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Focus on the wool industry to visit michelle - 140 fifth generation successor

Published on:2014/12/5 15:30:53

Keyword:Wool, clothing, status, knitting yarn, yarn, fabric, weaving, printing and dyeing, textile industry
Introduction:Although in different places in different ways to celebrate the 140 anniversary of the founding of michelle, michelle's fifth generation successor, Da...

although in different places in different ways to celebrate the 140 anniversary of the founding of michelle, michelle's fifth generation successor, David Mitchell with Peter Michell, feel or when it is necessary to move in the office have a celebration party.Held a celebration for many times, also seems to be difficult to express the brothers heart feeling.

Concentrate on the wool of

the family business, but also a family enterprise innovation vigor lasted for 140 years, of hardship is self-evident.This is a company's history, the history of a family, is also the history of the development of wool industry.140 years, from wool market ups and downs, wool industry transfer, and the world economic situation changes, michelle's family can be adjusted according to the situation.So, after 140, the seemingly traditional industry under the Michell, family business, has been successful docking with the modern industry, came to the forefront of the international textile industry.


for clients, who just know how can you usually put yourself?

Peter Mitchell: I'm Peter Mitchell, is michelle, general manager of the company.My brother David Mitchell has been with me michelle fifth-generation successor family business.Our family has been engaged in the wool industry in 140, it was a very proud thing.Michelle has across three centuries the development of the company change with five generations.Reporter: please explain simple michelle family business history of three centuries with five generations.

Peter Mitchell,


, my grandfather's grandfather (michelle company of the first generation) was established in a small village in Australia wool washing by hand with wool michelle company which mainly export business.Ten years later, a flood destroyed everything, but michelle is stubbornly to start again.

the next 38 years, my great-grandfather (second generation) will the family business moved to the Adelaide, and gradually developed into wool processing enterprise with 2000 employees.

in 1947, at my grandfather (third generation), the company further expand, increase the spinning, dyeing, weaving and knitting factory.In 1948, and my grandfather opened offices in China, Japan and the United States.


years later, in 1972, my father (the company's fourth generation) combined the distribution of three factories in Australia, has built a large enterprise covers an area of 55000 square meters, specialized in raw wool production.Then, he devoted to building a global marketing network.To 1989, michelle business accounted for 10% of the Australian wool supply of wool, in 2000, the number has more than 20%.

over the next 10 years, we witnessed the great change.Our country has become a strong competitor in the field of wool processing.Michelle recognize the importance of our country, and have been adjusted accordingly.In 2004, michelle began to focus to establish vertical development strategy.


in two inherited the family business, the greater changes have taken place in the world wool industry, such as the transfer of world wool processing industry, such as the development of modern logistics industry.In the face of these changes, michelle, what action?

David Mitchell: wool industry experience is always change.Michelle wool industry development to today's secret is that we can make a strategic adjustment timely according to the situation changes.

columns, such as, in order to adapt to the development of world wool processing industry transfer trend, in 2007, michel Australia established in wujiang investment group company (suzhou) wool industry co., LTD.With a total investment of $24 million, the company covers an area of about 47000 square meters, two phases to establish.A phase of the building has been achieved, the company after all completed and put into operation, will have a capacity of 9000 tons of carbonized wool washes with 2000 tons of wool (unshrinkable wool) production capacity.

we are not afraid of change, because change is a must.We have confidence in the wool industry, and will continue to make efforts for it.

Peter Mitchell: in order to adapt itself to the changing situation of new wool industry, michelle efforts in many angles.In the past six years, michelle's fifth generation, is I talk to my brother David michelle to do the following work: built in our country is given priority to with producing carbonized hair with shrink loose hair michelle suzhou factories;Investment in Malaysia the galley with yarn factory;Upgrading of Australian wool washing factory;Transform the Australian coking processing equipment;In Mexico, construction of the spinning of the joint venture;Started his own sportswear brand, the clothing more than 200 stores in Europe and the United States;Enlarged Michell, 1870 (michelle wool product brand) business, content involves the yarn, fabrics and knitted garments;Recently, michelle straight to buy wool company established, with the modern and innovative ways of wool from Australia.

reporters: when an enterprise has safe running for more than 100 years, it is so formed a brand and reputation?This brand and reputation for enterprise management what are the benefits?

Peter Mitchell,

: yes.Enterprises to buy raw materials and services, is very pay attention to credibility.Due to long engaged in the industry, so we is very familiar to the industry, clear the advantages and disadvantages of it, and then continue to improve our raw material supply services, then continue to get better evaluation.

credibility is also needs to be maintained at the same time.The small problems in the production and operation of an enterprise is likely to evolve into the big problems affecting enterprise credibility.Because we need to continue to improve production, improve the service, adjust strategy, maintenance, michelle, credibility of the company.


in our country, the enterprise in overlapping sometimes meet the next generation is not willing to take over the status of the family business.When you take over the family industry have this situation?Your children will be very willing to take over your family business?

Peter Mitchell,

: to be honest, at the beginning to take over the family industry, the in the mind is very uneasy.It has more than 100 years, in the face of new changes, to make it continuously, an enormous responsibility.My child is very small, now don't know what can they want to.

David Mitchell: my child has grown up.But for their willing to take over, I don't understand.This choice by themselves

Keyword:Wool, clothing, status, knitting yarn, yarn, fabric, weaving, printing and dyeing, textile industry

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