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"Hot spots" oil chemical fiber fabrics of Waterloo heart plug why?

Published on:2015/1/14 11:18:44

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Introduction:In 2014, oil prices have been falling, its lowest in nearly five years, have the driver call decline in oil prices is the best "Christmas gift" in 201...

in 2014, oil prices have been falling, its lowest in nearly five years, have the driver call decline in oil prices is the best "Christmas gift" in 2014, but it is mixed with the fabric and other related industry.Analysts pointed out that the decline in the price of crude oil for chemical fiber industry such as reduce the cost, but in the end can be converted into profits, depends on the cost to the end of the price gap.

"while most of the chemical fiber manufacturers offer basic remain unchanged, but let the actual transaction price promotion situation."The purchasing manager of a clothing brand in our country textile newspaper reporter interview said.Recently, the price of oil "diving", is also quietly changing the chemical fiber industry in the location and distribution of each part.

less oil chemical enterprise the long drought meet sweet dew?

Since last year in July

, the international crude oil affected by factors such as excess supply pattern, prices keep falling, at present, the company's crude oil fell below $50 a barrel mark.

, according to "China · KeQiao textile index 20141229 textile prices index, the current polyester raw material prices fell slightly, upstream polyester raw materials shock adjustment recently, now east China PTA spot mainstream quotation for 4540 yuan\/ton to 4660 yuan\/ton, MEG mainstream quotation for 5800 yuan\/ton to 5940 yuan\/tons.Polyester chip market cautious, polyester chip in jiangsu and zhejiang semi-gloss slice cash or acceptance in March the price for 6450 yuan\/ton to 6500 yuan\/tons.Caprolactam, nylon slice prices are falling.Affected by insufficient polyamide market production and marketing, reduce the construction enterprises, weak industry prices.And acrylic market overall plain downstream demand, watching some manufacturers at the end of the settlement price, heard that part of the mainstream settled at the end of the factory have a slashing, downstream inquiry atmosphere has increased.Spandex market weak Yin fall, because the start condition remains weak, downstream weaving industry overall weak production load, the recent market is given priority to with just need to be traded, buying more calm, shipment is facing some resistance, overall inventory level is high.

signs, according to a recent price weakness seems to remain for a period of time, for the weak days of chemical fiber fabrics enterprises can have the effect of "the long drought meet sweet dew"?

the answer is not the same, but the majority of chemical fiber fabrics enterprises compared to the answer is ambiguous: "temporarily not be affected", "relationship is not big, but the downstream enterprises to" bargain ""," price is main or the environment influence, the raw material price fluctuation effect was not significant, "...

"oil prices fall, for chemical fiber industry, is the tangle of 'good bad."Business club, an analyst at et al., she thinks, crude oil prices fell for chemical fiber fabrics industry first means that the raw material cost reduction, but cost reduction can eventually translate into real profits, also depends on the change of the terminal sales.As the new refined oil pricing mechanism, the domestic refined oil or frequency to speed up.When the crude oil price decline degree reached the requirements of domestic refined oil price adjustment, will lead to terminal sales prices, combined with the domestic refined oil market keep cold and cheerless, so for chemical fiber factory, "is it is incurring losses or to look at the price of two".

according to the reporter investigation, the present for winter apparel fabrics sales at the end stage, thus the weaving factory, plus bomb enterprise, downstream enterprise procurement has become very cautious, a strong appetite and chemical fiber factory shipments.So, most people believe that in the short term, vulnerable to adjust the probability of a larger chemical fiber prices to maintain."Chemical enterprise of inventory cost of crude oil is used according to the price of a few months ago and settlement, lower oil prices, in general will compress profits."One insider says, "like sell cake, flour prices decline, cake to subject will sell cheap. But because the use of raw materials may have been a few months ago of reserves, is the price of a few months ago, selling cakes profits will fall."

dependence strong chemical fiber product structure should be adjusted

has arrived in 2015, but we still find a spring in chemical fiber fabrics industry chain.National textile product development center chief engineer Hu Faxiang to our reporter said: "the industry will have confidence in chemical fiber fabric market. Total amount from the raw material, clothing enterprise demand for chemical fiber products will not reduce, but because the conventional chemical fiber products high sensitivity to the oil price change, although some products will use conventional chemical fiber products, but there are more and more enterprises will focus on the development of high value-added and functional chemical fiber fabrics."

current situation in chemical fiber industry in a downturn, the industrial structure adjustment and the differentiation development appears more imminent.Promote differentiation rate of the fiber fabric, enhance product added value of chemical fiber fabrics, is the important means of whole industry profitability and competitiveness, is the main development direction of industry in the future.Special cycle down, slow down in the industry at the present time, varieties of differential fibre can evade risk industry.

, donghua university, Dr. Xue-li wang released when, in the future, fabrics enterprises to develop new type of biomass fiber raw material, can make chemical fiber fabrics is gradually get rid of the dependence on oil, complete can keep the development."Compared with the various properties of several kinds of polyamide, nylon have. Tai black silk ribbon is by the biological base e diamine with petroleum base adipic acid polymerization and new materials, biological base content is 45%, scientific name polyamide 56. Thai nylon polymer has a high melting point and heat resistance, good spinning performance. Thai nylon fiber has good mechanical properties, elastic recovery performance, hydrophilic, also has a very good low temperature dyeing performance."

at present, there are upstream of the chemical fiber factory making the transition to adjust."Biological protein composite fiber market prospect is very broad, and we are actively explore."Basement of yibin huimei fiber new material co., LTD., deputy general manager zhang jing told our country textile newspaper reporter, biological protein composite fiber not only in comfort, skin care and drapability Angle is better than that of polyester and other synthetic fibers, and its renewable raw materials, products, such as using biodegradable disposed Angle has more advantages than synthetic fiber.As the petrochemical resources supply and demand gap increases with clothing comfortable performance requirements increasing, the advantage of the biological matrix protein composite fiber will continue to emerge.

Keyword:, chemical fiber, price, fabric, fiber, market conditions, index, clothing, polyamide fiber, weaving

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