the enthusiasm of cotton is low, cotton processing enterprise loan or capital stress & ldqu o;Depreciate sales promotion & throughout;And inside and outside xinjiang warehouse XinJiangMian & other;Cotton's packed & throughout;The timing of the market at a low price in stock.And plenty of cash flow in xinjiang, the cotton market after the Spring Festival of cotton ginning mill & other;Clutching & throughout;Inventory, run at cheap prices or production and marketing & other;Upside down & throughout;Will fall, clinch a deal the sluggish, cotton prices fell resistance is the main characteristic of xinjiang internal and external market.Is reported that recently in jiangsu, zhejiang and henan and other places some FangQi, cotton enterprises procurement mainland XinJiangMian in the warehouse in succession, a ningbo enterprises 3128, a level 2128 nanjiang hand picking cotton purchase price respectively is 13800 yuan\/ton (settlement) and 14000 yuan\/ton, price adjustments over cotton quality, length, 100-200 yuan\/ton.

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