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New Australian: ecology yarn or into performance breakthrough

Published on:2014/12/5 15:30:54

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Introduction:Comparison of shandong ruyi, jiangsu sunshine, such as large wool spinning enterprises, new Australian textile 1 year sales of 1.4 billion yuan scale ...

is shandong ruyi, jiangsu sunshine, such as large wool spinning enterprises, the new Australian textile 1 year sales of 1.4 billion yuan scale is weak, but its main business is outstanding, features of worsted yarn, profit is band under pressure but overall steadily in recent years, which can successfully, also once again proved that the concept of capital market segmentation for characteristics.

Announced on November 5,

, China securities regulatory commission issuance examination committee, with companies in the export of cotton socks zhejiang jian sheng group co., LTD., start to apply for a pass at the same time, there are the main new Australian wool characteristics of zhejiang textile co., LTD.

new Australian textile fitting on the Shanghai stock exchange, the company before the total of 80 million shares, the public offering of not more than 26.68 million shares, less than 25% of the total number of the shares issued.According to the prospectus, the funds raised will be mainly used in investment "20000 ingot high-grade worsted yarn project" and "pay 100 million yuan bank loan project".

, burberry, prada,

are its customers

for nearly three years performance band under pressure but overall is still stable,

new Australian textile formerly of tongxiang city of zhejiang xinhua wool LianYingChang, tongxiang city departments for all business administration.Implementation of the shareholding system reform in 2007, by zhejiang new Macao textile group co., LTD. The overall restructuring for zhejiang new Macao textile co., LTD.With zhejiang new Macao with wool textile LTD., zhejiang new and thick source of zhejiang textile three branch and hong DE import and export, a wholly owned subsidiary.The company actual control artificial chairman jian-hua shen.Before the public offering, jian-hua shen directly holds 23.78% of the shares in the company also owns a 53.62% stake in company controlling shareholder new Australian industry, while the new Australian industry holds a 51% stake in the company.

Its key products for

high-grade worsted yarn and wool tops of intermediate products.Its products include pure wool yarn, high-grade worsted yarn natural fibre blended yarn, wool, silk, cashmere, etc.) and chemical fiber blended yarn, mainly used in weaving high-grade knitted garments, including sweater, cashmere sweater, wool underwear, T-shirt, wool, wool socks and other knitwear, etc.

high quality wool fibers is the basis for the production of high quality yarn with the premise.In 2003, founded the new Macao with wool textile with joint venture, in wool top processing production, through the advanced equipment, the article with wool wool modification are advanced technology, production of high quality wool top, implementation to the wool spinning industry chain extension of the upstream.Its wool top part products in addition to self-use, the remaining foreign sales.

new Australian textile think, through to the wool tops the effective control of production process, a perspective can broaden the scope of the company yarn varieties, the company can according to the needs of customers personalized full adjusting and optimizing production process;Another point of view, because the downstream have seasonal demand, the company can ensure the supply of wool tops continuity when the peak season, master of wool tops delivery time, seize market opportunities.


at present, the new Australian textile collection system, modification treatment, spinning, dyeing and finishing in one, formed the wool washing, tops, and manufacturing\/preshrunk, mercerizing, spinning and dyeing of the MCP - HT450 the yarn production and processing chain.As of the first half of this year, with an annual output of 7000 tons of various types of wool top, modified processing 10000 tons, 10000 tons of worsted spinning, dyeing and finishing, 8000 tons of production capacity.The longer industry chain layout, is also one of the key competitiveness.

companies both on sell sales strategy, the current export revenues accounted for about 45% of the total.Its domestic market is given priority to with zhejiang, guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu and other;Yarn export market mainly to North America, Europe, Oceania and other regions of brands, its designated OEM mill are mainly concentrated in Hong Kong;Wool top export market mainly concentrated in places such as Japan, Germany, southeast Asia and India.Company has to buy wool offices in Australia, the main raw materials of wool wool imported from Australia.


Australia, and other independent brands, with independent product design and development team, at the same time through with the Australian wool development company (AWI), Australia's commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization (CSIRO), and other institutions closely linked, with zhejiang science and technology, donghua university and other colleges and universities to cooperate, for trial production of new products, grasp the latest market trends and needs, timely published new season collections for customers to choose products, the company is a domestic one of the few regularly published color spinning enterprises.PV company also insist on year after year in France, the United States such as Spin - expo exhibition, improve product influence.

Stability, good yarn quality and

for better grasp the popular trend, for the new Australian textile winning downstream high quality customers.In the domestic market, its customers have ports, elegant jade-like stone, koti, youngor clothing brand;In the international market, it has become so designated supplier of yarn, including Gap, Banana Republic, DKNY, tommy figg, hill, burberry, prada, armani, Muji, etc.And with the cooperation of those brands are better promote its mastery of the yarn popular trends.

but another Angle, as exports occupied almost half of wool spinning enterprises, since the financial crisis after the international and domestic markets remain weak and volatile prices of wool is not open around the problem, under the circumstances of the overall downturn, new Australian textile performance are under pressure.

, according to the prospectus in the first half of 2011 ~ 2014, the new Australian textile business income is 1.4669 billion yuan respectively, 1.489 billion yuan, 1.429 billion yuan, 859 million yuan, net profit 10115.45 respectively ten thousand yuan, 80.3981 million yuan, 10123 yuan and 64.0376 million yuan end at 10123.39.

can see out, and its performance there is a certain pressure, net profit fell in 2012, basic recover to 2011 levels in 2013;Angle from 2011 in 2012 revenue growth slightly, but fell 4.04% year-on-year in 2013.And, because the company is high-tech enterprises in zhejiang province, from 2011 to 2013 of the income tax applicable tax rate is 15%, government subsidies accounted for as non-operating income in each of the 1.459 million yuan, 1.4082 million yuan and 1.4082 million yuan respectively.If after deducting tax breaks and government subsidies, the 2011 ~ 2014 in the first half net profit is 93.1384 million yuan, 73.4622 million yuan and 73.4622 million yuan respectively, 63.6301 million yuan.The more see performance pressure.But the overall look, management is relatively stable.

It is worth noting that the

, the company's key products wool yarn income has grown steadily in recent years.In 2011 MAO spun yarn sales income is 787.7 million yuan;In 2012 to 879 million yuan, up 11.53%;In 2013 to 937 million yuan, up 6.7%;In the first half of 2014 to 2014 yuan, up 2.53% from a year earlier.Just 2012 to the first half of this year, the macro economic fluctuation, the downstream market demand changes, and fall in the price of raw wool, wool tops sales fell down the company's overall performance.

to raise money mainly used to increase the production capacity of

"green ecological" product, or a new growth point of

in addition to the pressure of the environment, for the new Australian textile, today is the first productivity restrict its further development.As of the first half of 2014, the company has 52000 worsted spindles ingot, with an annual output of 6600 tons of worsted yarn.But in recent years the wool yarn sales rise year by year, the sales season has face the shortage of capacity of embarrassment, under this situation, company a Angle must extend the product delivery cycle, another Angle will be part of the order processing.So, the raise funds is still the main to increase production capacity, investment "20000 ingot high-grade worsted yarn project".

The project total investment 330 million yuan,

establish a period of 2 years.Will further increase after the completion of the project company worsted link of the production scale, improve the industry chain layout, building a more scientific and reasonable spinning QianHouDao capacity ratio.As of June 30, 2014, the project has achieved 13061.68 initial investment of 13061 yuan, and 8080 spinning production capacity reaches producing, initially formed nearly 1000 tons of annual production capacity.

and in terms of long-term development, the project will improve the grade of the products of the company, complete product upgrade.

now, a point of view, the global textile industry "green" has become a development trend, the idea of green production and green consumption continues to transform the world textile production experience, natural green, environmental protection textile as "darling".

another point of view, the fact is that with China's wto accession, the green barrier has been a great influence in the textile clothing trade friction.China's three largest trading partner for the United States, Europe, Japan, textiles are mostly sold in these areas, accounts for more than 70% of total exports.And the European Union countries were the first to realize and study the international ecological textiles certification and promoting national textile ecology, its members and promote ecological textiles certification of the strictest countries, implement strict ecological technology for textile imports, its ecological certification standard is of great influence in the global textile trade.

for the high degree of globalization of China wool spinning industry, development, production of ecological textiles is the foundation of the enterprises to gain access to the international market the initiative, break the barrier of the western "green" has become enterprises to promote the competitiveness of the products in the international market.

is for this reason, our country textile industry association published in the textile industry "twelfth five-year" science and technology progress compendium of position: to develop the green environmental protection textile, further enhance China's textile products in the domestic and international market competition ability;Within the scope of the whole industry to speed up the development and promotion of green environmental protection, resources recycling technology, accelerate the research and development and promotion of high performance, high efficiency, energy conservation and emissions reduction advanced applicable technology, technology and equipment.

obviously, the new Australian textile knows this.Its main production ecological yarn after the new project put into production, including ecology of pure cashmere yarn, cashmere\/silk\/modified high-grade wool blended yarn, yarn and low ecological pure wool pilling easy care ecological high-grade knitting machine yarn 4 kinds big.

new Australian textile position, the company existing products comply with international textile OEKO TEX STANDARD - 100 STANDARD, the product itself to the environment pollution-free, this project after the products before this height STANDARD, on the basis of to the eu ECO LABEL (ECO - LABEL) environmental requirements, to the whole life cycle of a product from production to finished product ecological pollution-free, is green upgrade on the basis of existing products in the company.

according to the plan, the company overall operating purpose is "to become the world's one of the most professional high-end textile materials suppliers".Two or three years, in the future will focus on development and differentiation, functional, high-grade worsted knitting yarn with high added value.Embodied in: one is the original wool modification and technical advantages of spinning process on the basis of, to develop in the direction of high superfine knitting yarn.The second is to develop high-grade natural fibre blended products, the use of special animal fiber such as cashmere, sheep wool, mohair, and natural fiber, improve the quality of the blended products, increase the international high-end brand clothing market share;Focus on developing functional wool blended with new chemical fiber products, such as moisture absorption perspiration, heat, light, etc.Third, is to "ecological textile", "green" textile development, continue to improve product added value.

new Australian textile, ecological textile not only represents the new trend in global consumption and production, and can be developed countries that use the method of green barriers to restrict imports.If the company's products can meet eu ecosystem requirements, can compare to enter the high-end international circulation in the market, and to improve product added value.

Keyword:Wool, market, yarn, fabric, yarn, fiber, knitting, clothing, textile industry, research

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