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2015 textile industry transfer path diversity

Published on:2015/1/27 9:18:35

Keyword:China's textile, textile industry, garments, textile industry, weaving, spinning, status, printing and dyeing
Introduction:Over the past 2014 years, the economy under the background of the new normal, China's textile industry internal and external economic environment, the...

over the past 2014 years, the economy under the background of the new normal, China's textile industry internal and external economic environment, there is a lot of changes.The textile industry in production, exports and investment, domestic sales, profits and other indicators on growth has to slow down.With textile industry throughout the industry and economic present a "slow in a fast, adjustment to speed up the" escalation.

in recent years, the textile industry the development trend of the industry transfer to order transfer compared to significant, but the rational analysis, southeast Asian countries and regions the production efficiency is low, the offset its labor cost advantage.With complete supporting facilities and the Chinese industry is perfect, political stability, can be stable development environment is good.The advantages of high production efficiency, enough to offset the rising cost of domestic labor.Taken together, the competitiveness of our country, it does not lose in south-east Asia.China textile industry association, vice President, our country textile industry transfer work fend off, director of the office in the recent "textile industry transfer work forum" point out: "over the next 10 to 20 years, China still is the first choice for international procurement."

The recent statement of the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei,

, the Yangtze river economic belt along the area, free trade zone, such as national strategy, along with previously said "go out", the western development, rise of central China, the revitalization of northeast China strategy, will be for the transfer of textile industry, find new opportunities, the pursuit of a new breakthrough.

from the industry perspective, China's textile industry transfer mainly presents the following features:

first of all, the transfer characteristic park into a new development trend.In numerous industry garden, but the characterization and specialization road to development better.Located in chongqing metro gold is one of the koala industrial park.Gold koala industrial park for fashion theme park to establish direction, Ming certainly was an "industry leader, the platform of the world", key location for "mass production, logistics, financial, big data, culture".Also is in the Midwest wont cowboy textile and apparel trade science and technology industrial park is a "cowboy clothing" as the theme of specialized industrial park, undertake "town" of jeans garment in China guangzhou xintang cowboy clothing enterprise gradient transfer.Characteristics, professional to become a feature of the industrial transfer park development, it is also a direction of the industrial park development in the future.

followed by the technology and equipment to upgrade become main melody.Displacement of textile industry transfer from a mere industry has developed into the improvement of technology and equipment.Replace human FengXin industrial park in jiangxi province to equipment, not only improve product quality, artificial efficiency is also increased.From one yarn to start ten years ago, and now has 2 million ingot production capacity, formed the raw material, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing of textile complete industrial chain.

in shaanxi xianyang emerging textile industrial park, some located enterprises than ingot employment from the current 200 people will be reduced to 36 people, year productivity can improve more than 8%.Ruyi textile industrial park, and ningxia ecology with the introduction of digital textile become the direction of China's textile development.

again, the human with policy is still is shifting focus.As the labor productivity continue to improve, in the high-end management personnel and high-quality workforce will be one of the factors that affects the upgrading of industry transfer.

today, is the basic situation of China's textile industry, in the western, relying on the resource advantage and policy support, promote the development of industrial park, gather, but the overall undertaking industrial transfer decelerating.Part of the power to attract overseas investment, has certain influence to the whole of China textile industry chain advantages.Southeast coast in industrial relocation, restricted by cost, environment, talent with extrusion, active pursuit of local upgrade will become the main part of structural adjustment.

China textile industry association deputy secretary-general, China's textile industry transfer Yang Jun thinks, deputy director of the office of the standing development trend of the development direction of China's textile industry shift with will present three features, a predominantly eastern improve, shift to the west, the whole industry chain is established in this paper.The second is to undertake industrial transfer combined with local regional development strategy, production integration of city road.Three is the transformation and upgrading of textile enterprises in the industry transfer will become the theme of structural adjustment.In eastern China, with some overseas the Midwest will become the textile industry transfer three development poles, interact more closely, also highlights the diversified development trend of textile industry transfer.

Keyword:China's textile, textile industry, garments, textile industry, weaving, spinning, status, printing and dyeing

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