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Home textile industry chain joint

Published on:2015/1/14 11:19:26

Keyword:Home textile market, fabrics, cotton, fiber, printing and dyeing, situation, the current situation, condition, yarn
Introduction:As the international economic situation is relatively lower, our country's economy in recent years the growth rate of slow down significantly, with th...

With the international economic situation is relatively lower, the economic growth significantly slow over the past few years, along with the rapid development to the transition of industry consolidation period, our country textile industry ushered in the first big reshuffle ever experience, especially since 2008, the industry go from bad to worse situation can be used to describe, especially into the 2014, a large number of enterprises to the life and death moment, in the face of major problems faced by the industry, most businesses appear helpless, enterprises in the face of difficulties, strain capacity, lack of psychological preparation for industry transformation, grasping, coping strategies, lead to some enterprises to accelerate the death rate, or bring a bigger crisis, in such circumstances, cannot not make us these home textile industry as a lifelong career of home textile people calm down and think to themselves, home textile industry of incarnations, contemplate the future way of home textile industry, then, you should talk about, we make a comb with research, I according to their own ideas about the home textile industry and from the macroscopic aspect, to everyone on my analysis of the industry development trend in the future.

1, the home textile industry faces the challenge of

Since 2008, with the advent of the financial crisis, home textile industry of our country into the winter period, although the process for 2010 & ndash;Rejuvenation through 2012, followed by 2013 of the more violent wave of cold winds, which many congenital deficiencies of the enterprise itself, and the process of a wave of volatility, thering is no lack of some familiar our the fall of the enterprise, so, what caused the textile industry will be subjected to severe blow so?那么,我们就要从家纺行业的形成跟成长经历来寻觅问题的症结,我国家纺行业在从无到有的经历是在90年代开始的,在1990年之前,我国关于家用纺织品的概念还停留在床单、枕巾、被套、枕套、棉花被的阶段,还没有行业概念,从90年开始的第一波家纺快速成长开始,外资家纺企业的进军,开创了我国家纺行业的开端,同时也刺激了大陆本土品牌的快速成长,并催生了大批本土家纺企业的建设,形成了我国家纺企业目前的4大家族、8大金刚、18罗汉的行业大格局,那么,我国家纺企业从形成行业到目前,向来存在着我国企业普遍存在的弊病,管理粗放,自给自足性质严峻,对内依存度高于对外依存度,从早期港资的冬冬宝、台湾三跟集团的退出时,我们也能够看到大而全的企业结构带来的管理成本过高,附属产业拖垮主业的消亡经历,同时,我国家纺企业大多数企业是靠内循环来实现整个产品形成,每一个家纺企业都具有不少附属部门,带来的是运营成本的居高不下,成本截流效果不显著,企业惟独继续的加大经营规模跟销售产值才能保证企业的正常运转,这样的企业结构一旦遇到市场震荡或经济大震荡,其抗危险能力是十分低的,沉重的成本压力成为压倒企业的最后一根稻草的理论在行业内成为现实的例子不再少数,同时,也是由于家纺行业居高不下的运营成本,使得不少民间资本不愿将资金投给该行业,造成长期以来家纺行业融资手段单一,融资困难,行业整体抗危险能力不强,这是我们有目共睹的事实,那么,不是说我们解决了资金问题就能够完成企业的浴火重生,表面的问题解决了,实质的问题仍在,要是不寻觅真正的系统解决方案,以后还会重复我们所面临的问题。

So, on the surface, China's textile industry is one of the biggest challenges facing funding problems, is the cost of raw materials is not controlled, labor costs increased rapidly, is the problem of inventory pressure, is diluted with market competition, the profit is a multi-channel competition formation impact to the traditional business model, is the national consumption tends to be rational with the government to fight corruption, influence the group purchase problem, but according to my view, these factors is necessarily factors, but from the macro perspective, mentioned above is bloated industry since the formation of enterprise internal departments, high operating costs, not controlled according to the upstream and downstream industry chain, is not formed industry together disparate must result, as the industry chain downstream industries, not bulk, mix, the challenges we face is only a primary stage, the subsequent will continue to expand, the pressure of competition will continue to affect the growth of the industry, and will continue to eliminate, reshuffle, how solved from the root of our fundamental problem facing the industry?

2, home textile industry of self-salvation,

In fact, in the years of turmoil and upheavals, many enterprises have realized the industry will be faced with the danger of downward trend, and began to unblock themselves, the road to explore enterprise breakthrough, some enterprises through diversified management ideas, early to subsoil of online channels, set up the online double advantage, through the breakthrough of the total, to dissolve the cost pressure, and enterprise scale advantage to spread the risk and cost;Also have bulk way in the pursuit of industry enterprises, seeking external resources to dilute the enterprise risk, or search for a backer, or pursue breakthrough marketing mode, all in all, parts of the industry enterprises have time consciousness in seeking breakthroughs, looking for solutions.

But, fundamentally to solve the problem of the enterprise is not much, of course, not all companies moment did not realise the disadvantages of the industry pattern of home textile enterprises in China, part of enterprises to choose the brand operation, throw a processing and manufacturing, save production cost, no heavy production houses, logistical support and so on a series of cost brought by the pressure, with the lowest cost for enterprise management operating costs, this part will be the cost to OEM, complete brand and OEM suppliers and win-win, this, Shanghai ZheMeng is at the forefront of one of the enterprises, from the early shu mei ju, the scale of annual output value of $, have formed the good cooperation and sharing mechanism, so, this is for a solution;Such as big park home textile, through the segmentation of consumers with sales channels of innovation, product innovation and so on, successfully attract outside investment, complete enterprise luxuriant and leaned forward, so that enterprise self innovation, are worthy of our learning and salute.

3 and win-win future road

Through comparison with analysis for domestic and foreign enterprises, we will find that a lot of time on the operating cost control in enterprises, on the system of choose and employ persons, on the business model, there are differences in such and such, domestic enterprises due to the early base of China's large population dividend, low labor costs, is used to choose and employ persons sea tactics to solve the problem, can be self-sufficient, not to share with the common build business or brand, it also highlights the entrepreneur's insecurity, the Chinese demographic dividend period drew to a close, the rapid growth of labor costs, the disadvantages of Numbers to fight alone quickly, at this time, we in the strain, and it is difficult to make a strong man brokeback decisions, many enterprises in the experience, being dragged down, step by step to death, this has causal relationship with our national features, are the most in the world will live in our country, the most nation will save money, this house is not to be, in the entrepreneur group, is widespread.So, foreign enterprises, especially the European and us companies, more adept at working with sharing, the part of the not good at work to more professional partner, do do big part, he is good at form together, common development, in fact, everyone is not don't understand this truth, the story of a root with a pair of chopsticks, has long been popular in our country, only when we need to make such a decision requires a great deal of courage to struggle with his thoughts, however, the development of the society is not based on individual interests are transferred, when you can't to keep up with the pace of social development is bound to be the result is eliminated by social system, then, from the current development of home textile industry, is to we to pursue together to to reshuffle the experience of industrial chain, in the experience, destined to some enterprises will quit the historical stage, some enterprises will grow, this is a social process, must be so, they are a win-win historical flood has been placed in front of us, and how to adapt to the development trend of the trend, in the economic tide torrent of seeing, in our country, is the task that all home textile us to ponder, also is before us urgently needs to solve the problem, whether the western advanced management concept, or the characteristics of innovation in our country development way, I believe that through the baptism of wind and waves, our industry, our country's economic trends, or light with full of look forward to!

4, social division of labor status

home textile industry chain

Throughout our country textile industry chain, through decades of development, has become the world on the amount of home textile industry giants, but, over the past decades, China's textile industry, and the upstream and downstream industry chain, not out of the shadows of the world's factory, still surrounding the traditional business model development, industry development, more and more in their own way is to perform the role of the world's largest supply factory, no enterprise or industry groups can form the whole industry chain, build division of labor cooperation common development road of the brand advantage, highly fragmented industry chain, low industrial chain alignment, cause in the major market share of home textile industry, there is no absolute advantage enterprises, still in for how to get more and more market share so bitter.Status as a downstream industry chain of home textile industry, with the upper reaches of the cotton cultivation, processing, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, co, downstream of the product design, packaging and printing, business, engineering, materials, processing and manufacturing, parallel to the fiber, silk, wool, etc, are still playing their own way, the upstream raw materials directly affects the price system of home textiles, home textile market malaise, is also directly contributing to the raw materials of upstream and downstream, supporting the living space of the industry, on the whole industry chain, to the ability to resist the risk has always been very weak, cannot become the real business advantage.

5, home textile industry chain joint road

Above we have along the way of thinking over the current situation of industry chain, with home textile enterprises are facing problems and challenges, of course, an enterprise is inside and outside of the primary and secondary, and the problems faced in the post before, broad described enterprises caused by internal factors, here we discuss from the external cause of textile industry development and trend in the future, in my opinion, moves the development tendency of win-win cooperation is a must, then, which link needed to be home textile enterprises to carry out specific to strategic alignment with the industrial chain integration?Integration of industrial chain, according to their own conditions with their own advantages to tailor, to our strengths, in my previous article continues to emphasize, home textile enterprise solutions must be according to the actual circumstance of enterprises with their own conditions, no one is able to industry, if any, must be take you go astray, mutual integration of industrial chain, also is the same reason, so, home textile enterprise industry chain will be the way to unite a gradual experience, such as the same industry development, need a distinguished experience, the experience also must be a start from the primary stage, after running-in adjustment, again to a higher level of development, the experience must be from a suitable for their own needs to experience, a joint industrial chain link, need a break-in period with harmony transition, when a link combined to achieve the desired effect on the next united development route.

For example, home textile enterprise's product development, we all know, the current home textile brands, regardless of size, there will be product development and design department, equipped with a range of research and development team, don't need every enterprise organization structure configuration?I see not necessarily, now a lot of the company with a large number of design and development staff at the same time, still want to work with design company, constantly buy painting, design, then, your department can effect comparing in where?In my company as an example, the product development department cost budget to millions of year, so he configuration is not high, he is to configure the department manager, rather than the design director, or the cost will be higher, even if such configuration, in order to complete the optimization of the product, you can still pursue cooperation design studio, this is compared with the mature development configuration, so, a few brands on design development can effect comparing, I think, is likely to be lower, because of your own designers to develop products, style, if not for production, will cause the enterprise of input and output out of proportion, and because of this drive, may develop their own most of the products for the production, however, every year we see a large number of inventory backlog of products to the warehouse where is the main source of?I think, probably most of is independent development and production of the backlog caused by the majority, of course, as described in the published articles to development, will be upset people with unfair, however, this is the fact that existing problems, and then, we can consider some do not have independent development of enterprises, only equipped with buyer, responsible for the optimization of product line with fusion, will be the design of the product development to the downstream industry chain company to achieve the overall product development and design?I think this is feasible, the limited cost, by the design company, to reduce their costs, complete with brand design company of fate community, by the relationship between upstream and downstream partners, stakeholders, I wanted to, you will have more successful product development, create unsalable inventory backlog, the chance of final value smaller, can also be good at your own field to realize by oneself, not good at the series by the design company according to the enterprise brand connotation with the crowd for development, such as what I'm fine with dream company, is a key advantage of its products by products, so, I was advised its unites all suite of products to the industrial chain, form the benefit sharing mechanism, their developers to compression, will be the focus of the design and development on is he is good at product development;

Again, for example: the previously mentioned a company in Shanghai, do not set the production side, through the brand operation to complete the benefit maximization, will produce profit share with OEM suppliers, complete each category products designated cooperation, make the product quality, process can complete control, continue, this also is the industrial chain of a kind of expression of joint way;

, such as: we all know, because of the home textile product category is multifarious, raw material supply has always been a big problem in enterprise, so, in fact, no matter which fabric supplier, their design style with quality, varieties will have continuity, if we can with the fabric supplier of fate community relations, with several brands share a fabric supplier or more and more brand, and form a brand channel with complementary product style, fabric line by line brands with fabric designs, styles, both to ensure the style of our products in the quarter system, and solved the effectiveness of our capital as a whole, to supply our payment cycle stability is guaranteed under the condition of, whether can solve our raw material supply and financial arrangements of big problem?I believe the answer is confirmed, other auxiliary materials, the material is the same reason.

Or: brand in the promotional planning point of view, to be able to work with a third party professional company for the demand of industry chain, the combination of formation of the spider web network cooperation, really form a trinity community of interests, I believe that this combination will be scattered than inputs to get the better results, at the same time, as a benefit sharing, more can stimulate the party to perform effect, better for the results.

Some of these low-level industrial chain based on the above description of joint, I think, a lot of people will find that their own businesses, on a certain industrial chain link, is operating space, some of the upstream and downstream industries, and is also able to step in home textile, jointly resist the market risk, this is also I write today the main goal of this article.

6, the home textile industry chain joint future outlook for

Although these words for the joint of the upstream and downstream industry chain of home textile industry, is a fuzzy concept, but I believe, by everyone for his enterprise by stage, must be able to find ways of cooperation with professional company, so we might as well look at high situation of joint development in the future, we started from cotton, fiber and cooperation, to yarn, accessories, textiles, printing and dyeing, design, manufacture, packaging, warehousing, logistics, sales terminals, marketing channels, from the channel planning, investment promotion, store planning design, construction, set up shop, activities, training, exchange fair, daily management, emerged a large number of professional company with partners, home textile enterprises according to their own advantage, choose the partial link of industrial chain, professional division of labor, the upstream and downstream industry chain formed active interaction with the interests of sharing, so, in economic terms, will play a significant effectiveness transformation, the operation cost of home textile industry of our country down quickly, and industry effectively improve efficiency, highly involved with upstream and downstream industry chain, mix, share the home textile industry a better future!

Keyword:Home textile market, fabrics, cotton, fiber, printing and dyeing, situation, the current situation, condition, yarn

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