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Sales to speed up the progress of cotton will be rising

Published on:2015/1/14 11:19:35

Keyword:Cotton, price, market, yarn, cotton yarn, statistics, condition
Introduction:This year, since cotton downstream procurement anemic, poor sales data, market has become the main factor of bearish.But the recent launch in the coun...

This year, since cotton downstream procurement anemic, poor sales data, market has become the main factor of bearish.But the recent launch in the country XinJiangMian sales or sell quota policy, under the stimulation of sales significantly speed up the progress, domestic cotton prices gradually stabilized, the market mentality better, at the same time the emergence of some external stimulation factors, is expected to promote the futures steadily upward.

ST - 4 surface resistance tester cotton sales progress gradually speed up

Early this year, sales of the crop, sales data dropped significantly.According to national cotton market monitoring system, as of October 31, 2014, only 304000 tons, sales of the crop fell 886000 tons, compared with the past four years in a normal year reduction of 875000 tons.There are two causes of the sales figures are very poor.One is the cotton prices all the way down, companies are afraid to a large number of hoarding cotton, raw material inventory cotton consumption is generally maintained at 15 to 30 days.2 it is this year new flowers listed has delayed more than half a month, to a certain extent, also caused the sales volume less than normal.

Because of poor sales, the country plans to boost sales in the form of XinJiangMian sales quota for sale, has played a more significant effect, special's two weeks before the New Year's day, total sales reached 600000 tons.At the same time, the textile enterprise's normal inventory and the improvement of sales played a role.In addition, cotton ginning mill of money pressure, sales also attracted a large number of textile enterprises with traders.According to national cotton market monitoring system, as of December 31, 2014, accumulative total sales of 2.02 million tons of lint, this means that in November and December two months total sales of 1.7 million tons of cotton.

Rational analysis of the data, the reflected the content of the two angles.Is a textile enterprise demand for import quotas, advance purchase a cotton, does not reflect actual demand.2 it is to reflect the normal operating demand increase, this year the domestic textile enterprises face a lot of good information, reasonable requirements are improved.

The spot market mentality gradually alleviate an exodus of

With the increase of sales, recycle cotton ginning mill is also part of the funds, funds relative to reduce pressure.So, the recent spot market mentality also gradually stabilized, spot prices are no longer falling.

Downstream of the point of view, because cotton prices downward, yarn prices also maintain the weak, but there are two notable features.One is the yarn price decline eased.In 40 s combed yarn, for example, in December last year fell 350 yuan\/ton, cumulative November fell 710 yuan\/ton, the cumulative decline in October of 1160 yuan\/ton.Second, cotton prices drop a small cotton prices drop.Since September 2014, 40 s combed yarn prices fell 2900 yuan\/ton, or 10%, compared with cotton prices fell to 3400 yuan\/ton, or 20%.Therefore, textile enterprises yarn increased profits, help to improve the enterprise management form, but because the demand increase temporarily haven't appeared, excitant temporarily not to cotton.Because cotton spot price at home and abroad, as well as the cotton yarn spreads narrowed, the quantity of cotton and cotton yarn imported significantly reduced, this will increase domestic cotton consumption accordingly.

To sum up, the current sales situation dramatically better, capital pressure caused by the market pessimism is gradually restored, cotton prices further the possibility of an exodus is very small.As cotton prices, such as looser monetary policy, depreciation, inside and outside the lakers, and the change of the export tax rebate policy positive stimulus, cotton consumption will further increase in the future, boosting domestic cotton prices slowly upward.

Keyword:Cotton, price, market, yarn, cotton yarn, statistics, condition

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