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Wenzhou lift high automation Substitution sweet fruit taste machine

Published on:2015/1/27 9:17:31

Keyword:Automation, markets, clothing, shoes, feather, fabrics, sewing machine
Introduction:With the passing of demographic dividend, and the rising cost of Labour, the country started to beg a presentation shortcut amplification., wenzhou ci...

with the passing of demographic dividend, and the rising cost of Labour, the country began to hurry for a presentation shortcut amplification., wenzhou city, zhejiang province, set off a wave of machine substitution, many enterprises tasted the sweets.

wenzhou lift high automation Taste the machine substitution sweet fruit of

in order to speed up the pace of enterprise "machine substitution", wenzhou last year introduced the wenzhou people's government of the several opinions about strong help companies work, the substitution of the implementation opinions on further speed up the machines and other documents.According to the characteristics of the massive economic prominent features in wenzhou, "a thing one policy" activity, various counties (city, area) actively promote "machine substitution" implementation plan, sufficient to stimulate enterprises CA - HN calorie meter "machine substitution".

city letter committee also joint buaa, zhejiang university, ustc, wenzhou university, such as various power, set up wenzhou "substitution" machine industry development alliance, and relevant experts steering group on the development of key industries, key link, such as set up the shoe industry committee "machine substitution" expert service, etc.

the waves, "spring breeze" is brushed many "face" of the enterprise.

"in" the labor cost down

in yueqing steam technology co., LTD., the injection molding process of the production workshop, a worker is looking at a few machine operates, the original production workshop need 115 workers, now 1 million yuan cash substitution "machine", down to 70 the number of employees, and the per capita output is increased by 100%, is expected to save labor costs 1.8 million yuan each year."Change" to the brand competitive power by

wenzhou economic and technological development zone of Europe which electric co., LTD., zhejiang province, nearly three years to invest 79.45 million yuan to purchase more than 79.45 million sets of automatic production equipment, the overall Labour productivity increases more than 30%."Consumer electronics product cycle is fast, the production speed of manufacturers to have higher quality requirements, the market competition pressure, the enterprise must be stepped up efforts to improve the manufacturing capability, win the mobile customers."The company officials said.Substitution "and it has been proved that through" machine, the fairy electrical complete annual average growth rate of more than 20%, net assets yield above 15%.

xing music group in nearly three years "substitution" machine Angle also remain invested nearly 200 million yuan, the average efficiency of more than 10%.Make the group vice President Yu Jingfeng impression deepest is a worth 30 million yuan even sulfur production line imported from: "the production assembly line manufacturing environmental protection cable occupied most of the domestic high-end market share, before the products are imported from abroad."

like European fairy, xing le improve market competitive advantage by "machine substitution" example, more in our city.Zhejiang wan super electric appliance co., LTD. Invested nearly 10 million yuan, the last two years on the car lock production line technological transformation, the introduction of automatic lock assembly machine 8 units, a device can replace 5-6 people work.Change the traditional way of manual assembly to automatic assembly machine, the thousands of ultra electronics products continues to the faw, no.2, general, dongfeng liu steam, wuling 25 automobile manufacturing enterprises.

"change" to the management level by

into the east Mongolian clothing co., LTD., production workshop, a few workers tapping machine is used on computer operation flat easily implement, replace a piece of black workers.Workers as long as the fabric into the machine, the machine will automatically cutting, and the other end, automatic filling machine down, also is a focal point of the "substitution" machine.

Taste blood after

, the company focused on the r&d and production of high-end clothing and equipment industry, expanding industry chain enterprises.Through the joint efforts of the team, in a relatively short period of time developed automatic sewing machine templates, template cutting machine, such as flexible differential feeder for new equipment.From then on, the east was a "independent equipment innovation" go hand in hand with workers "increase" the big steps.

based on the summary of the experience of "machine substitution", they found that the problem is concentrated in two angles: the worker skill levels has been unable to meet the requirements of automatic production.Hence, suit the remedy to the case company, in the introduction of robot production line, from the beginning to the production management, human resource management and information management "software", such as hardware synchronized planning with production line.

"in" intelligent enterprise transformation about

machine to replace manual is the major development trend of manufacturing industry transformation, but the enterprise continues to mount behind high-tech machinery and equipment, also vacancy, senior skilled worker to find hidden pain.Steam technology at the beginning of each year are feeling: when recruiting new hire difficult, it is harder to recruit skilled workers.The relevant person in charge of the company said that at present the extensive production and labor already can't meet the production needs of modern enterprise.Traditional manufacturing enterprises into a modern "smart", not only to the mechanical equipment have higher requirements of the enterprise, also requires enterprise employees have higher quality.

enterprises in promoting "machine substitution" at the same time, also faces such thought: "province" of people how to schedule?Hobby hunan new clothes this year 6 automatic pen machine, each machine can "save" the 15 employees, "left" to 90 workers how to do?Xian south, 'said enterprise orders rose by about 7% this year, most of these workers will be after training to mount guard, also has a part on a voluntary basis to choose to leave.

machine substitution from micro, small and medium enterprises among

although machine substitution in wenzhou development in full swing, and because a large number of micro, small and medium enterprises economic strength is limited, for them, this machine substitution is still a long way.


wenzhou shoe industry, head of such a bill: forget it on a production line need to staff of 15 people, pay 50000 yuan a year, add up to 750000.If the introduction of a $5 million of new equipment, the first is depreciation cost problem, present a industrial equipment generally live in 10 years, spread to the annual depreciation charge is 500000.Besides, bank interest, calculated at 0.7% interest, so come down to the interest is 350000, plus 2 workers, expenses added up to 950000.So, it is better to use artificial worth more.

Kowloon bay a small electronic business owners said: "at present production are more and more rely on artificial, not don't want to the introduction of automation, but the cost is too high, supporting a shop down nearly one million yuan, don't even think about it."

external demand decrease and rising costs on the influence of wenzhou "substitution" machine can not avoid.Wenzhou university professor Wu Yuzong analysis, the substitution of machine, larger companies are willing to, and small and medium-sized enterprises is hesitant, one is the investment is more, secondly, the order is not stable, machine substitution cost recovery may take 3 to 5 years, they worried that once the input, less orders, spare production capacity, etc problems, switch to the advanced equipment will become a burden.

and at the same time, many small micro enterprise itself and the lack of technical department personnel, difficult to independent development of new technology, new equipment, which requires research and development of equipment manufacturing and related technical support.The problem is that every enterprise products, will lead to personalized equipment needs, software and hardware development and maintenance cost is higher, and the small micro enterprise this Angle to bear ability is very weak.(source: industrial in China),

Keyword:Automation, markets, clothing, shoes, feather, fabrics, sewing machine

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