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Xinjiang kazak embroidery products popular with travellers

Published on:2014/12/5 15:30:21

Keyword:Embroidery, sewing machine, apparel, clothing
Introduction:Recently, the author came to xinjiang wusu gul figure town, hot, professional cooperatives, see all kinds of styles of embroidery products are put in ...

Recently, the author came to xinjiang wusu gul figure town, hot, professional cooperatives, see all kinds of styles of embroidery products are put in the position of look: tapestry, tapestry, hanging frame, pillow towel, seat cushion, back of a chair, clothes & hellip;& hellip;The fashionable color is gorgeous, design beautiful modelling diversity, embroidery art superb stitches lively, distinct image lifelike.In cooperation with your club, head, she is with her disciple in the production of embroidery.

Jaynes guli, kazakh folk embroidery in black cloth at the bottom, embroidered on all sorts of color design.Jaynes guli said, all these embroidery pattern, is she painted by hand, and does not require any reference pattern.To the author illustrates the jaynes guli embroidery painting.Add some salt in the milk, with a chopsticks stir constantly.Chopsticks into salt on milk is the best brush.On a piece of black cloth, with chopsticks twist, pattern of thinking is like a winding white line, through the jaynes guli hand, reflected in the canvas.

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In kazak nationality, no girl not embroidery.Kazak girl in a very small, in under the teaching of the mother, start to learn embroidery and needlework their dowry.Cushion, curtain, pillow case, bed sheet, bedspread, arras, dress, the same can't be little.Jaynes guli said, in his ten years old, is to learn embroidery with my mother.At present, the jaynes guli painting embroidery techniques, like the mother taught her.And this kind of scale design techniques, jaynes guli is passed on to the next generation.In 2008, o g hot professional cooperatives set up after, has more than 20 girls to jaynes guli learning hand-made embroidery, a few years down, these people, already five people in xinjiang wusu gul figure town opened the embroidery.

Along with the development of the era, kazak embroidery in reference, on the basis of other national embroidery techniques more diversity, design is more delicate, more rich materials also.Not only the traditional manual embroidery, sewing machine embroidery and faster.In order to meet the needs of customers, jaynes guli also bought 3 sewing machines, embroidery production way.

However, more and more people still have a special liking to hand embroidery.Jaynes guli said, the same size embroidery products, hand embroidery than sewing machine embroidery I sell 1 times more price.Due to this reason, hand embroidery become xinjiang wusu gul figure town of local women & other;Good work & throughout;.At present, along with the xinjiang wusu gul figure town of tourism boom, these handicraft with embroidery is tourists favor, enrich the connotation of the local tourism products, and increase the income of the minority women.