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Xinjiang: cotton lint sales blocked enterprise faces a fundamental

Published on:2015/1/7 11:16:10

Keyword:Fiber, cotton, textile mills, the price
Introduction:Since early January, hebei, shandong, henan and other places, 3128 (3129) to ChanMian delivery prices to 13200-13300 yuan\/ton, good processing qualit...

In early January

, hebei, shandong, henan and other places, 3128 (3129) to ChanMian delivery prices to 13200-13300 yuan\/ton, good processing quality, three wire control a strict lint quote even reach 13400-13500 yuan\/ton, jiangsu, anhui, henan, shandong and other places of the small and medium-sized cotton mills are broadening of ChanMian inquiry, purchasing, sichuan, guizhou, yunnan and other places of xumian clients also reduce XinJiangMian procurement, to pick up the goods from the Yellow River basin.Guiyang a cotton mills, hebei, shandong cotton fiber length is generally in 29 and 30 mm, strength to the horse value is not lower than XinJiangMian, and trucks fee is out of the xinjiang low cost 300 yuan\/ton, so most of the procurement staff within xinjiang withdraw, mainland warehouse 14000 yuan\/ton XinJiangMian quotation is unacceptable.Other, XinJiangMian enterprises from bank loans, long lead times and centralized sales conditions, more than 90% for cash spot, while to ChanMian exist credit, acceptance and other settlement patterns, cotton enterprise capital pressure can be appropriately mitigated.


reported that the present xinjiang cotton mills generally reflect a fundamental, a lint sales is difficult, because the concentrated seed cotton processing, in addition to some 2014 September and October, conclude a contract for the supply and marketing enterprises, most of the cotton mills are customers, such as "cotton, factory platform with basic unsalable, bachu, jiashi, yarkand, level 3128 gross weight of cotton price even as low as 13300-13400 yuan\/ton, and buyers to buy or not to buy up more emotionally strong;Second, lint booking warehouse harder, because cotton concentration processing, the supervision warehouse capacity gradually nervous, every day of the receipt is 10, fell in November;Three railway transportation from xinjiang is difficult, because near the Spring Festival with lint focus from xinjiang, wagon nervous, everybody try various means to strive for wagons, some cotton enterprises plan before the Spring Festival transportation to all mainland warehouse for sale.

Keyword:Fiber, cotton, textile mills, the price

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