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Printing and dyeing, 2014 year-end inventory of technical papers

Published on:2015/1/5 13:19:38

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Introduction:Environmental stress, dyestuff, and other raw material prices, rising labor costs, brand innovation capability is not strong with financing difficulti...

environmental stress, dyestuff, and other raw material prices, rising labor costs, brand innovation capability is not strong with financing difficulties, in the textile dyeing and printing industry is a trend of concentrated outbreak and to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, reducing consumption of resources, enterprise to the progress of the relevant enterprises to survive and can keep the important way.So technology innovation has always been unswervingly promote printing and dyeing industry is one of the emphases for the printing and dyeing industry in our country.

for dyeing and printing industry, both in industry and enterprise, dynamic particular concern for the innovation of technology.These technologies like a zebra crossing, the same white with black lines and black stretch marks, if can only promote energy conservation and emissions reduction of advanced technology, made the enterprise standard operation technology, is should be the encourage enterprises to walk, like "sidewalk" exactly the same as the good technology.

high cold pad-batch technology,

cold pad-batch short process pretreatment process is caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide with bath, long time processing, and achieve the objectives of the retreat, boiling, bleaching.Cotton and polyester-cotton fabric printing and dyeing pretreatment cold pad-batch process includes three steps: one bath alkali oxygen cold pad-batch (stacking time 24 hours), high temperature bleaching treatment with high efficiency water washing.Its main goal is to remove the fabric on the grey cloth paste with natural impurities of cotton fiber, to ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent dyeing and finishing.

through this project research and development of high efficiency short cold pad-batch pretreatment process technology is made by high alkali oxygen oxygen bleaching stabilizer with special high efficiency scouring penetrant, adopt high concentration of hydrogen peroxide with caustic soda bath, on the cotton fabric piled up 6 ~ 8 hours, at room temperature after high efficiency washing, can achieve the objectives of the retreat, boiling, bleaching.The processed cotton and polyester-cotton fabric of all the indexes reach the semi-product quality index, seed coats to remove completely, after dyeing color mingyan, good levelness.This process because adopt normal temperature stacking, and reduces the steaming process, it can save 30 ~ 50% energy consumption;And stacking time reduced to 6 ~ 8 hours, greatly improved production efficiency.

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now have in front of the promotion of energy conservation and emissions reduction treatment technology mainly include: high efficient short process pretreatment technology, enzyme preparation technology, and cold pad-batch pretreatment technology, etc.Efficient short process pretreatment technology is mainly used in medium\/wax printing and some thin, bleached fabric for khaki medium thick and thick fabric of the cotton seed shellis existence and pulp removing impurities.Enzyme pretreatment process is beneficial to improve the quality of treatment before the fabric, and save fertilizer, reduce energy consumption, water consumption, reduce the emissions targets of the BOD and COD in wastewater, but cost reasons affected the process of promotion.

cold pad-batch process is typical for high efficiency and energy saving process.Traditional cold pad-batch process pad need piled up to 24 hours after working liquid, time-consuming, product whiteness, Mao Xiao, strong indicators such as easy to be affected by other factors, which appear unstable, 40 ~ 60 minutes and requires high temperature steaming process need to achieve the whiteness and Mao Xiao, energy consumption is bigger.

two-step melt disperse\/reactive one bath dyeing technology,

for a long time, terylene weaving machine thermosol dyeing, shallow medium adopt disperse\/VAT or disperse\/reactive one bath two-step process, dark adopt scattered, active two bath and two step process.

baths of a two-step method with two there are significant defects, two-step process disperse\/VAT bath in a two-step process, the cost is high, for some color varieties, such as purple color is dry, wet, cold and hot conditions change is big, bad toning, delivery of the goods when the customer does not conform to the sample with color and returned to the problems such as;Scattered, active two-step process, two bath process than a bath two-step doubled, not only increase the cost of dyeing auxiliaries (more than a reductive cleaning), also double water and electricity, steam, artificial cost, production is reduced by half.

but disperse\/reactive one bath two-step process, because of the dispersion of reductive cleaning after dyeing, disperse dye floating color adhesion on the fiber, the fastness of dyed (main if friction, washing fastness) adversely affected.Now with the domestic high washing fastness of disperse dye, disperse\/reactive one bath two-step process should be used in mass production.

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of dyeing fastness (main if friction, washing fastness) is directly related to the product is qualified.And disperse\/reactive one bath two-step biggest problem is fastness can not meet the requirement of the market, it is also the technology has always been the root cause is not widely used.The recent series of high washing dyes, makes the problem of blade and solution, greatly improved the production efficiency to double production (tc), reducing the production costs (less a reductive cleaning, saved the caustic soda, insurance powder, steam, water, artificial), can bring good economic benefits for the enterprise.

two-step disperse\/reactive one bath dyeing bath using the urea is not recommended.Will happen because of urea under the condition of high temperature curing decomposition, acid release with baking soda and may form toxic cyanate or isocyanate.Even some of the less active dyes, such as chemical pyrimidine class dye will react with urea.Falling so that the strength of reactive dyes, color change.

textile digital printing machine and industrialization of technology,

In February

, double ChengHong group, a day to get two awards, group, deputy party secretary Gao Sujian back to the "2013 national key new product projects", "2013 China textile industry association for science and technology progress third prize" two state-level honor MEDALS, two honor comes from the same research project - "industrialization of textile digital printing machine and technology".

interview understands, the scientific research achievements of research and development success, not only for printing technology to a new height, fill in the domestic printing and dyeing industry, more enterprise has won the high economic benefit.

the news that the industrialization of textile digital printing machine and technology, relying on ChengHong printing and dyeing industrial design center, technology research and development team, to overcome the digital printing in the choice of ink, printing process, flower shape definition with the Angle of technology such as color fastness to issue, spent 12.338 million yuan over a period of more than two years, research and development success.

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digital technology with the combination of traditional printing technology printing mode, meet the requirements of complex flower printed with flower-like exactly the same as the realistic, with digital gradient edge features, it has changed the dyeing "high energy consumption, high infection, high emission and low value-added" situation, power transformation and upgrading of China's dyeing and finishing industry.Use of scientific and technological innovation to transform traditional industries, borrow "ladder" yong deng market commanding heights of science and technology, is the way out of the traditional industries.ChengHong is difficult to find reasons, not just for cross to find a way to solve the technical problem printing, filled the domestic gap, won the new space of development for the enterprise.ChengHong practice tells us that the enterprises can seize market, want to rely on with the core competitiveness of products and technology, but continued to expand the new technology, new product research and development efforts, eventually formed with independent intellectual property rights with the first fist product science and technology, enterprises can out of a unique way to success, to brave the best in the heated market competition.

The low-temperature vacuum dehydration drying technology of


cryogenic vacuum dehydration drying technology is Shanghai forte clean environmental protection technology co., LTD developed a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment.This technology has changed the traditional process, the material of dehydration with dry chemical synthetic one, on the same equipment for implementation.

the sludge drying is the basis of sludge disposal.This technique mainly aimed at the difficult of fine grained material as well as the requirement of high rate of filter cake containing solid material for solid-liquid separation;Using low temperature (<100℃)真空干化原理,能达到传统热力干化的脱水效果;既节省了传统热力干化设备的占地面积,避免了脱水设备和干化设备的转换时间和劳动力,减轻了环保、安全上的压力,又将滤饼水分降至用户要求,最大限度地实现了污泥的减量化,并在一定程度上起到了杀菌灭活和污泥稳定化的作用,是滤饼干化的新一代节能降耗设备。

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This technology can not only handle

enrichment or sludge dewatering sludge, and dehydration drying other industrial materials, special is the subsequent high value-added products or high moisture content of solid waste treatment industry, such as solid waste sludge, titanium pigment, medicine, coal slurry, etc.

the sludge drying is the basis of sludge disposal.Through this project can complete sludge moisture content is 95 ~ 98% directly quickly reduced to less than 30%, basic can achieve the sludge disposal reduction with the requirements of innocuity, create conditions for subsequent further utilization;From concentrated sludge to dry sludge all experience by the integration of equipment, with high automation and intelligence, to avoid the secondary infection of transportation experience, later transportation, reduces sludge landfill costs, save the land, for the reduction and innocuity security of the sludge with full amount ecological recycle give important technical support to engineering application.

, dyed fiber is the new process

stock dyeing equipment reconstruction of the scene inspection mainly selected in jiaxing xinlong dyeing co., LTD., scattered on the dyeing workshop, vats fiber, through the implementation of specific technical scheme with the measured results, for studying the equipment modification, process, test, a new kind of fertilizer application treatment effect and the influence of dyeing performance.


because of the change of technology and equipment, machines into the cylinder, the pressure within the vats fiber density, vats of engineered a capacity increase at the same time, will surely lead to dye permeability with levelness is reduced, in order to overcome this drawback, must use new additives can meet the requirements of product quality, the development of new additives is also the core technology.

xinlong dyeing and finishing the production capacity is 6000 tons\/year, and the application of new technology equipment will make the production capacity of 10000 tons\/year.The application of new technology equipment greatly reduce the energy consumption of water, electricity, steam, etc, because of the loose fibers in different energy consumption is different also, now the wool, for example, xinlong new dyeing and finishing application process, stock dyeing bath ratio will be reduced from 1:10 to 1, 4.5, water consumption will fall by 37.5%, the steam consumption will fall by 35.3%.

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bulk fiber dyeing process and equipment modification Lord if study of traditional bulk fiber dyeing process and equipment renovation and development of new dyeing auxiliaries.On the premise of guarantee quality, by reducing the bath ratio, achieve the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction, mainly include: equipment modification, technology research and the development of new additives, etc.

the project of "low carbon" bottleneck in dyeing and printing industry, to promote the development of industry will further accelerate the speed and rate, further promote China's dyeing and printing industry to change, to further satisfy the development of energy conservation and emissions reduction in the dyeing and printing industry at home and abroad, the urgent request of the new process can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the stock dyeing cost at the same time, enhance the market competitiveness of products and downstream products, create conditions for China's export.

fast catalytic methodMay 22,

in changshu jiangsu province symposium on new technology of printing and dyeing wastewater reuse for news, energy conservation and emissions reduction engineering co., LTD. Suzhou hongyu developed by companies such as "rapid catalytic method" can complete water powerusageeffectiveness back by more than 70%, has been applied in dozens of enterprises to promote the printing and dyeing enterprises in jiangsu, have become the fresh power to promote the transformation and upgrading the core.

With southeast university has

enterprises jointly conquer "the decoloring experience in alkali agent adjustment", "water back to the iron ions interference", "high ionic strength, excessive salt", "infection such as COD content interference" four problems, complete water efficient use.It is understood that use this technology could cost, equipment operation, such as the production and business operation point of technology upgrade, saving cost, energy conservation and emissions reduction etc multiple effect.

a source says, "rapid catalysis" reclaimed water reuse technology obtained the progress prize in the national environmental protection science prize, is in jiangsu province authorities identified as "the international advanced level at home and abroad, the first", to become a recommended projects in jiangsu province, the current has been applied to dozens of printing and dyeing enterprises in jiangsu, powerusageeffectiveness back more than 70%, the highest up to 80%.

Editing comments:


today, infection emissions limits has become a "prescription", as the development of printing and dyeing industry "hard constraints".According to the latest environmental protection to industrial policy, jiangsu to printing and dyeing, papermaking and so on a large quantity of water consumption and waste water industry to perform strict barriers to entry in the national standard.More developed countries, China's road link level before weaving yarn has with its quite, but the difference of printing and dyeing finishing after links such as also is bigger, the added value of products.

"there is no sunset industries, but the lower part of the technology."Enhance the level of printing and dyeing technology innovation is the future textile and apparel industry, cultivate a new growth point of focus.


intelligent control system

d states brand printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and recycling "spider" intelligent control system adopt centralized management, decentralized control, resource sharing of the distributed system.The whole system by the information layer, control layer and field control layer.Adopt the structure, can make the CA - HN calorie meter wastewater treatment experience of information can be centrally managed, to complete the whole operation, management and optimization;At the same time, also makes the control risk dispersion and improve the system reliability.

this system with sewage disposal\/recycling system, on-line monitoring system, blast system, dosing system, sewage and sludge treatment system of the system of other system connection, complete the internal system jointly control the operation of sewage plant, reduce operating costs, improve management level of sewage plant.

d bond "spider" intelligent control system with PLC controller, industrial computer, configuration software, web based systems, UPS and other hardware, embedded in the proper use in simple and effective for PLC control algorithm with the whole process to run on a computer integrated control algorithm, and the construction of the multi-level control coordination mechanism, using complete switch control strategy of dynamic fault detection algorithm, guarantee the safe and stable operation of the sewage treatment plant.

Editing comments:


in printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant operation as the low degree of integrated management, operating costs, and higher energy consumption of the main problems.The system adopted centralized management, decentralized control, resource sharing of the distributed system, through the intelligence and automation technology, complete sewage treatment experience of optimizing operation and precise control, and to give with expert experience optimization scheduling and management strategy, finally achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

the intelligent control technology in application experience, obtained the good effect, can effectively control the printing and dyeing wastewater and COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total annual emissions, prevent the possibility of printing and dyeing enterprises super row, row, reduce sewage plant operating costs and enhance the management ability of sewage plant, having good environmental and economic benefits.

new yarn continuous pigment dyeing technology

this technology aiming at the existing problem of pigment dyeing yarn, creatively adopt corona discharge finished yarn modification, use of ultrasonic cavitation improve the permeability of modifier and uniformity, screening of yarn modifier and through the adhesive, the synergy of coupling agent and fixing agent strengthening the combination of coating with fiber, effectively improve the color fastness, pigment dyeing products homogeneity with dye depth, formed the dyeing technology of innovation, continuous dyeing and coating is developed.

the original yarn corona etching modification, ultrasonic, yarn open baking fixation with bridge button.

This technology suitable to use in

with strong water pressure of the yarn dyeing technological transformation and upgrade of the enterprise.

energy conservation and emissions reduction effect: the technology in water discharge, discharge waste water and COD were no more than 1.6 ton\/tons of yarn, 0.2 t\/t, 0.3 kg\/ton yarn, with HJ\/T185-2006 (cotton dyeing and printing), the clean production standard textile industry rules of the international most advanced level of cleaner production is down 98%, 98%, 98% respectively.

Editing comments:


traditional yarn dyeing technology in pretreatment and dyeing stage respectively using a large number of chemicals to process the fiber, thus produce a large amount of waste water.

less pigment dyeing is an infection of dyeing technology, the present garment pigment dyeing with pigment dyeing fabrics are relatively mature and pigment dyeing and yarn because the yarn is not easy to conduct continuous pretreatment with high temperature solid color processing, poor color fastness, poor permeability core, the depth is poor, and four feel poor still failed to achieve effective solution, serious impact on pigment dyeing technology application in the field of yarn.

"new yarn continuous pigment dyeing technique and equipment", creatively to a variety of modern physical technology should be used in the yarn processing, is an integrated innovation technology with independent intellectual property rights, have been authorized 10 invention patents in China.Water saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction effect is obvious, this project has good economic and social benefits, promotion prospects.

Keyword:Printing and dyeing, yarn, fiber, printing, reviews, fabric, market, textiles, studies, automation

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