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Cotton industry urgently needs to speed up the modernization process

Published on:2015/1/27 9:22:25

Keyword:Cotton, price, market, cotton spinning, automation, status, research
Introduction:Recently, sponsored by the national cotton trading market 2015 cnce cotton industry development conference held in Beijing, meeting with & otherThe ne...

Recently, sponsored by the national cotton trading market 2015 cnce cotton industry development conference held in Beijing, meeting with & otherThe new normal industry throughout new & in the future of the crop;As the theme, from cotton and cotton textile enterprises, involved in domestic and foreign organizations of more than 600 delegates GongYi cotton hot issue.

Began last year, China's implementation of the purpose of cotton price reform pilot policy, cotton prices have fallen sharply, at present, XinJiangMian processing into the inspection work is nearing an end, sales work is under way, the new annual cotton market direction, the purpose of the cotton price reform pilot policy and the future development direction of cotton industry has become the focus of the industry.

This year, XinJiangMian sales overall progress is slow, have reflect enterprise, high incompatible micronaire, xinjiang cotton lint high and low strength, it is difficult to meet the needs of enterprise production of high-grade products, and more mainland cotton price is higher., cotton and linen of xinjiang to establish group corporation general manager, vice President of xinjiang production and construction corps cotton association he said, the xinjiang production and establish corps cotton, cotton sales of the place is slow, not only the price factor, the role of the market demand is bigger, especially the demand is very serious.

But shall not be denied that XinJiangMian quality does have a very large space.New production to establish corps deputy commander Kong Xinglong said, at present, xinjiang production and construction corps cotton mechanical harvest has reached to 68%, but compared with advanced countries such as America machine, there is still a gap between the quality of cotton, this is due to the quantitative, extensive growth is ingrained.In the future, he said, corps will speed up breeding and optimize the structure of varieties, improve the inner quality of cotton, meet the different needs of textile enterprises;Optimization of regional layout, with low in major cotton-producing areas, resolutely exit time been recorded in & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Plan, to control the cotton area of 8 million mu, lint stable at more than 1.2 million tons;Cultivation, further improvement to meet the requirements for mechanical cultivation, and in the residual film governance, clean processing automation transformation point of view.Present, corps has been three consecutive years in a batch of pilot enterprises, automated process renovation, process of cotton quality had the very big enhancement, part of the quality has reached the standard of hand picking cotton lint, will expand its promotion in the future.

New annual cotton cotton direct subsidies policy, also is the present cotton industry more attention.Commissioner of xinjiang agricultural development and reform commission with the water resources price Andrew sobel and work with the purpose of cotton price reform.Now, he said, take the market supply and demand effects are apparent, the mechanism of price to the international cotton prices, prices for domestic cotton enterprise cost down cotton.New Year's cotton direct subsidies policy, will be to can be simplified as far as possible to simplify, need regulation of stricter regulation for the principle.Special of falsely making out the invoice, in cotton, not the public prosecutor inventory situation to further expand regulation.

In the national development and reform commission economic and trade department, deputy director of the xiao-nan liu's view, the transformation and upgrading of cotton textile industry, will surely require cotton industry to speed up the modernization process.The development of cotton industry, also is to meet the needs of cotton textile industry development.He said, the establishment of a modern cotton industry needs a hard experience, but the whole industry must adhere to the direction.Under the state council development research center academic committee secretary long-range strong also said, at present, the domestic economic development environment has formed the reversed transmission mechanism, for the whole cotton industry, is the only way out for the whole cotton industry marketization reform, if only in the present core period was shaken, special is to alienation in the policy implementation way, then the consequence is unimaginable.From the state level, therefore must unswervingly promote agricultural products price formation mechanism, including cotton, the market-oriented reform.

Keyword:Cotton, price, market, cotton spinning, automation, status, research

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