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Wenzhou manufacturing machine substitution how to rise

Published on:2015/1/27 9:17:32

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Introduction:In recent years, the enterprise labor costs rising, how to break the dilemma?Wenzhou presented a "machine substitution".Last year, wenzhou rules on in...

in recent years, the enterprise labor costs rising, how to break the dilemma?Wenzhou presented a "machine substitution".

last year, wenzhou rules on industrial enterprises "machine substitution" coverage reached 28%, higher than the entire province average level 7 points, ranked among the top in the province.Wenzhou city to further accelerate the pace of this year and will be 500 "machine substitution".

as the "machine substitution", many enterprises suffered the sweetener, but also gradually realized that it is far from "of a changed as" simple.

in the machine, also want to change management

into the east Mongolian clothing co., LTD., production workshop, staff gone dark, instead, a few workers tapping machine is used on computer operation flat easily.

complete reduced efficiency, is the enterprise to introduce automatic template machine.Workers as long as the fabric into the machine, the machine will automatically cutting, and the other end, automatic filling machine down, also is a focal point of the "substitution" machine.

Taste blood after

, the company focused on the r&d and production of high-end clothing and equipment industry, expanding industry chain enterprises.Through the joint efforts of the team, in a relatively short period of time developed automatic sewing machine templates, template cutting machine, such as flexible differential feeder for new equipment.From then on, the east was a "independent equipment innovation" go hand in hand with workers "increase" the big steps.

, however, this does not mean that the east road of the machine substitution how the temple.Production line information not transmission and feedback in time, often delay the time to solve the problem of equipment, influence equipment production efficiency, these were once tasted of the east "suffer".

based on the summary of the experience of "machine substitution", they found that the problem is concentrated in two angles: the worker skill levels has been unable to meet the requirements of automatic production.Hence, suit the remedy to the case company, in the introduction of robot production line, from the beginning to the production management, human resource management and information management "software", such as hardware synchronized planning with production line.

"is not to say that the introduction of the advanced assembly line, the introduction of several programmed robot completes the machine substitution."City by the investment committee with commissioner of planning, cao said enlightenment, whether the choice of equipment purchase, or to buy after debugging, use and maintenance, all need high quality workers.Otherwise, do not have enough to master professional skills of technical personnel, just buy several machines, the so-called "machine substitution" also only but is the surface only.

"the machine is the core, but people is the key."Cao said enlightenment enterprise is unable to stop the introduction of equipment, replace workers, how about the production technology into a whole set of advanced production management system, intelligent finishing production, scientific decision-making, the informatization and industrialization depth fusion, is the 'machine substitution."

change equipment, also be the substitution of


"substitution" machine requires enterprises to introduce advanced production equipment, dynamic, tens of millions of yuan or even hundreds of millions of yuan, this offers of many companies is a big burden, many enterprises.

cao said enlightenment, many enterprises think machine substitution is the introduction of robots, this is a misunderstanding."In fact machine substitution is a kind of idea, nature is a technological upgrading, not only the introduction of equipment a path."In the words of lukewarm state city give Fang Anquan printing company, head of the company, technical improvement is more cheaper than imported.

, "the practice of our Lord if they have been technological upgrading, both to reduce the purchase cost, also more in line with the needs of the enterprise itself."While explaining the company technicians to journalists show their "science and technology products".

it was a gathering machine, had but a single work station, a day can produce 300000 sets of a shift worker, modified, now has become a "double", double the production efficiency.

, the company also developed a set of "online monitoring system", will originally by artificial monitoring all into computer control, precision fast."If is to go to the market to buy production line with electric monitoring system, the cost is about 600000 yuan per set, our own research and development costs significantly less than the data."The company said a technician.

for the enterprise, is a very big spending to buy new equipment, and optimize the existing equipment to improve, with the characteristics of small investment, good benefit and quick return.Particularly in the mainly small and medium-sized enterprises of wenzhou, through transforming to raise the level of equipment has more realistic significance.

in jinlong machinery co., LTD., through the technical renovation and introducing advanced equipment at home and abroad, the traditional production line to complete the intelligent automatic control, digitalization and visualization, production doubled, the original each production assembly line production staff 105 people, through the project, at present only 74 people, each production line production line personnel falling nearly 30%.

not only on the original production line technological transformation, many enterprises began to love on the Internet of things and cloud computing and big data USES.According to the survey found that some bearing on the production line in wenzhou, "Internet of things" through the industrial equipment, the workers from 28 people reduced to two or three people, reduce production cycle from 9 days to 30 minutes."' machine substitution is the highest realm of Internet of things, cloud computing and big data applications, this is a development trend. And our efforts in one direction."Cao said the enlightenment.

in equipment, change ideas

shall not be denied, machine substitution complete demographic dividend to technology dividends, is brought about by the employment structure adjustment, less demand for ordinary workers, the demand for skilled workers, rapidly expanding.

municipal labor and social security bureau chief said, machine substitution, not all enterprises, all the procedures involved, there are a lot of link is machine can't do it.There are a large number of micro, small and medium enterprises in wenzhou, because economic strength is limited, for them, machine substitution is still a long way.


wenzhou shoe industry, calculate such a bill to the reporter: on a production line need to staff of 15 people, pay 50000 yuan a year, add up to 750000.If the introduction of a $5 million of new equipment, the first is depreciation cost problem, present a industrial equipment common life of life in ten years, spread to the annual depreciation charge is 500000.Besides, bank interest, calculated at 0.7% interest, so come down to the interest is 350000, plus 2 workers, expenses added up to 950000.So, it is better to use artificial worth more.

Kowloon bay a small electronic business owners said: "at present production are more and more rely on artificial, not don't want to the introduction of automation, but the cost is too high, supporting a shop down nearly one million yuan, don't even think about it."

external demand decrease and rising costs on the influence of wenzhou "substitution" machine shall not be avoided.Wenzhou university professor Wu Yuzong analysis, the substitution of machine, larger companies are willing to, and small and medium-sized enterprises is hesitant, one is the investment is more, secondly, the order is not stable, machine substitution cost recovery may take 3 to 5 years, they worried that once the input, less orders, spare production capacity, etc problems, switch to the advanced equipment will become a burden.

, he believes, technical dividend instead of demographic dividend is the trend of The Times, more and more enterprises realize that is not in not in question, but to have to change from time to time.

than the more difficult is a software for hardware input.Cao said enlightenment, many small micro enterprise itself and the lack of technical department personnel, difficult to independent development of new technology, new equipment, which requires research and development of equipment manufacturing and related technical support.The problem is that every enterprise products, will lead to personalized equipment needs, software and hardware development and maintenance cost is higher, and the small micro enterprise this Angle to bear ability is very weak.

based on this, wenzhou was formed last year machine substitution industry technology alliance, set up industry machine substitution expert service steering group, implements the one-to-one service, machine substitution for the enterprise experience in technical service, cancel the trouble back at home of enterprise.(source: wenzhou network)

Keyword:Automation, garments, surveys, market, sewing machine, shoes, feather, fabrics

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