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Kapok is a powerful heat preservation and antimicrobial effect

Published on:2015/1/27 9:16:40

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Introduction:According to historical records, kapok tree is hainan ancient tree species, as early as 3000 years before that, the aboriginal & ndash;& ndash;Li peop...

According to historical records, kapok tree is hainan ancient tree species, as early as 3000 years before that, the aboriginal & ndash;& ndash;Li people have used it and use it as the important raw material for textile, used in the production site, such as ZiHao sheets, clothing and apparel.The introduction of kapok tree grow at least more than 3000 years in hainan island.The tang dynasty poet li sizhi have poems said & other;Garment cutting wood ShangMian & throughout;, when the song dynasty su dongpo was banished hainan has poem as according to: & other;Sorry I kapok clothing, the cold wind to evening.Throughout the &;Refers to the li people's local made into the site of kapok cloth to him.

We all know, li of textile industry development, the earliest Chinese textile technology of ecliptic husband's mother is women's and li.Thus we can according to the logic, no kapok, no li brocade, but without the tapestry of li, there is no the ancestor of textile technology in our country the emergence of the ecliptic husband's mother.From this sense, the kapok tree is textile technology have made outstanding contributions to our country.

Kapok tree (kapok) has a lot of use value.It is no exaggeration to say that the kapok tree is the treasure.First, the medicinal value.Kapok flower, leather, roots, seeds have medicinal value.Kapok, have clear heat diuretic, prompting fashionistas detoxification with hemostatic efficacy.Kapok, have clear heat, diuresis, invigorate the circulation, detumescence, detoxification, etc, on chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, diarrhea, dysentery, etc have obvious curative effect.Topical kapok skin can treat leg knee pain, sore swollen, injuries, etc.

According to "lingnan herbalism record" records, kapok leather & other;Found in waist and feet, blood obstinate arlhralgia, leg knee pain, red white, diarrhea.Throughout the &;The handbook of commonly used Chinese herbal medicine said kapok leather & other;Been used.Treat chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer with postpartum dropsy.Throughout the &;Kapok root, hemostatic and analgesic efficacy fights have convergence, attending chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, dysentery, scrofula, postpartum edema disease, etc.Kapok seeds containing fat, can be squeezed, can cure sore scabies.In the future, with the further with medical research continues to develop, believe that kapok tree medicinal value will be more extensive.In the resource increasingly drying up in today's world, kapok tree this natural medicinal material will become more precious.Electrostatic voltmeter FMX - 003,

Among the most widely used is the kapok fiber.Since always, kapok fiber because of its short length, low strength, poor cohesion force, it is difficult to separate spinning, lead to its application in textile Angle has great limitations.Kapok fiber in the natural bacteriostatic drive mite, hygroscopic wet to the Angle of warmth with other natural fiber incomparable advantages, unique in the precious ShangTianRan ecological fiber today has a great application prospect.On the present HaiDing by biological technology co., LTD. With his invention patents with a strong scientific research team, through production, study and research has been done to kapok fiber application in textile industry, and accomplish industrialization.

Gold cotton textiles from wild kapok fruit of natural cellulose fiber, kapok fiber is ecological health care function of natural fiber.Famous ancient medical literature compendium of materia medica records: kapok & other;Functions of dehumidification, invigorate the circulation of detumescence, scattered throughout the pain &;.Modern scientific research kapok bacteriostatic flooding mites and the main pharmacological ingredients for triterpene and flavonoids compounds such as plants, has significant anti-inflammatory, invigorate the circulation of mites, bacteriostasis, flooding effect.

Textile industry to speak of functional fabric generally divided into three kinds: 1, by physical method of changing the structure of the fiber shape, such as seven hole eight Kong Diguan fiber, the moisture absorption perspiration polyester fiber (typically chemical fiber);2, the fabric by finishing chemical fertilizer treatment to achieve antibacterial divide mite effect;3, the material itself has a natural health care function of the moment but the kapok, hemp natural fiber.But fiber natural contains triterpene and flavonoids, and other types of compounds only but the kapok, is worthy kapok fiber & other;Soft gold & throughout;.Made into the fiber textiles with natural ecological health care function, is a revolution of the textile industry.Gold made of underwear has a natural kapok huoxue, natural antibacterial, natural flooding mites, have health care function to human body, the market prospect is great.

Keyword:Fiber, fabric, cotton, polyester fiber, research, textiles, cotton, market, spinning, chemical fiber

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