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Textile machinery industry inventory 2014 】 【 find direction

Published on:2015/1/5 13:20:31

Keyword:Textile machinery and the market, gas loom, automation, printing and dyeing, dyeing machine, mechanical and electrical equipment, China's textile, textile industry, the textile industry
Introduction:Topic 1: energy conservation and environmental protection In recent years, the country of textile enterprise environmental protection request more and...


theme: energy conservation and environmental protectionSince

in recent years, the state of textile enterprise environmental protection request more and more strict, not only introduced a number of environmental protection policy, but also expanded the backward production capacity, "energy conservation and environmental protection" has become the current textile machinery enterprises pay most attention to vocabulary.In addition to being able to produce the products suitable for the market demand, on a green can keep the road to development is the enterprise real purpose.

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Event 1:

in February this year, zhejiang jiaxing show chau district launched a "show chau district water jet loom industry management method (trial)", through the special governance actions on water jet loom infection, strengthen management for admittance into industries and accelerate the enterprise transformation, to ensure that before the end of September 2014 for water jet loom industry infection management.In accordance with the principle of sewage should be included in the "do's", treatment station planning to collect the water-jet loom in the enterprises (units), complete the nanotubes rate at 100%.


events in March this year, the country's industry and information technology, developed the energy behind mechanical and electrical equipment (products) eliminated directory (the third batch).The ministry requires each production to use units promptly implement the obsolete equipment (products) listed in the catalogue work, production units shall immediately stop the production, use the unit should be replaced within the prescribed period of time to stop using and high efficiency and energy saving equipment (products), the supervision agencies at all levels is to supervise and inspect the work at the same time to eliminate condition.

3: October this year, shaoxing, zhejiang province, a total of 425 enterprises backward production capacity out of work.Backward and dyeing capacity of 1.045 billion meters, involving enterprise 33;Backward chemical fiber production capacity of 57850 tons, with 12 enterprises;Weaving backward production capacity of 227.5 million meters, 200 involved in enterprises.All the enterprises have been dismantled should eliminate backward production capacity of main equipment, production lines, certainly cannot resume production.

4:12, on January 1, the ministry, China academy of engineering, guangdong provincial people's government jointly held in guangdong dongguan national motor efficiency improving work conference in 2014.According to the ministry of industry and has a clear plan, the next 3 years to promote efficient motor 170 million kw and the motor system energy saving 100 million kw, according to estimates, efficient motors and related equipment requirements is close to one hundred billion yuan.

the industry

our country textile machinery equipment industry association, vice President of Japan, eliminate backward production capacity will give advanced printing and dyeing industry equipment to create a bigger market space, prompted domestic many low-end equipment manufacturing enterprises to adjust product structure, and finally accelerate the development of the printing and dyeing industry.

xian venerable electromechanical group chairman ChuJianAn: the current industry situation makes the textile enterprises must use computer operation to reduce manual labor, thus reducing the production cost.This also promotes the product equipment production enterprise must upgrade, complete automation, energy conservation, otherwise, even if not to be eliminated due to backward production capacity, the enterprise in the future development are also facing the fate of elimination.National policies to eliminate backward production capacity, but also help the development of enterprises in a short period of time, and long-term plans must need to improve product competitiveness, and consciously walked out of the high-end development path.

Topic 2:

along with the development trend of textile machinery enterprises "evolution" is becoming more and more significant, the domestic textile machinery enterprises should not only in the face of many domestic enterprises homogeneity product price competition, also faces competition from high-end products with the European and American countries, so, through various forms to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, colleges, further enhance the competitive power.

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events this year on January 24, 285 companies from all over the country collective new three board opening ceremony held in Beijing.At this point, the new three board listed companies reached 621.Wuxi conscientiousness silk alvin technology co., LTD. (stock name: silk pollan, stock code: 430526) become the only company in China textile machinery industry to the listed companies.

14 in China international textile machinery exhibition and event "during ITMA Asia textile machinery exhibition, ningbo Johnson with India A.T.E group cooperation signing ceremony was held in ningbo Johnson.India A.T.E group announced the "spinning" resistant product to the market in our country, and by ningbo Johnson company agent.

3:6, jingwei textile machinery co., LTD and wuhan open mesh information technology co., LTD signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will process informatization in the textile machinery industry in depth and close cooperation.Number 10 subordinate enterprises of jingwei textile machinery will be unified to choose open mesh process software, collaboration with open eyes company informatization process and ERP integration;Open orders, the company also will use the deep cooperation with jingwei textile machinery, further tap the textile machinery industry informationization application characteristics, further the strongest open software.

Day 4:

events in July this year, hair precision machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the pure machine) to acquire Italian MCM company matters is finally settled, the company will pay cash for MCM a 80% stake in the company.Announcement shows that day send funds raised in super fine machine with self-raised funds to Gabriele Gasperini and five people to pay cash to buy the 80% stake held by Italian MCM company, for 11.809 million euros.In addition, the buyer and the seller for the remaining 20% stake in MCM company contract.

the industry

wuxi conscientiousness silk alvin technology co., LTD., chairman of butyl Chris: if you want to do family businesses or joint-stock enterprise modernization, the new three board listing is a convenient way.Modern enterprise's recognition in the world is higher, more conducive to enterprise moves the world, at the same time can better attract various talents.Give to the society in addition to the enterprise financing opportunities, micro, small and medium enterprises listed on the new three board, to help corporate image and publicity is also very significant.By listing on the new three board, the company's business, management, has obtained the approval, financing from the bank have also become more convenient.

ningbo Johnson precision textile machinery co., LTD. General manager Xu Shiping: Johnson company with A.T.E. group cooperation is the basis of value system is very close to both parties, namely to seek high quality products, to give good service.At the same time, the "spinning" resistant features is also very suitable for our market.In addition, A.T.E group will be responsible for Johnson product sales in India market, completed two complementary advantages, "win-win co-operation".

Topic 3:

r&d innovation

as the growing demand for the domestic market and high-end products, the enterprise must through continuing research and innovation to strengthen the key competition ability of the product, at the same time, to always continue to research and development of enterprises, "to replace imported products" is the ultimate goal.

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events in January this year, organized by China textile machinery equipment industry association constant days heavy industry co., LTD G1736 type high-speed rapier loom production assessments in guangdong dongguan central scroll.Appraisal committee believes that G1736 type high-speed rapier loom technology reached the international advanced level, 369 t love unanimously approved color optical density meter before production appraisal.

2:3. 18, China textile machinery equipment industry association for changde textile machinery co., LTD., and in the second batch of product research and development center of the textile machinery industry enterprises in China held the opening ceremony.The six companies and product research and development center, including: changde textile machinery co., LTD. Of high speed warp knitting machine product research and development center, jiangsu palace kay machinery co., LTD. Of cotton comber product research and development center, jinjiang city, fujian province Ji dragon machinery industrial co., LTD. Of rotary screen printing machine product research and development center, etc.

3:4 on June 11,

events lixin dyeing and finishing machinery (shenzhen) co., LTD., independent research and development of the SYN 8 high temperature air flow dyeing machine in shenzhen by the China textile industry association of science and technology achievement appraisal.Evaluation expert group members agree that the SYN 8 novel structure, high temperature and air flow dyeing machine technology is advanced, highly efficient and flexible, has a huge breakthrough in the aspects of energy conservation and emissions reduction, the whole machine level has reached the international first level.

On 29 ~ 30

event 4:8, China textile machinery equipment industry association was held in host by shanxi huayan aviation instrument co., LTD. "HYF369 jet vortex spinning machine" project assessments of scientific and technological achievements.The appraisal thinks, the technology reached the international advanced level.China textile industry association, vice President of Gao Yong think: this research will break the monopoly of foreign technology, reduce the cost of China's textile enterprises equipment procurement.

the industry

Shanghai HaoChang electromechanical equipment co., LTD., chairman of Ma Chi: a new product from the product project to develop successful, listing, recognised by the customer, need at least 3 ~ 5 years time.If which link out the problem, need to be revised, so product innovation cycle will be longer.Innovation requires tolerance for solitude, truly innovation, enterprise director must at the same time of emancipating the mind, abandon the speculative ideas.

tao bill textile machinery (hangzhou) precision machinery and electronics co., LTD. Department general manager Dai Rongbing: rely on low-end products in the domestic textile machinery industry "walk quantity" has become the past, companies relying on the research and development power for the period of market has come.At present, the domestic high-end product development trend is increasingly significant, business owners must be willing to part with or use to expand investment to research and development efforts, focus on the development of new technology, to do the product, and stronger, to long-term foothold in the market.

theme 4: textile machinery pageant

the exhibition is a barometer of industry development.From this year's exhibition to look at the following trends: digital equipment to intelligence development;Automation from single to the system development;Energy conservation and environmental protection to efficient development;Companies from production manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing development.

news replay of

On June 16,


in China international textile machinery exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition was held at Shanghai new international expo center.

This exhibition

enabled the Shanghai new international expo center 13 pavilion, a total area of 152200 square meters, the area increased by 15.09% over last year.A total of 1551 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions.The exhibition received from 102 countries and regions of the world's audience more than 13 m, an increase of 42% from the previous, hit a record high, overseas professional audience CanGuanRen number reached nearly 28000 people.

the Shanghai municipal first intermediate people's court according to lixin dyeing machinery (shenzhen) co., LTD., declare in 2014 in China international textile machinery exhibition and exhibition ITMA Asia, found DBHA on display at the wuxi dongbao machinery manufacturing co., LTD. - high temperature air atomizing IIB dyeing machine appearance design, etc., with constant day lixin company patent similar, on June 20, the last day of the exhibition, and by the court in a timely manner to wuxi east treasure machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Product preservation, and further inspection of products in order to get more and more evidence of infringement.Patent infringement lawsuit in 2014 in Shanghai on the August 6 hearing.

the industry

In our country since

has been the international textile machinery exhibition and the ITMA Asia exhibition organizers will be the protection of intellectual property rights as the exhibition organization priority.During the period of the exhibition, the exhibition organizers continuously the intellectual property office, site supervision and handling disputes about intellectual property rights.

European textile machinery manufacturers committee secretary general morris, Alfred said: "China international textile machinery exhibition and the ITMA Asia exhibition can make the audience enjoy the best and the latest technology and equipment, and take the lead in the research and development results of an enterprise. This exhibition is inheriting the tradition, infringe upon intellectual property rights of" zero tolerance "measures, prevent the happening of the intellectual property violations."

Topic 5:



in recent years, domestic textile machinery enterprises is faced with such as labor costs increase with the "labor shortage" problem, at the same time, the enterprise requirements of precision control for equipment production experience is becoming more and more high, solve problems and meet the challenge, to accelerate the process of enterprise machine substitution is the only way out.

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events from January to September this year, ke bridge 661 technological upgrading projects to realize the investment of 661 yuan.Textile of project investment of 15.342 billion yuan, accounting for 63%.According to concerning sectional statistic, in the first three quarters of this year, KeQiao textile enterprise at least in the aspects such as technology and equipment upgrades funds invested 12.2 billion yuan.Ke bridge textile enterprises enthusiasm for "machine substitution", for textile machinery enterprises throughout the country to see the great market space, began to break into KeQiao.In addition, ke bridge also emerged a group of emerging local textile machinery enterprises, they together with foreign enterprises to jointly develop the emerging markets.


events in recent years, lanxi city, zhejiang province textile industry through the backward rapier loom, the introduction of advanced air-jet loom, reeding machines and other equipment, to solve the "labor shortage" and "labor cost" problem.In October this year, lanxi textile enterprises have adopted shuttleless loom, the advanced loom ratio rose to 75%, shuttleless weaving machine rate of 100%.Lanxi textile enterprises with a total of air-jet loom more than 13000 Taiwan, air-jet looms can be up to more than 15000 by 2015.

news, lanxi this year will be 70 companies in the "machine substitution" technical transformation project as a demonstration pilot project, ask all inside this batch of project construction, to ensure that the production rate 85%, achieve more than 90% of the investment plan."These projects not only can reduce the accepting more than 11000 people, after years of cost savings of 430 million yuan, and also can further improve product quality and enterprise benefit."Lanxi via letter bureau chief Hu Ji soil.

the industry

our country textile machinery equipment industry association, vice President of Gu Ping: European and American countries recognition of high-end products so high, is due to its high degree of automation, mechanization production, product reliability, the late almost do not need to undertake after-sales service.Domestic equipment to develop greater overseas market, must be serious in this Angle.

textile industry association of henan province Li Shuqin: low than of choose and employ persons with machines.To accelerate technological upgrading, and implement machine substitution has become the current many enterprise, also is the development of the industry development trend.

Keyword:Textile machinery and the market, gas loom, automation, printing and dyeing, dyeing machine, mechanical and electrical equipment, China's textile, textile industry, the textile industry

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