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Henan FangQi business now warming starts gradually recovering

Published on:2015/1/27 9:19:11

Keyword:The textile industry, the market, spinning, status, cotton, cotton yarn, textile, chemical fiber
Introduction:China's chemical fiber network - January 21, 2014, has been quietly walked, but left FangQi pain at that time cannot mend, stray and helpless still li...

China's chemical fiber network - January 21,

Has quietly passed in 2014, but left FangQi pain at that time cannot mend, stray and helpless still like a shadow.In the face of domestic textile industry overcapacity in 2015, keep the depth adjustment big trends, FangQi winter seems to be unceasingly.So industry environment, henan textile enterprises and how to deal with?

According to henan textile association, affected by the current cotton prices keep falling, the henan cotton spinning enterprises in order to control the cost and risk management, mainly according to single production, and the recent orders status before a rebound, enterprise production showed signs of improvement.Especially in recent years, henan textile industry is greatly influenced by fluctuations in prices, but still lasted higher growth, from 2005 to 2013, henan textile industry development speed is close to 30%, even fell to 10.4% in 2014, the textile industry continued double-digit growth, of cotton yarn production ranking second in the country in 2014, second only to shandong.Such sustained high growth for two reasons: one is the henan textile as a big province, has always been as cotton main supply base of guangdong, fujian, long-term production of 32, 40 for its mid-range yarn;2 it is the situation reversed transmission problems we face at home and abroad in henan enterprise related equipment, technology innovation, innovation from the viewpoint of product, management, configuration, etc.Column, such as the combed yarn on cotton spinning industry of henan has reached around 30%, occupied a place in the market.

Before November, 2014, henan FangQi open probability of more than 70%, is now expected to, can reach more than 90%.Henan FangQi presents the polarization phenomenon, large textile basically stable at 100%, is analyzed.the main if prices narrowed, by inside and outside enterprise falling raw material costs, enhance product competitiveness.And small textile enterprise survival is difficult, because the low-end products at home and abroad by the impact is bigger, the market gradually eroded, enterprises open probability is low.According to understand, because after the Spring Festival, the status of the small and medium-sized spinning mill in worker erosion, so late in order to guarantee stable supply, spinning mill before the Spring Festival have a need to fill a library, capacity utilization will be improved.

Henan related industry, in 2014, the textile industry in a big adjustment, reorganization and eliminated big situation, the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, the textile enterprise product structure adjustment and technical reconstruction efforts will expand.Textile industry appeared polarization further, various kinds of production resources to high-end enterprise gathered themselves together, and the strong survive, eliminated the weak development trend will continue into 2015.

Above can see out, henan textile industry is facing the situation is still serious, but companies rely on technology, product and equipment related to stabilize the market, the early stage of the production is recovered, and the external environment such as policy clear, stable, henan textile industry will be a bottom upward development trend.

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Keyword:The textile industry, the market, spinning, status, cotton, cotton yarn, textile, chemical fiber

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