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Transformation, textile machinery from electricity dongfeng beckoning

Published on:2015/1/27 9:16:42

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Introduction:Textile machinery electric company, the temptation to hinder coexist in 2014, the Chinese e-commerce transactions of more than 12 trillion;At the same...

Textile machinery electric company, the temptation to interfere with the coexistence of

In 2014, the Chinese e-commerce transactions of more than 2014;At the same time, China's industrial market reached 20 trillion in 2014.Industrial products is a has a great potential market, because its product special sex, however, by the narrow channel resources, audience consumption habits and other factors, electricity threshold is high, the need of fine operation, integrated platform of electricity power is hard to cover, compared with FMCG electric dealer market, the development of industrial electrical business was very slow.

However, along with the increase of the scale of production and purchase the increase of frequency, many enterprises of traditional procurement bidding mode highlights many disadvantages gradually.Industrial products procurement involves many varieties, complicated technology, more circulation channels, multiple factors such as irregular price fluctuations, purchasing cycle is long, thus make the enterprise faced many difficult problems in the bidding experience, such as camera obscura operation, kickbacks, relationship between procurement, insider trading, etc.The bidding rules, let some people illegally obtain a large amount of gray income, also make enterprise purchase cost increase at the same time, business owners suffered heavy losses, produced great harm to the development of the industry.This makes an open, fair, sunshine, transparent electricity industrial platform become urgent needs.

In recent years, a lot of industrial enterprises with prospective dealer market targeting electricity to test the waters, there are successful precedent.Comprehensive such as alibaba, dunhuang, grainger, industry such as my steel nets, TongXin city, devoted to bayesian network, etc.Their success is that industrial electric business platform for procurement professionals offer an all-weather, transparent, chrono purchasing environment, completed the purchase information open, shorten the distance between supply and demand, to avoid interference with human factors, simplifies the procurement process, reduce the purchasing cost, improve the purchasing efficiency, is a kind of advanced procurement mode to adapt to the era development.

However, a careful analysis of these sites is not ugly, these successful industrial electric business platform focused on the standardization of products and the professional Angle of spare parts, basic no online trading of large complete sets of equipment.The textile machinery industry as a typical large complete sets of equipment in the industrial products industry, electricity Angle attempt basic at the open stage.For the lead in electricity transformation of textile enterprises, a great opportunity, however fast pin product electricity cannot reproduce the success of the existing model in textile machinery electric company, the textile machinery industry of electricity this way how to go?

Complete textile machinery electricity, three problems need to be solved.

The first problem the operation of the platform.Professional requirements of textile machinery industry enterprises not only need to have to understand the depth of the industry, also need to have the Internet, thinking about electrical business operation concept and process, which is precisely what many may deliberately into electricity textile machinery firms that do not have, then the platform operators how to solve this problem, makes the manufacturer can be at ease, and can really get the actual benefits, namely how to sell products through the platform?

And then the product selection problem.Large textile machinery generally need to customize, involving a large number of brand products, need a lot of manpower material resources, also need to pay a long time cost.Traditional way of bidding is limited by geographical barriers, the choice is limited, and open platform through the network can choose in the face of the whole industry.Industrial electricity, in addition to give an open platform, integration of industry resources, also must have a professional team, to assist customers to choose from numerous products out of the real need.

Compared to consumer goods, textile machinery electricity is not the same as the one of the biggest is the key is not to sell products, but the follow-up service after selling a product.Installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance and technology solve the problem, this is not a referral letter paper can do.A large textile machinery sold is just the beginning of service, can give stable and reliable professional quality follow-up service to reassure customers for textile machinery online trouble back at home.

Successful model to the thinking of the Internet and the depth of industry about

With these problems, after careful search, the reporter found a specializing textile machinery and the electric business platform of the special accessories & ndash;& ndash;Spinning friends & middot;Textile machinery mall, TTFJ.COM, for the above problems, they all have operational solutions are given.

Reporters see from the textile machinery mall, mall to set up a strict audit suppliers in condition, thus given for mall products quality guarantee.Under the premise of strict access, mall gave simple one-stop electrical business solutions to help textile machinery enterprises to efficiently to expand electric business.Don't know the shop decoration, mall is a professional video team for product shooting, video production, text extraction;Don't understand the electricity business operations, mall is a professional electrical contractor team for generation of operating, demand analysis, product positioning, brand;Don't understand the electricity business promotion, mall, on the basis of professional industry data, the entire network marketing resource management, user behavior analysis, advertising\/flow introduction, marketing performance analysis.Professional operation, the high visibility of the industry, direct buyers demand targeted promotional strategies, said, these solutions do utmost to fit the needs of customers.

Aiming at the problem of product selection, the reporter sees, besides focused almost all domestic brand manufacturers, mall is the construction of the German pavilion, Italian pavilion, the pavilion, gave a broad selection of platform for our customers.However, with so many choices, how to quickly and efficiently selected by customer need of product?, reporter saw at the top is on the left side of the mall and gives the detailed classification selection and search entry, reporters in the search bar & other;Segmented beam & throughout;, instant appeared contains most of the well-known brands at home and abroad, many options, price and performance parameters of the be clear at a glance, but also support, compared to similar products to add to help customers effectively to their need of choose and buy our products.

So in the Angle of large complete sets of equipment mall and how to do?Journalists try to submit in the textile machinery online mall consulting a cotton spinning process equipment procurement information, will soon have online customer service to contact the reporter.After carefully asked the reporter, shortly after the technology demand of customer service as a whole, a single configuration gives the detailed including the opener, blending machine, carding machine and drawing frame, combing machine, roving frame, frame, winder, the whole line.Surprise, because do not price point of view, a given three single configuration, the mall is a brand, the top configuration as the focus, a is the highest cost performance as the key point, a is on the premise of guarantee quality lowest price as the key point, the efficiency with attentive, professional to create a good user experience.

Questions about the follow-up service, after communication with customer service, the reporter understands, mall is not simple to give a trading platform, also spend a lot of money to build its own warehouse, logistics, offline display with service center.Ensure the mall and mall three-way deal contract of expert team with product manufacturers after-sale guarantee responsibility, to give to the customer a better service than offline purchase more at ease.Products reach customers enterprise, expert team immediately and solve the installation, commissioning, maintenance, and after all the process problems.Industrial electricity, the most important problem is to do online and offline docking, only online comprehensive consideration for clients, the best experience to customers, is the tao of practical industrial electricity.

Reporter also learned that, since the foundation of the Internet information service in the industry for 13 years, mall has connected the industrial chain upstream and downstream resources superiority, connections, textile machinery mall members are mostly their past long-term customers, such as jingwei textile machinery, is one of the first enterprises in textile machinery mall, flagship store in textile machinery, city construction and old customers.At the same time, the mall is also working to expand the international market, the current has been built in places such as Indonesia show with service center, will be for the planning of the international market into its own blueprint, for mall merchants to the wider world.

In age experience for the king's electricity, the platform for building ecological circle is a very important step, in the field of vertical electrical contractor, platform ecological circle make actually have innate advantage, user viscosity, easy to cultivate more users reputation of word of mouth can be completed.For textile machinery mall in addition to build its own team of professional information, also signed a lot of industry experts, in the mall platform and social media such as weibo, micro letter for the customer to give first-hand information, the trend of the market analysis and forecast, data services, will be based on the Internet service supremely well.

With the same time, the existence of infinite possibility for mobile end market, textile machinery mall also has carried on the corresponding deployment.Mobile phone mall, micro letter public, and with the corresponding mobile community have also online.Public mobile phone mall, micro letter number with PC a background synchronization management, online payment and settlement, anytime, anywhere for the customer management, transaction management, will open to the phone, factory will do mobile phone business, the market into the phone.At the beginning, while mobile electricity dongfeng preempt a, when with the right place, right time.

, according to the study on electric business platform purchasing textile machinery: can reduce 70% of the cost of purchasing and supply management, reduce 5% - 5% of the cost of products, textile machinery of electricity is the urgent demand of textile enterprises.Spinning friends & middot;Model for the textile industry textile machinery mall TTFJ.COM value lies in the fact that strictly controls the access channels, ensure quality goods is superior, take advantage of the Internet photo video transmission, all-round display textile machinery products and the service characteristics, products for the key, with professional technology and service in combination with the concept of social community, at the same time on mobile power, to complete the online communication, develop a broader market, as far as possible for textile machinery and textile manufacturers direct docking gave reliable channels, promote the rapid development of the industry.Concept of purchase and sale of textile machinery in the future will be full, who can take to step ahead in electric dealer market, is the core of winning the future.

Keyword:Textile machinery, market, price, accessories, research, market, textile mills, winder, roving frame, combing machine

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