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2015 to adapt to the new normal for new development

Published on:2015/1/14 11:21:10

Keyword:The textile industry, the market, chemical fiber, research, price, cotton, survey, the textile industry
Introduction:The New Year's bell off the unforgettable in 2014.In 2014 is comprehensively deepen of the reform in our country, with xi jinping, comrade as general ...

The New Year's bell off the unforgettable in 2014.In 2014 is comprehensively deepen of the reform in our country, with xi jinping, comrade as general secretary of the CPC central committee around complete & other;Two one hundred & throughout;Struggle aim, launch big initiatives in succession in governing Angle, led the 1.3 billion Chinese people on the way to establish Chinese characteristic socialism to obtain a series of new achievement.China's reform and opening up and modernization and entered a new stage, the reform of the national textile industry and also to move into the new campaign.In this new day, I on behalf of the China textile industry association to care for a long time to support our country textile industry development of friends from all walks of life, to struggle on textile front comrades, New Year's greetings!

In the past year, the textile industry seriously implement the central promoting the rule of law, deepen the reform strategy, to complete each work solidly, safe for industry development trend.Index complete growth main operation, the operation quality, and the effect the overall stability in order.Industry structure adjustment and technology innovation, brand building, energy conservation and emissions reduction, talent team, such as Angle continuously and steadily move, good results are obtained.

But at the same time also should see soberly, the textile industry in 2014 the operation indexes growth in front of a year is a slowdown, special is presented more significantly slow down since the second half of, industry has to move into the new normal.Under the circumstances of the new normal, industry transformation and upgrading of the task more difficult, all sorts of contradictions also more prominent.Significantly slower domestic demand growth, comprehensive costs keep rising, the industry itself in the aspects such as raw material, production capacity, layout, the organization of enterprise internal structural contradictions.

In the New Year, the industry should focus on raw materials, production capacity, environmental protection, layout, small and medium-sized enterprises, and other issues.In 2014, domestic cotton policy completed the breakthrough, a new planting subsidy policy is beneficial to gradually restore domestic cotton market attributes, but the specific implementation of direct subsidies policy effect is also not sure, state reserve cotton, such as import quota policy will also impact on cotton, cotton market situation is still complicated.This will give the production and operation of the textile enterprises increase risk.

Production structure adjustment in the chemical fiber industry was very prominent.Chemical fiber raw materials and product prices in the past year presents the downward trend, the enterprise operating pressure, chemical fiber industry as a whole BM - 7 - a tinto PuKang luminance meter production capacity, structural surplus by phases, such problems as excessive competition in the market.Some backbone enterprises began to strengthen industry self-discipline, standardize the order of competition, but what about long-term maintenance of market order, the construction of the normal price conduction mechanism, still need to pay attention to study.Chemical fiber product structure adjustment to solve the contradictions of the raw materials for industry, promote the development of industry security is very important.

Energy conservation and emissions reduction, declared war on infection is a major responsibility of the textile industry.In the face of national emissions regulatory standards continue to improve, to infection industries also highlights the environmental pressure.But in order to improve the capacity to maintain, the textile industry must move beyond the edge of environmental protection, it needs efforts from all parties in the aspects such as capital, technology and service support.

Industrial layout is also facing the new situation.Face the problem of the central and western regions to undertake transfer deceleration, the industry will further in-depth investigation and study, play a good role in the domestic distribution system in the Midwest.To strengthen the international allocation of resources, adequate use of two markets both at home and abroad seek new development.

Small and medium-sized enterprise dynamic is the sign of the textile industry in secure development.Due to the change of macro economic situation, small and medium-sized enterprise survival and development of the pressure is very big, the enterprises in the capital, technology, talent, management ability significant deficiencies such as Angle, survival plight has become increasingly highlighted.Industry is an urgent need to expand the public services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The year 2015 is & other;Five-year & throughout;The years of MSC, the textile industry transformation and upgrading of the complexity of the current development situation and the difficulty of the task, we don't have the slightest relaxation.At end of the central economic work conference, the central position of the task of economic work in 2015, the textile industry to put right what their industry, to plan with good textile economy great toughness, potential and room for manoeuvre, rely on promoting the reform, restructuring, constantly promote the development of textile quality efficiency upgrades, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, strive to do not because of speed and amount of quality better.

In the New Year, the textile industry will further study the implementation of the party's eighteen big with 18 third and fourth plenary session and the central economic work conference spirit, insist on maintaining stability work always tone, adhere to in order to enhance industry economy development quality and efficiency as the center, take the initiative to adapt to the economic development & other;The new normal & throughout;, grasp the reform and innovation, promote the structure transformation, efforts to promote economic stability and healthy development of the textile.

Although the textile industry is also facing dangers and challenges, but the domestic and foreign economic policy environment is relatively good, continue to strengthen industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading of internal and external force, development opportunities still exist.ZhongFang coupon will be, together with the industry development of faith, adhere to the transformation and upgrading, complete industry a new development, for the comprehensive implementation textile & other;Five-year & throughout;The plan for sure all tasks.

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Keyword:The textile industry, the market, chemical fiber, research, price, cotton, survey, the textile industry

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