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International environmental protection textile association launched the new certification standards

Published on:2015/1/7 11:24:53

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Introduction:Recently, the oeko - Tex international environmental protection textile association launched an entirely new textiles certification & other;Madeingree...

Recently, the oeko - Tex international environmental protection textile association launched an entirely new textiles certification & other;Madeingreenbyoeko - tex”To indicate that textile manufacturers have can keep and responsible way to society production capacity of textile products, the product has the security to the Angle of natural ecology to the human body.
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The new label before replacing the & other;The oeko - texstandard100 + & throughout;Certification, and the Spanish logo & other;Madeingreenbyaitex”Certification.Logo has been several companies now use in Spain, is one of the most famous fashion brands of mango, this company to use this logo to distinguish brand products.After get the naming rights, oeko Tex association and its 16 member institutions will become the new & otherMadeingreen”Label the sole distributor.Our country enterprise can through the oeko - Tex international environmental protection textile association's official representative offices in China testex Swiss access & other textile testing co., LTD.Madeingreenbyoeko - tex”More and more information.
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Oeko Tex association secretary general jean - pierrehaug pointed out that as the oeko - Tex the optimization of product mix, & other;Madeingreenbyoeko - tex”Label for textile enterprises directly communicate to the consumer the promise that they can keep sex products.Since last year, the brand suppliers, manufacturers and retailers have through & other;Stepbyoeko - tex”Certification can keep the production conditions of the factory evaluation, analysis and review.As for the optimization of the certification, oeko - Tex association has also developed & other;Mystep”Database, completed the centralized management of existing oeko - Tex certificate as well as a complete supply chain related can keep the best management of key performance indicators (kpi).Through the existing & other;Throughout the oeko - texstandard100 &;Certification and a range of the latest oeko - Tex service, for the textile and garment enterprises to give a complete set of the latest service pack, and for the enterprise in the product safety and can keep sex experience of ascension to give special support.
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Haug said, compared with the previous certification, show the fundamental difference between the new label to the transparency of consumers, through a given test number with qr code, consumers can carry on the back to the textile and manufacturing experience.With & other;The oeko - texstandard100 + & throughout;With & other;Madeingreenbyaitex”Label the comparison, the new label application need to be more strict conditions.