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Cotton textile industry concentration degree is expected to be ascending scale as a whole

Published on:2015/1/16 13:21:18

Keyword:Cotton, cotton, market, price, the textile industry, yarn, cotton yarn, clothing, spinning and fiber
Introduction:Since 2010, the cotton textile enterprises continue to climb the high cost of trouble.As the main raw materials of cotton prices, cotton prices at hom...

Since 2010, the cotton textile enterprises continue to climb the high cost of trouble.As the main raw materials of cotton prices, cotton prices at home and abroad gap, speed up industrial upgrading, enterprise survival environment optimization, begin growth factors such as the human cost, cotton textile enterprises is expected in 2015, in turn, improve the international competitiveness.The early stage of the process of consolidation, on a smaller scale, the management strength relatively weak exit the market competition of enterprise, industry concentration is expected to improve whole, orders and other resources to the leading enterprises gathered, is expected to be significantly increased market share of leading FangQi.

Cotton prices fell

Cotton prices by market regulation, cotton prices at home and abroad is poor narrowed, FangQi competitiveness.

Since China adopted a policy of cotton reserve in 2011, China's cotton prices began from the volatility of the market, the policy support high, countries such as India, Pakistan, the yarn price of pure cotton yarn price is much lower than China, even in some countries, the pure cotton yarn price with Chinese cotton price no difference how many, domestic cotton textile enterprise in the international market competition is severe.

Fortunately, last year the national policy, the adjustment of cotton by direct subsidies to replace the purchase and storage, domestic cotton prices return to market.Cotton the implementation of the policy of direct subsidies, make domestic cotton prices have fallen sharply, from the beginning of 2014, 19000 yuan\/ton sharply dropped to near 13000 yuan\/ton, cotton prices at home and abroad are returning to a reasonable interval.

Said the head of one of henan's textile enterprises, beginning from this year, China's textile enterprises will no longer upset for the raw material price is too high, the state shall implement a cotton price reform, domestic cotton prices and international cotton price gap will be smaller and smaller, the domestic textile enterprises will gradually rise in profit.But there are companies, cotton prices fell, causing FangQi fg inventory devaluation, the enterprise management situation is not optimistic.The analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, cotton prices fell really drives yarn prices down, but the yarn decline is less than cotton prices decline gradually, so the long term, corporate profits will be continue to increase.In 40 s combed yarn, for example, 9 ~ 11 months since 2014, 40 s combed yarn prices fell by 2900 yuan\/ton, or 10%, compared with cotton prices fell by 3400 yuan\/ton, or 20%.Therefore, textile enterprises yarn increased profits, help to improve the enterprise management situation.But because the downstream demand increment temporarily did not appear, irritating not immediately reflect the cotton market.

Quality improvement,

Cotton quality, guide the cotton farmers and cotton processing enterprises improve the quality of cultivation and processing.

China cotton in xinjiang, the original is the symbol of high grade cotton, but the implementation of reserve policy in recent years, high yield and yield of cotton cotton attention just production, China's cotton especially xinjiang cotton quality decline significantly, some cotton ginning mill in order to increase reserves, the part of low grade cotton with high grade cotton mixed together, so as to lower the quality of high-grade cotton cotton quality problems become the primary problem of FangQi concerns.

Shandong weiqiao textile co., LTD., chairman of hong-xia zhang, our problem is very serious in xinjiang cotton, pick up cotton is a special machine, impurity content is high, brings to the production of textile enterprises major problems.At present, China's cotton textile industry continue to high-grade product development, and long-term supply conditions in global cotton, improve cotton quality, improve the quality of cotton processing, the industry is an urgent need to solve the problem.

To improve cotton quality is very important point is to adhere to the market-oriented operation, complete quality.In 2014 along with the advancement of direct subsidies policy in xinjiang, cotton prices gradually to the market shift, sell with carved consciousness will be treated as cotton hierarchical processing enterprises, to enhance the efficiency.Special is supplemented by cotton professional storage system in library notary inspection mode, effectively guarantee the public prosecutor samples with the consistency of the cotton bag details helps to optimize the quality of cotton good effect.Henan huapeng cotton industry co., LTD., professional supervision warehouse system, cotton reliable test data, the enterprise can according to the purchasing cotton fiber inspection certificate, solved a few years ago from the store to buy cotton index are inconsistent with the weight problem, but also for spinning cotton assorting computer gives the real reliable basis.

X-ray rite504 industrial upgrading,

Companies to accept the baptism of market reform, cheap products, industrial transformation and upgrading faster.

In recent years, China's ministry of industry in the overall industry increase stage, all kinds of factors of production costs continue to rise, and the downstream market downturn, such as pressure, make whole cotton textile industry in a trough.But the industry has long been a resonance, to speed up the transformation and upgrading, improve product quality, improve labor productivity, cotton textile enterprises is an urgent task.

Ministry of industry and consumer goods department deputy director wang wei, China cotton textile industry to enhance the level of enterprise labor productivity and product quality, and improving the structure of the industry needs.At the same time, to further strengthen management innovation and technological innovation, eliminate vulgar production mode, added value through ascension, sets up the brand, enhance the competitiveness of the textile industry.

In fact, in the era of industry operation difficult to collect and store, cotton textile enterprises did not stop the pace of technical progress and industrial upgrading, on the contrary, the enterprise in order to survive, in management innovation, serious authors efficiency, process reengineering and so on angles.To say, after years of honed, China cotton textile enterprise management innovation authors, increase efficiency, improve labor productivity, improve product added value and other point of view, the ability, greatly increasing marked acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading, as the change of industry factors, China cotton textile enterprises will be done through the structural adjustment methods such as industrial transformation and upgrading.

environment optimization

& other;High) low buckle & throughout;Policy of reform, cotton, FangQi continue to optimize the living environment.

In 2014, the textile industry policy is one of the biggest changes & otherHigh) low buckle & throughout;The solution of the problem.Early as a year leading the lint, cotton yarn into the agricultural products in anhui province VAT amount shall be deducted pilot range, most of China's cotton industry & other provinces;High) low buckle & throughout;Be solved step by step.

In addition, the national development and reform commission economic and trade department director Zhang Xianbin, 2014 are direct subsidies policy implementation in the first year of cotton, cotton policy will also keep improving, countries will continue to strengthen market supervision, create a fair market competition environment to the enterprise.

Cotton textile enterprise, production, processing and using one of the main raw materials are cotton, so the VAT & other;High) low buckle & throughout;, cotton policy impact on the cotton textile enterprises is very big.As & other;High) low buckle & throughout;Problems gradually, cotton policy continue to improve, China cotton textile enterprise tax reduced stress, continue to optimize the enterprise's survival environment, the development of cotton textile industry environment will be more lenient.

Policy support

A series of preferential policies, the enterprise burden, industry development speed.

Xinjiang cotton textile industry development plan, to 20 million pounds to the next 10 years the development scale of textile, korla will build 10 million spinning, occupy the whole xinjiang & otherHalf & throughout;.The preferential benefit policy support, fulida, jinfu, such as domestic new huayuan MianFangYe giants come in succession.

It is worth mentioning that support the development of textile and garment industry to create more employment opportunities in xinjiang, is the second time the central work forum to make important decisions deployment of xinjiang, the five consecutive years from 2014 to 2014, countries will be allocated special funds to support development of xinjiang textile and garment industry.

Now the ministry of finance has issued the xinjiang textile clothing enterprise VAT return policies and measures, the autonomous region level freight subsidies also introduced the textile and garment processing products, cotton textile enterprise use of xinjiang cotton subsidies, improve ChuJiangMian yarn freight subsidies standards and a series of specific policy measures.Under a variety of policy support, the cotton textile industry in China the pace of development will be significantly increased.

Keyword:Cotton, cotton, market, price, the textile industry, yarn, cotton yarn, clothing, spinning and fiber

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