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Fiber industry year-end inventory according to direction

Published on:2015/1/5 11:20:44

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Introduction:In 2014, the xinjiang cotton purpose price reform package, & other;High) low buckle & throughout;Gradually to break the ice, & otherSuper imitation co...

In 2014, the xinjiang cotton purpose price reform package, & other;High) low buckle & throughout;Gradually to break the ice, & otherSuper imitation cotton project & throughout;Through the examination and approval, & otherBio-based material great innovation and development project implementation plan & throughout;Project into the examination and approval procedures, and a series of exciting thing to promote the development of industry, also must still be industry unceasingly diligently angles.Till the end of the year, small make up a year are summarized the hot issues of the industry, as well as a summary of the achievements in the past year, and for the New Year industry development direction of exploration & hellip;& hellip;

1, the purpose of the cotton price reform pilot policy

Cotton prices & other;Market & throughout;In charge of

Hot issues: on September 17, the xinjiang uygur autonomous region government published the xinjiang cotton purpose price reform pilot implementation plan ", start the xinjiang cotton price subsidies pilot.Carried out in accordance with the purpose of price difference subsidies, 60% of the central subsidies according to the area of subsidies, 40% according to the actual seed cotton subsidies to sell quantity.The national development and reform commission jointly with the ministry of finance, the ministry of agriculture must be this year in xinjiang cotton prices to 19800 yuan\/ton.

On November 4, the mainland cotton subsidy policy, the scope of subsidies for shandong, hubei, hunan, hebei, jiangsu, anhui, henan, jiangxi, and 9 in gansu province, 2014 annual subsidy standard is 2000 yuan\/ton,.

Edit comments: xinjiang purpose price reform pilot program, indicated the reform of China's cotton policy officially kicked off, cotton prices by & other;Market & throughout;The boss.Compare with in the store policy, under the objective price system country no longer unified purchase cotton, cotton farmers themselves according to the market to sell cotton, this means that the market price of the so-called palm policy has ceased to exist, cotton farmers in the basic income security risk will also bear part of the price decline, the market regulation mechanism of the cotton industry.That is to say, in the cotton market & other;The visible hand & throughout;Retire, cotton textile industry have called for a long time & other;Invisible hand & throughout;Come back.

for FangQi give relatively loose development environment
& other;High) low buckle & throughout;Ice
step by step
Hot issues: at the beginning of this year, leading the lint, cotton yarn into agricultural products in anhui province VAT amount shall be deducted pilot range, became the first nationwide a break & other;High) low buckle & throughout;Policy of provinces.Subsequently, hebei, henan, zhejiang, hunan, shandong, shanxi, jiangxi, jiangsu will cotton, pure cotton yarn into the agricultural products processing pilot VAT amount shall be deducted.Plagued the cotton textile industry 20 years of high low problem, finally this year to & other;To point to the surface throughout the &;In the form of a resolved.

Edit comments: this VAT amount shall be deducted method developed, is the result of the industry and look forward to many years, to strive for.Implement the new policy, to give the cotton textile enterprises in trouble are relatively loose development environment and speed up technological progress and structural adjustment, the cotton textile industry the cotton textile industry competitiveness, at the same time in order to promote the workers income of labor-intensive industries to lay the foundation.

3, fiber with fashion to draw mark of equality
Third published
fiber fashion trends in China
Hot issues: on March 3, 2014\/2015 fiber in our country popular trend display and ChengHong & middot;Fiber in our country (from continous) creative fashion hui was held in Shanghai world expo pavilion.Activities to & other;With harmonic with quality & throughout;As the theme, with fine shield & ndash;& m dash;Health protection article, fine rhyme & ndash;& ndash;Exquisite life, the source of fiber & ndash;& ndash;Green low carbon, fine spirit's & ndash;& ndash;Gorgeous colour four chapters, including PM2.5 industrial protection fiber, flame retardant fiber, imitation of cotton fiber, fiber wool-like fiber, warm, cool sense, bio-based fibers, recycled fibers, no dyeing fiber, easy to dye fibers 10 varieties.

Editorial comment on: China published fiber fashion trends, is our country textile industry from the source to improve the overall value of the industrial chain, move the thorough transformation and upgrading of the textile industry chain an innovation.Experience of the previous two activities held to influence, the third activity is the wind, the organizers invited domestic famous designers martial kay team, launched ChengHong & middot;Fiber (from continous) creative fashion remit in our country, combining with multimedia forms of runway shows, real fiber with fashion to draw mark of equality, the science and technology into the fashion life.

4, involving more than 220 one hundred million yuan of industrial investment project to enter the examination and approval procedures,

Biological base material for
national policy support
Hot issues: this year, by the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance, the ministry, the ministry of science and technology, Chinese academy of sciences and other departments jointly promote & otherBio-based material great innovation and development project implementation plan & throughout;Project into the examination and approval procedures."Package" will cover more than 220 industrial investment of one hundred million yuan., the central government allocated 4 billion yuan, the local and enterprise raise 11.9 billion yuan, bank loans of 6.5 billion yuan.

Edit comment: to promote the innovation of biological base material industry, scale and industry coordinated development as the key.Biological base of chemical fiber and raw material with green, environmentally friendly, renewable raw materials and excellent features such as biodegradable help solve the global economic and social development faces a serious shortage of resources and energy, and environmental problems such as infection.To develop the biological base of chemical fiber and its raw material is chemical fiber industry can keep the development and completion of the need of low carbon economy, to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, complete textile chemical fiber power strategy, development of circular economy, have very great significance.

5, new sales income 1.4 billion yuan to 2 billion yuan 1.4 billion
& other;Super imitation cotton project & throughout;Benefit is remarkable.

Hot issues: on July 30, the state ministry of science and technology organization for & other;Five-year & throughout;National science and technology support plan & ndash;& ndash;Super imitation cotton industrialization of synthetic fiber and its textile technology development project acceptance.& other;Super imitation cotton project & throughout;Under & other;New super imitation cotton industrialization of PET polyester fiber manufacturing technology development & throughout;, & otherDomestic PTT polyester manufacturing complete sets of technology development & throughout;, & otherPurified terephthalic acid (pta) production experience to strengthen the core technology development and industrialization & throughout;And & other;New super imitation cotton polyester fiber textile dyeing and finishing of core technology and product development & throughout;Has realized respectively four issues such as the acceptance of the work.This project money obtains the national science and technology support projects more than 8000 ten thousand yuan.

Edit comments: known as China's textile industry, for the first big goal & other;Super imitation cotton & throughout;Project, independent study, a total of 25 chemical industry technology innovation strategic alliance unit with, involving the China textile academy of sciences, donghua university and other research institutes, institutions of higher learning, and chemical industry, polymerization, spinning and weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing and other industrial chain of enterprises.& other;Super imitation cotton project & throughout;Most important work is to break through the industrial development of a series of core technology, the development of surplus imitation cotton polyester fiber, fabric, etc. Series of new products, new sales revenue of 1.4 billion yuan to 2 billion yuan, completed the profits of 200 million yuan to 300 million yuan, produce economic benefits for energy conservation and emissions reduction of about 80 million yuan, obtains the good economic benefit and social benefit.

6, on the basis of market supply and demand of the price mechanism to form

Cotton prices have dropped by

Hot issues: in mid-november, ICE period cotton fell to a five-year low, below 60 cents\/lb.Domestic cotton prices fell down, special is the domestic cotton market lost & other;Purchase & throughout;Support, cotton prices return to market-oriented, a listing of the crop this year, cotton prices began to enter the downlink channel.Combined with the domestic textile enterprises under the new policy of cotton cotton market touch not and deeply, for cotton library will not strong, weak demand more cotton city, the domestic price comparison of the crop last year fell sharply.

Edit comments: this year, domestic cotton prices all the way down, make the fg inventory continues to decline in the value of cotton textile enterprise, enterprise losses.But the good news is, cotton so far, the new China's cotton field on the basis of market supply and demand of the market price formation mechanism effect is showing.Both cotton farmers sell seed cotton processing plant acquisition of seed cotton, or purchasing cotton textile enterprises, more and more the only factor or is the market demand, in the price formation mechanism, cotton prices fell, the cotton textile industry chain to go through a painful experience.This is China's cotton policy reforms must be stage of the process, is also the cotton textile enterprise must accept & cotton marketization reforms in otherBaptism & throughout;.

7, upstream and downstream linkage to promote industry innovation

The international ma expo
Hot issues: on December 11, 2014 in China (jiangxi) international jute spinning exposition held in jiangxi at.Total fair arranged several theme activities, including & other;The light of textile & throughout;The key scientific and technological achievements & other;High efficiency and energy saving hemp biological degumming processing throughout new technology &;Site type, published 2015 linen textile products popular trend in our country, jute spinning industry promotion and jute spinning industry of jiangxi province project cooperation signing ceremony, China's international jute spinning industry development peak BBS and other activities.Expo exhibitors is numerous, almost covers the ramie, flax, hemp, jute, etc all kinds of jute spinning enterprises.

Edit comments: with the theme of hemp international exposition not only shows the upstream and downstream industry linkage development of innovation, also for the industry to see jute spinning industry of the future market potential is great.And as people awareness of hemp products further, jute spinning product potential of domestic demand will be effectively released.

Continue to ascend
8, corporate r&d innovation consciousness
Filament fabric named famous high-quality goods,

Hot issues: on June 13, by the filament yarn weaving association's list of the 2014 national filament fabrics famous quality products prize in zhejiang province evil innocence & other;The national chemical fiber product development annual meeting and viscose filament yarn fabrics workshop & throughout;On the issue.Recommended by the famous quality products this year, and with the number of companies or number of eligible products have increased significantly over the previous year.

Edit comments: excellent quality award for joining with more enterprises, from the side reflects the polyester filament fabric industry product development and major strides forward, enterprise innovation continue to improve, more and more attention to product research and development.But it is worth noting that the enterprise will these for your product suitable for what kind of clothes, have what kind of style, suitable for what kind of people and how people feel, understand clearly, the need to white, to stick to the market trend, to produce products suitable for the market.Also but it is through the market research and their own product research, can be targeted to innovate, to create higher value-added products, so as to improve enterprise economic benefits, in the heated market competition force.

set up a higher platform for industry innovation
Beautiful nuo wool awards was born
in our country
Hot issues: in order to encourage increasing The use of wool and wool textile enterprises in our country in The international market influence to give full support and help, wool textile industry association in China this year with The international wool bureau (The Woolmark Company hand in hand, for The first time organized & other;2014 Australian beautiful throughout the wool awards &;Campaign, designed to increase the beautiful Australia merino this luxury brand of innovative applications, and recommend excellent wool textile enterprises in China to global buyers.

Edit comments: Mao Xie with international wool bureau (The WoolmarkCompany) to form The international joint panel, set up a higher platform for industry innovation.In China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) exposition on the eve of the opening nine woollen fabric awards with the birth of 2 wool knitting dress awards, to reflect the current wool textile enterprises in our country the highest level of technological innovation and product research and development strength.

from the source to ensure product quality
Zhejiang Sue initiative don't accept MAO foot cocoon silk association,

Hot issues: on May 26th, silk association, jiangsu province, zhejiang province association to provinces silk cocoon acquisition unit with cocoon silk reeling enterprises launched about don't accept MAO foot initiative with calls, starting from this year's spring cocoon acquisition, in strict accordance with the national "cocoon silk circulation management method", "silk quality supervision and management method", don't accept MAO feet cocoon, encourage advocacy sericulturist sell pupate cocoon.

Edit comments: silk is the treasure of the Chinese nation, is now due to the profit-driven, man-made cocoon quality fall, unable to produce high-grade fine silk.To enhance the overall strength of China silk industry, not only need silk enterprise can spend more time in technology, research and development, design, and at the same time more in need of upstream sericulturist elaborate silkworm rearing, consciously sell quality cocoons, relevant departments to strengthen supervision strict law enforcement, vigorously promotes the textile raw material security, cocoon cocoon stations refused to MAO foot only accept cocoon chrysalis, cartels cocoon production rather than reeled hairy feet.Only then, to find the root of high quality raw materials, manufacturing high-quality products.

Keyword:Fiber, cotton, market, price, reviews, fabrics, wool, silk, chemical fiber, cotton

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