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Xinjiang: hand pick up cotton picking cotton delayed shipment machine and shipment

Published on:2014/12/16 15:16:27

Keyword:Textile mills, fiber, cotton, cotton, chemical fiber
Introduction:China's chemical fiber network - on December 16 According to shandong, jiangsu, hebei, cotton merchant to reflect warehouse, the mainland since the mi...

China's chemical fiber network on December 16, -

According to shandong, jiangsu, hebei, cotton merchant to reflect warehouse, the mainland since the middle of December compared XinJiangMian shipment is still slow, some offer higher southern xinjiang hand picked cotton in a poor state, a point of hebei, shandong, henan and other places ChanMian for fiber length is reached 29 and 30 mm and offer relatively low XinJiangMian nearly 1500 yuan\/ton and widely popular with the attention of small and medium-sized cotton textile factory with, replace the role of XinJiangMian forming stage;Another Angle some enterprise order 2014\/15 American cotton, cotton in Brazil and India cotton in mid-december to arrive at the port will be delivery in the future, library work will slow down and pause.On December 12-15, shandong, hebei and other places warehouse nanjiang 3129 (3128), 3129 (2128) hand picking cotton gross delivery price at 14500-14600 yuan\/ton, 14600-14900 yuan\/ton, but most FangQi requirements & otherLow three wire & throughout;, & otherLower the proportion of low value ma (C2) & throughout;, & otherSingle bundle fiber length cannot be less than 28 mm & throughout;Impurity and not higher than 1%.

Henan, shandong and other places some of the small and medium-sized cotton mills are still a lot of inquiry, procurement of mainland warehouse pick up cotton in northern and southern xinjiang machine, northern xinjiang shihezi, kuytun machine cotton-picking mainland libraries offer 13400-13500 yuan\/ton (gross settlement), and the southern xinjiang korla, aksu, pick up cotton production machine quotation slightly tall 100-200 yuan\/ton, but because the machine adopt large and lint cotton impurities generally high moisture regain, so cotton mills, traders tend to set settlement pick up cotton purchase machine, clinch a deal valence is concentrated in the 14000 yuan\/tons.Because southern xinjiang hands picking MCP - T360 cotton sales price has fallen below cotton ginning mill comprehensive cost, and short term by the end of December to the port of the Yellow River basin ChanMian, impact is bigger, the cotton cotton mills in & other;Price cut space limited & throughout;Under double pressures of clinch a deal with slow, generally rised, wait and see.

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