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To imitate more creative less restriction and hangzhou women's clothing industry upgrading

Published on:2015/1/16 15:17:47

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Introduction:"For them, how can less beautiful new clothes?"This sentence, from but for strong women's spending."Double a" from the previous year, "ShuangShiEr" wi...

"for necessities and how little the beautiful new clothes?"This sentence, from but for strong women's spending.

from the previous year "double a", "ShuangShiEr" with cross at the eve of the great promoting, near to New Year's, hot clothing industry stunt to continue.But have you ever notice, to stay in the closet fashion: similar big bowknot, straight row buttons, modelling of the same pattern, see what kind of design resembles down unexpectedly come from and where.

"from 2002 to 2005, we say 'ladies' watch in China hangzhou. Zhejiang women's clothing is given priority to with less shu, but not personalized. At present, after the 90 slowly become the subject of women's clothing consumption of their purchase desire, women's clothing enterprises to explore more personalized requirements."Zhejiang creative clothing association executive director Wang Changbin said.


hangzhou women's clothing "Korea"

more than four in the morning, late winter sun didn't give the earth a bit light, hangzhou, hangzhou sea no. 31 to 59 had bright lights.The address was almost clothing store owners to memorize, tracks more than 70000 visitors every day here.

XiaoJing Jing wore a pair of sports shoes, waist carrying a handbag.Just 23 years old, she is at least 3 years experience in clothing store boss.She bluntly portable spot can bring something back, to the cost of a trip must earn back.

in the gathered more than two thousand booths of sijiqing women's clothing wholesale market, from the constant's shouts to time hurried pace, everywhere reveal "sijiqing" three word in our country the status of women's clothing industry.Domestic women's set consists of hangzhou, wide set, han, Beijing and Shanghai, five factions have obvious zoning.Because is located in hangzhou, hangzhou sent dress become "sijiqing" flagship series.

"last time take back a contracted wind woolen cloth coat sell very well, the ready to take a few back. To see if there are any good render unlined upper garment."XiaoJing Jing shop open in haining, every week she must go to "sijiqing" once, the phase of the woolen cloth coat wholesale price in 190 yuan, to the store to sell 250 yuan to 300 yuan.

clockwise dial back twenty years ago, China academy of fine arts, zhejiang university of science and technology college of technology &design graduates with a few sewing machine to start from scratch, unique design after clipping the new concept of clothing "hangzhou women's clothing" appeared.At hangzhou women's clothing materials is given priority to with silk, design fashion sense.

just to "sijiqing", the reporter rush to building a exploration was sent to hangzhou women's wear.From ground floor to the third floor window XinHang send women's clothing of the indoor stand, can be seen everywhere in the "ga", "han", "han village" word naming shops, such as the sale of clothes also has a significant element of Korean, and these clothes women's clothing is also highly similar to that of market other shops.Such as XiaoJing Jing watch in the woolen cloth coat, almost can be found in more than half of the store.

in "sijiqing" several women's clothing, the city of hangzhou to send dress almost turns into a "Korean" women's clothing.The "Korea", accompanied by the popularity of Korean dramas with k-food has always been not cool, also let "hangzhou sijiqing" send women's recognition.

as a reporter to the identity of the open shop for factory store cooperation, vendor have showed great enthusiasm."We have our own factory, what style, what is good sell what to do."In a women's clothing shop owner point of view, if only in zhejiang factory production of dress can be called hangzhou women's clothing, style to go with the flow.

"shows that" four

electric dealer

a long down jacket, on the cat's flagship store in majed el shafie day by hundreds of daily sales growth."Double a" daily sales of 140000 yuan last year, "ShuangShiEr" 100000 yuan, close to year end, the shopkeeper yun ge began to busy.


"in 2011, electricity is the major development trend, and women are popular among products, for start-up I produce more."Three years, with the help of the rapid development of electric business platform with the stability of the women's clothing market consumption, cloud pavilion of majed el shafie brand ladies had a good result.

in the present network shopping, clothing accounted for most, this natural connection to electricity business women's clothing in fighting continued upgrade.A set of statistics tell you that since late last year, mainly to sales of clothing, best buy fashion mall, women's clothing sales up 40% from a year earlier.Cat and ago, in 2014 days before the "double a" final same-store sales three of the seven are garment enterprises.

open taobao's official website, input key word "hangzhou sent dress" and "cotton-padded jacket," a product up to hundreds of pages, prices range from $30 to two thousand yuan, or even the same type of cotton-padded jacket in different shops there will be more than two times the price difference.Some young women's clothing store, for the sake of rapid "powder" is often need to hold down prices, but hard to see individual shops by the design win.

"at the beginning we make standard: focus, acme, differentiation. We found that the summer and winter is the best seller, sales in the spring and autumn outfit. That we simply do winter and summer, and the seasonal produce only ten versions, do fine fine."Cloud pavilion shop scale is not big, but at first he was invited to design the sister learn "display", insist to do their own brand, in order to save costs, processing the butt joint professional factories.

in cloud pavilion's view, at present a lot of offline women's clothing store in a state of no profit, all want to in a piece of electrical business environment.

electrical contractor for garment industry is by no means a simple product sales channels, really bring the transformation of apparel industry.Whether it is a slow and steady "majed el shafie", or a strong rise in hangzhou first electric business women's "seven division division", were all sent out of hangzhou women's reshuffle of the signal.

"more traditional women's clothing sales, our design will be in front of the public brand exposure to market research, the face-to-face communication is a win-win, information symmetry, also reduce inventory risk."Cloud pavilion tells a reporter, electrical business women's clothing has been in the past, do best is now in the core of the self transformation period.

New ambition

innovation allianceOn December 9, 2014,

more than hundreds of enterprises and institutions and social organizations engaged in the clothing creative together, founded the clothing creative association of zhejiang province.Not only is hangzhou women's clothing, KeQiao textile materials, puyuan sweater, haining leather industry and so on several big clothing production is in self upgrade by means of bulk.

"association for clothing enterprises in zhejiang province is the biggest goal to build a public service platform, from the aspects of design, make enterprise brand incubation center, OEM change before this much; construction of fabric supplier database, improve qualification rate, control the upstream."Wang Changbin believe that these efforts is ultimately in order to keep the three lifeline: zhejiang clothing quality, research and development with the market management.

in women's clothing market, according to the different age, the industry for its have a roughly divided into: less shu, shu and shu three series.Relative Yu Dashu with shu in customer high loyalty to the brand, shu customers seek more less differentiation with personalized, send dress style is hangzhou blurred, copy of the main reasons for severe.Even "autumn waters iraqis" and "significance" two big business excellent hangzhou women's clothing brand, also can't get away from the shadow of partial han edition, Europe and the United States.

a have many years of experience in brand marketing manager, told reporters that the old hang sent dress is given priority to with silk has failed to meet the aesthetic needs of modern young women of clothing, but the XinHang struggle to restore stable style, especially in Japan and South Korea clothing enterprises stylist introduction, it is difficult to avoid the similar elements.

by computer camera captures images, shoulder width, waistline, arm length 22 size from 18 parts of the body by remote visual acquisition system, input the fabric, styling options, such as a good suit can be realized.This set of equipment on the tall is Wang Changbin saw in shandong company long time.Changed the traditional garment industry informatization agency system, the logic of large-scale manufacturing is turning into "private tailored" proprietary information sharing with sales platform.

Women's street

hangzhou wulin road, from the proliferation of the shutters tide to come wulin business circle O2O platform.Creative shop by means of the combination of the Internet to complete the online retail formats and business.Can see, quite a number of apparel industry shift related to science and technology, fashion with the relationship between the technology of blending intersection.Connotation of luxury with the diversity of values for clothing industry turns into the fashion industry.And the fashion industry requirements through a variety of skills, creativity, communication, consumer factors and change, integrate the resources of traditional industry to improve after forming a unique commodity operation mode.

After the

economic development into the new normal, and imitation PaiLangShi basic end consumption stage, personalized, diversified consumption gradually into the mainstream.Also committed to the fashion industry development in our province to upgrade, the transformation of traditional light industry a strategic direction and path.Wang Changbin said: "the establishment of creative clothing association, zhejiang province, is the right step in the direction of the."

Keyword:Women's clothing, clothing, apparel, market, coat, dress, silk, fabric, leather, wool sweater

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