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Healing period of MianFangYe: under the new normal

Published on:2015/1/7 11:16:11

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Introduction:No one of the biggest changes in textile industry in China in 2014, this is should be in the field of cotton.Cotton policy reform, "direct subsidies" ...

shall be one of the biggest changes in textile industry in China in 2014, this is should be in cotton field.Cotton policy reform, "direct subsidies" instead of "purchase", finally fall to the ground.Policy to let go, their own market recovery function is our most exciting news.However, "three years of purchasing and the damage to industry is too big, plus the amount of days of reserve pool of cotton, and difficult to accurately infer that cotton prices, cotton spinning enterprises in our country in 2014 days which is extraordinarily hard."Staff told reporters that China's cotton textile industry association.

How difficult is it



cotton spinning industry operation difficulty is not any news.From this year's cotton in the statements of listed companies, we see "dichroa shares", "demian shares", "new item textile" and other data are not satisfactory.Dichroa stake is expected this year ago three quarterly loss from 65 million to 60 million yuan, loss compared to the further enlarge, and the same period last year, the loss of dichroa shares is 47.42 million yuan.Also losing money and demian shares, according to the report, from January to September 2014, the company loss of 33.7218 million yuan, ZengKui 216.65% year-on-year.New item textile in the first half of 2014, completed the net profit of 40.2868 million yuan, down 14.54% year-on-year.

enterprise widespread losses, so natural operation of the industry.According to the report of our country cotton textile industry association industry we see: "in the first half of 2014 industry percentage of loss-incurring enterprises expand, advocate business wu income accumulated fell 1.4% year-on-year, compared with 2013 is down 7.98%; and total profit fell 9.0%, compared with 2013 is down 14.04%; from personnel of course of cumulative total fell 4.4% year-on-year, a 2.09% increase over 2013 more. At the end of June, percentage of loss-incurring enterprises by about 28.3%, increased by 8.3% than in 2013."

"loss", such a every enterprise formidable words, become a "normal" of cotton textile industry in China in 2014.Waffer color spinning co., LTD., chairman of Sun Weiting said: "in recent years the closed store experience, cotton textile industry affected by the severe in our country, with nearly 20% of basic enterprise collapse, surviving enterprises share of not more than 40%, 100% and 60% of basic maintain the 80% probability level.""This year is the textile industry more than ten for years, one of the most difficult years during the financial crisis are not production factory, now already stop production for more than a month, and it also can't start, start lose money."Staff also said that China's cotton textile industry association in the industry of difficult operation.

As the

, 2011, 2012, 2013, three years of the cotton purchase and storage policy makes the whole cotton textile industry as if through a long surgery, although has ended, but the damage to the deep to instantly heal, the industry still needs a long period of time "healing period".

Add to


hard again

cotton spinning industry now is "healing period", but the "healing period" just with our country economy overall into the "new normal" phase overlap.Under "new normal" in "healing period" makes the whole industry's recovery and a lot more complex external factors, the industry of the future is "more difficult".

"new normal" environment for the industry to bring the biggest disadvantage is the "demand", China's cotton textile industry association recently published in the "in October 2014, our country cotton textile boom index" wrote that because the cotton supply exceeds demand, combined with market demand, cotton prices downward to enterprise wait-and-see sentiment strong, give priority to with small single, short single orders, the indicators of climate index fell: "in October 2014, China cotton textile climate index was 46.79, compared with September fell 1.79."

China cotton textile association staff said: "the downstream market downturn with of cotton prices in the future to see is the main factor restricting enterprise production and management."

"downstream market downturn" the conversation is not cotton spinning industry and textile industry is single problem, but for "future cotton prices to wait and see" really become the focus of industry the present discussion.

since direct subsidies policy published in April 2014, cotton textile industry chain consensus cotton prices will be listed on the crop (9 ~ 11 months) after the sharp decline, surrounded by companies on the main if: "down to what time? What is the bottom price?"The lights.But with no exception of resonance is, everyone is generally choose the "order" carefully, combined with the shandong weiqiao continue slashed cotton to factory price, has a significant negative impact on the market.So orders for cotton textile enterprises, gross margin is universally order cycle short, digestive inventory, the influence of the demand, etc.

but some analysts also said: "the recent market is the main contradictions of the next few months the increased supply of pessimism and American cotton fell below 60 cents on the market. With overall easing monetary policy, the inside and outside the cotton price gap, domestic demand for cotton will heat up in the future, in the supply of specific conditions, the forward price will rebound."

Actually falling cotton prices to rebound in

for each enterprise is brought about by the equal relationship between market and industry development need most is stable, 2015 cotton prices rebounded or falling, as long as it can appear a certain degree of stability of law, business orders, gross margin can be restored to normal state, the entire cotton textile industry chain operation rhythm can be back to normal.



although the weak demand, falling profits, cotton textile industry enterprises shut down increase, but the national industry and information technology, consumer goods department deputy director wang wei an industry conference in cotton said: "the textile industry is in a promising strategy period, the textile industry special is the development of cotton textile industry still has very big development space.", he argued, China's 1.36 billion people dress problem, still need to solve, relying on domestic as consumer upgrade with the speeding up of urbanization, will also be consumption to give a new space for the textile industry products.

so, though the industry run all kinds of difficulties, there are a lot of what reassures us news, and industry reform step by step, also let us have confidence in the future."High low buckle" is one of on the solution of the problem.

"high) low buckle" problem is the cotton spinning industry calls for reform of a historical problem for many years, this year we've seen have anhui, hunan, zhejiang, shandong, jiangsu, shaanxi continue to join the army of "high) low buckle" pilot reform.Irs in shaanxi, shaanxi provincial departments issued "on the textile industry for agricultural products of VAT amount shall be deducted way announcement;Pilot policy of jiangsu province since January 1, 2015, the production of one ton of combed cotton yarn cotton consumption calculated according to 1.4 tons, 1 ton a combed cotton yarn cotton consumption calculated according to 1.1 tons.VAT on purchase of the initial inventory turn out one-time pay warehouse have difficulty, can be extended to the end of June 2015 staging roll-out, but must do parameter management for tax authorities for verification.

In addition to the "high) low buckle",

countries the vigorously support of textile and clothing industry in xinjiang this year also powerfully impelled the cotton textile enterprises to invest in xinjiang.Aksu, korla, shihezi three of an industrial city, a new development of cotton spinning industry development trend, the one million employment purpose led the development of industry and see the new opportunity.

should be said that at present, the cotton textile industry is in the midst of a policy change and its effect on the complicated with multiple phase: cotton reserve price policy to cancel, in xinjiang pilot purpose direct subsidies, the policy of "high) low buckle" loose, and recent store policy adjustment, have produced some of the "pain" to the development of industry, but in the long run and all sorts of policy refers to always see, cotton spinning industry to reverse the situation is just a matter of time, under the "new normal" in "healing" period of cotton textile industry in the future should be the full confidence, actively adjust the structure, management innovation, the authors boost, process reengineering and internal force of work, in order to better face to meet the golden age of the next industry development.

Keyword:Cotton, textile industry, cotton, market, price, index, cotton yarn, status, garments, textile industry

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