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Binzhou city home textile quotas QiHuo cotton 40 to 226200 tons

Published on:2015/1/14 11:19:37

Keyword:Cotton, home textile, cotton, market
Introduction:At home and abroad in recent years, the cotton price difference is bigger, weak domestic demand, the textile export pressure factors, such as textile ...

in recent years, domestic and international cotton price difference is bigger, weak domestic demand, the textile export pressure factors, such as textile industry remain depressed, struggling, binzhou city mainly export-oriented textile enterprises, product international competitiveness to keep falling.Under the background of this height, the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) actively strive for national cotton import quotas, to help enterprises with more than 2000 yuan per ton lower than the domestic market price difference, purchasing foreign cotton, textile companies to reduce the production cost, enhance the international competitiveness.

in 2014, binzhou city, a total of the agricultural products import quota of 253200 tons, of weiqiao textile, home textile, inferior smooth 40 textile enterprises obtain quota, 226200 tons of cotton for quota proportion reached a record high.These quotas to help enterprises to import a large amount of foreign high-quality raw materials, improve the product quality, reduce raw material procurement cost 400 million yuan of above, textile enterprises to enhance the cotton textile enterprise's international competitiveness, promote the product gear upgrades, strengthened the binzhou city cotton textile enterprises to export advantage.

Through the cotton import quotas for

, binzhou city support to grow a batch of backbone enterprises.Weiqiao group successfully listed, yaguang towel, macro home textile, textile enterprise sales over one hundred million yuan up to 16, weiqiao group, west king group, home textile, etc. A batch of enterprises by using cotton import quotas, actively adjust the product structure, improve the product quality.Cotton import quotas for to improve business confidence, reduce costs and promote production, stable employment, enhance their ability to expand the market, have the effect of the core.In the future, the binzhou city development and reform commission will continue to work enthusiasm, keep expanding efforts, do a good job in binzhou city cotton import quotas for service work, earnestly for the city of cotton textile enterprise development service, help the cotton textile enterprises bigger and stronger.

Keyword:Cotton, home textile, cotton, market

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