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Cluster development or a new opportunity for garment industry

Published on:2015/1/16 13:20:37

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Introduction:Talk about China's garment industry, & other;Throughout the world clothing manufacturing exporter &;With & other;Throughout the world clothing consump...

Talk about China's garment industry, & other;Throughout the world clothing manufacturing exporter &;With & other;Throughout the world clothing consumption &;Two is the most common impression.In recent years, however, affected by economic factors and global demand, China's garment industry development environment has changed, low value-added production mode is already do not have to keep the competitive advantage, industry in the period of transformation and upgrading of core.

A guangdong garment contract business owners in an interview with our reporter said that he do jeans OEM business for overseas markets, in the international market impact on the enterprise is very big, for a period of time in the future, only by reducing production in order to spend winter period as soon as possible.Also want to open the domestic market before, but still there is no appropriate opportunity.

Broaden the domestic market opportunities may come at present, under the background of the new urbanization, population gathering, lifestyle changes, the optimal allocation of factors of production and life level of ascension will be more people opposite requirements of active service sectors.For apparel industry closely related with people's life a major market opportunity, and with the strengthening of urbanization in advocating industry city, industrial cluster development train of thought for China's apparel industry development also brings a new way to solve.

garment industry faces many bottlenecks,

In chongqing, chongqing women's clothing was a typical case of a lift the new urbanization with renewed vigor.Chongqing ChaoTianMen clothing market of more than 500 clothing production enterprise means of development, the establishment of ChaoTianMen market association of garment enterprises, building & other;It is au & middot;Chongqing fashion industrial park & throughout;Is with the help of a development direction of the whole industry chain, industry cluster do makes the whole industry chain service base project, to build a new platform of industrial cluster.With association of square type at the same time mining domestic demand to expand overseas market.

As one of ten major wholesale market in China, chongqing ChaoTianMen clothing market from the early 1990 s & other;Hauling goods agents throughout the &;By the year 2000 has been developing & other;Own brand & throughout;, more than about 500 ChaoTianMen markets offer the garment production enterprises, large scale of annual output value of about 200 million yuan, most of them are annual output value of tens of millions of small businesses.

But in recent years, chongqing women's faces a dilemma.Chongqing ChaoTianMen market clothing enterprises association, vice President of tang was an interview with our reporter said, the garment industry in recent years, the situation changes, along with the ascension of the national consumption level, more for brand development, apparel industry started to enterprise operation.And eastern coastal areas of the apparel industry, in the mode of production to keep up with the downstream equipment and Angle has certain advantages of cluster.Chongqing is always LingSanShi development, with almost 20 years ago.

Involved with the project planning Wang Zhigang studio, deputy general manager of Shanghai center Wang Fang analysis said that chongqing ChaoTianMen clothing enterprise logistics mode and mode of production is still stay in the original stage, high transportation procurement costs and labor costs continue to improve, make quick response advantage and cost advantage is no longer production.In addition, extensively development concept, the lack of brand design talent.Industry, supporting, scale, platform, a brand, no brand, stragglers, fragmented, and this is the status quo of chongqing women's clothing.

industry development of

From the old & other;Land urbanization & throughout;Caused by the imbalance in the structure of the city, such as waste of land resources, extensive development model, to a new urbanization to strengthen the industrial aggregation ability as the key way of connotative growth, improve urban aggregation ability, do big cities industry scale.In such a background, the development of the apparel industry in chongqing can borrow & other;People-oriented & throughout;A new type of urbanization transformation and upgrading of the opportunity.

& other;A city's industrial aggregation ability, depends on the competitiveness of industrial cluster.Industry in business center of gravity by through industry chain on the middle and lower reaches, big industry cluster.For our country, more important is to fill the vacancy chain link, to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, quality, and the efficiency.Throughout the &;Wang Fang thought.

Wang Fang position to a new type of urbanization, market forces push above industry operators promised the government, and enterprise, construction & other;The government & throughout;, & otherCompanies throughout the &;, & otherOperators & throughout;Between the win-win relationship.With specialized industry operating thinking to integration of industrial chain upstream and downstream resources, structures, industrial cluster development platform, the incubation enterprise breakthrough to upgrade.So, compare with industrial real estate developers, industry operators pay more attention to & from otherDo the development & throughout;To & other;Do throughout industry & public services;From & other;Building the house & throughout;To & other;Building industry incubation platform & throughout;From & other;Short term sales & throughout;Profit to & other;Long-term operation & throughout;Create value.

& other;Garment industry development cannot leave the industrial supporting and cluster, the lower the cost of the cluster, the talent, the agglomeration.By studying the five global fashion capital, will be able to get an experience, but a farewell to the development of small and scattered state, to do with the whole industry chain, industry cluster association as the platform to integrate these garment enterprises, means of alliance to break through their long-term development.Throughout the &;Wang Fang thought.

Today, clothing enterprises association organized & other ChaoTianMen marketIt is au & middot;Chongqing fashion industrial park & throughout;The whole industrial chain integrated service base project, the moment the project has been successfully settled in banan ma liu industrial park, the key area.

& other;The past by a single enterprise fight alone, unable to complete function, at present by integrating industry alliance, is expected to break one by one.Throughout the &;Tang are just for introduction, columns such as high-end talent introduction, international resources integration, the present through integration of unified alliance platform, making full use of the advantages of the resources of the 500 companies, will not become a difficult problem.In the electricity business perspective, with the aid of alliance to build & other;Electronic commerce alliance portal & throughout;, 500 companies unified operation, is expected to make rapid influence.But raw material resources, has always been a trial to ChaoTianMen enterprises, because there is no big supplier's presence, such as the raw material cost is the double of coastal areas.Through the alliance, the cluster advantages, KeQiao uninvited, cuhk fabric resources.The most important of all, the whole industrial chain integrated service base project, whether to alliance, a single garment enterprises want to take, no matter how old, in chongqing is not easy.But it is union grass-roots enterprise through the alliance, make & other;Investors & throughout;, & otherConsumers throughout the &;, & otherOperators & throughout;Triad, and promote local advantage by all levels of government attaches great importance to industry.

garment industry should be the whole industry chain development
As important in the western China is famous for its costume design production base with the national top ten clothing wholesale market in chongqing, is the center of the western inland open city.The personage inside course of study thinks, borrow chongqing new channels to get through, make chongqing road open inland hub in Europe, this is chongqing sent apparel industry revitalization of great opportunity.

Wang Fang believes that the development of the apparel industry with new type is closely related to the establishment of urbanization, urbanization is the key to do industry operators, the garment industry in China faces the same situation with a lot of industry, small and scattered, have size but added value is low, the condition of the transformation and upgrading, urbanization has created such a platform with the opportunity, make industry cluster, from city, the whole industry chain development, for small and medium-sized enterprises to build a can fill their industrial chain link, to give industrial supporting environment of the new platform.

& other;Means of union development is an effective way of thinking, from the world development experience, Han Guodong door wholesale market is the vane of fashion in Asia, the most key competitiveness is not in the east gate of wholesale markets, but within the scope of the surrounding a few square kilometers east gate, focusing on a large number of small and medium-sized clothing manufacturing enterprises, the designer studio, and even some private designers, playing board division to be able to rely on next to the complete industry chain, quickly put the finished garments.Han outfit, with the rise of the key or fashion design, obviously in this Angle is less severe in our country.Throughout the &;Wang Fang.

Facing the new international era, a single garment enterprise integrating domestic and foreign resource cost is extremely high and it has blindness and opportunity.In industry alliance way can build more stable and win-win partnership.According to tang are just notes, at present, in company as a platform, has been with & other;Milan garment industry association & throughout;, & otherSeoul garment industry association & throughout;Successful docking, prepares for construction & other;Center for international design resources integration & throughout;, direct docking overseas excellent design resources;& other;In Seoul, milan fashion buying information center & throughout;Construction and international synchronized fashion information;Integration & other;Milan fashion week & throughout;Such as international exhibition platform, to create conditions for domestic clothing enterprise is in line with the world.

The personage inside course of study thinks, giving full play to the advantages of industry union, taking advantage of chongqing inland open, jump out & other;Self circulation throughout the &;Within the development model of outsize & other;Standards throughout the world &;, complete the globalization of industry resources configuration, chongqing clothing enterprises is expected to lead in the domestic garment industry special, complete corner overtaking.

Keyword:Clothing, market, fabrics, ladies, status, fashion week, research, the present situation, the situation

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