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Super section carrying capacity Siyuan packing series is recommended

Published on:2015/1/27 9:16:39

Introduction:Packing is also called the filling agent, it is to point to to improve the processing performance and mechanical properties of the products and\/or re...

Packing is also called the filling agent, it is to point to to improve the processing performance and mechanical properties of the products and\/or reduce the cost of solid materials.Can obviously improve the strength of the product packing, such as long fiber reinforced material with whisker, often said, said carbon black reinforcing filler.Medicine tablet, cosmetics and detergent often join solid materials with calcium carbonate as fillers, such as its goal is to adjust the dosage and concentration rather than improve performance, so should say diluent.Plastic plasticizer, rubber filling oil and spinning oil, etc., can improve the performance, can also affect the cost, but habits on the liquid material as a processing aid.

Recommend a product: packing

& have spent

Brand: si yuan

Model: DN50

Content & ge;100

(%) :

Material: ABS

One species:

1.20 & times;13 torx, short, medium and long, long.

2. The tower type drainage cap.Performance that can prevent the resin flow of Yin and Yang, and ensure traffic.

2. USES:

Widely used in softening water quality combined, back to the program, ion exchange column equipment.

Recommended products. 2: packing,

& have spent

Brand: si yuan

Model: 35

Content & ge;98

(%) :



Filter material:

Is flexible and can be compressed, porosity (see chart 2), sewage capability is strong;Work is a filter layer porosity on hydrophobic under, conform to the ideal filter layer of porosity distribution;Share a little larger than water, easy to back flush, material has strong and fine grinding and chemical corrosion resistance.

Jiangsu yixing siyuan packing specializing in the production of environmentally friendly water treatment series packing.Introduction of advanced equipment, annual production capacity of more than 100000 cubic meters, the main products are soft packing, semi soft packing, combination packing series, inclined tube packing, porous floating ball, all kinds of series of aerator, hollow ball, pall ring, ladder ring, drainage cap, water cleaner, stents, nozzle, high efficient fiber ball filter material, the machinery grille, tine, the other is the production of various special specifications of the injection products.

Our company meet the environmental protection water treatment packing the user's requirements, combined with the actual, which is based on high-tech, high quality as the life, the user first.To purify the cosmos, create a blue sky, let the earth everywhere is full of clean and warm.