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Textile machinery enterprises, to carry out the exhibition services

Published on:2014/12/5 15:29:05

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Introduction:Recently, by the Shanghai textile industry exhibition center manager, director liu hong a line of four people, successively visited Qingdao area texti...

& have spentRecently, by the Shanghai textile industry exhibition center manager, director liu hong a line of four people, successively visited Qingdao area textile machinery enterprise!

On June 15 to 18, 2015 in Shanghai new international expo center at the 17th session of Shanghai international exhibition on textile industry, in order to better organize the exhibition, really let exhibition services to exhibitors, Shanghai textile machinery exhibition organizing committee leaders personally visit the exhibition of Qingdao textile machinery enterprises, the survey, the development situation of textile machinery enterprises consult textile machinery enterprise participation requirements, to win more to make textile machinery exhibition in Shanghai textile machinery.Qingdao as a textile machinery production base, both the historical development of nearly a century brand textile machinery enterprises, has a strong rise of new enterprises.Also is an important sector of Shanghai textile machinery exhibition, the organizing committee leadership attached great importance to the development of Qingdao textile machinery enterprises!

11 in the morning, with Qingdao textile machinery co., LTD. Leadership has carried on the discussion, understand the textile machinery enterprise with a history of nearly one hundred years, the company now has twenty companies, the existing staff of nearly 1200 people.Company in Qingdao, cieme, weinan, yichang, a total of five factories, the total area of 800000 ㎡.Diversification of products, the standard of corporate governance structure and flexible operational mechanism, has injected new vitality for the development of the company.

Leading products qing feng brand carding machine, carding, automatic winder, nonwoven fabric is up to the level of the domestic first, complete sets of equipment, such as the international advanced level;Qing feng brand clothing, motor was awarded national, provincial fine-quality famous brand;Nc machine tools and other products market share increase year by year, also improving the company's product structure.High quality products, perfect sales and after-sales service system allows companies have continued the good reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

11 go to universal group co., LTD., Qingdao has carried on the discussion of leadership.Understanding to the global development situation: universal group both annual output of up to thousands of machines, automatic doffing roving frame with thick systems for its & otherWith intelligent, standardization and modularization technology to the greatest degree of meet the personalized needs of global textile enterprises & throughout;Excellence philosophy of leading the world textile industry upgrading trend of The Times, products are exported to the United States, Turkey, southeast Asia, central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, America, Russia and so on more than 20 countries and regions.

Universal group is doing and will do, is to continue to improve contains to & other;Think tank in China, the world heart & throughout;For the soul of products and services with friends both at home and abroad to jointly create a win-win situation of mutual benefit in the future.

11 in the evening with Qingdao tianyi BiQuan poly (general manager of the red flag textile machinery has carried on the discussion: the CS - 2000 spectral radiation luminance meter developed by a company JA91 series with JW81 series water jet loom, air jet loom JA91 series of air-jet loom performance can match with today's international most advanced loom, and JW81 series water jet loom is also in the present world the most advanced imported type is improved on the basis of the latest model, two kinds of models in the international textile machinery exhibition in China in June on the domestic and foreign professionals consistent praise and praise.

& other;As soon as the red flag & throughout;Is becoming a famous brand of China's textile machinery, with high performance high quality to win customers, has been formed of both production and marketing situation, the production has reached 3000 units, production is rising gradually, to complete the output value 500 million yuan.

12 in the morning, the Shanghai textile machinery textile machinery exhibition organizing committee visited the leadership of the red flag assembly workshop and laboratory for the new product.

12 in the morning, the Shanghai textile machinery exhibition organizing committee leaders paid a visit to Qingdao dongchang textile machinery manufacturing co., LTD., general manager commented qi-qiang liu & otherAs the competition in the market continued to rise, special is increasingly valued for the work of energy conservation and emissions reduction, textile machinery enterprise but to speed up the innovation, to produce more efficient, more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly textile machinery equipment, can bring greater benefit to textile enterprises.Throughout the &;Innovation is the power of the eternal vitality of dongchang textile machinery.

Relying on scientific and technological innovation, the Qingdao dongchang textile machinery has become a national high and new technology enterprise, national textile machinery industry association designated production enterprise.Dongchang textile machinery development FG1206 task fiber into the equipment has 6 patents of utility model with 1 invention patents, has been the national ministry of science and technology project, and to get the support of national innovation fund, enterprise for three consecutive years won the Qingdao jiaonan with progress prize in science and technology.Company main products are A186 series, FA201C, FA207B FA226A high output carding machine and FA226A carding system and FA227A carding system to transform traditional industries with carding coupon system, CZ191B article, FN246B cashmere carding machine machine, FN246A cashmere carding machine, FN271A artificial fur carding machine, A186 xumian machine, GM210 type double roller clear spring machine, GM1010 type single roll play machine, all kinds of carding machine, with MAO, non-woven carding machine, opening machine, automatic feed hopper FA1712, FA1212 automatic feed hopper, FT026 self expression, JW series hydraulic looms and so on.

Liu said: & other;Traditional carding equipment after upgrading, not just less labor, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, also complete digital automatic control system, is recognized by enterprises.Throughout the &;

Dongchang textile machinery at the scene of the user setting parts library management mode for the user to greatly save time, improve the efficiency of equipment operation, deeply user high praise!

After the symposium, liu take you visited their production workshop.

12 in the afternoon with the leaders of the Shanghai textile machinery exhibition, the organizing committee and to the textile town & ndash;Town: queen cell, respectively, visited Qingdao hai jia machinery co., LTD., Qingdao with spring mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD., Qingdao cheng jia machinery co., LTD.

With the Qingdao sea mr.wong panel

Visit the sea company assembly workshop,

With the Qingdao spring company Cui Zhaoxing discussion with zhi-bo wang, chairman of general manager.

Mr.wong primer spring company Shanghai textile machinery exhibition organizing committee leadership tour

With the company's latest product TC780A spring - 340 air-jet loom.

With Qingdao honestly benefit the company of a general discussion, and visited the carding equipment!

13 visited & have spentQingdao east textile machinery (group) co., LTD. : the company was founded in 1952, total assets of 350 million yuan, 1000 employees, covers an area of 400 mu, involving machinery, real estate and property management, garment processing, wool textile and other industries with the self-management import and export business.Machinery company has perfect casting, machining, assembling the whole process of mechanical manufacturing process with laser processing machine, gantry machining center, CNC machine, heat treatment and other advanced equipment, is the present domestic production scale, most complete line of professional textile and textile machinery manufacturing enterprises, the national key textile machinery manufacturing base.Company for Chinese textile machinery equipment industry association executive director units.Main production and operation in textile machinery, products include cotton carding and complete sets of equipment and drawing unit equipment, with worsted, semi-worsted wool woolen combing equipment, complete sets of equipment, special chemical fiber carding and nonwovens fiber carding and multicomponent fibre blended combed equipment, shuttleless loom five series more than eighty specifications, such as combing mechanical products production volume in China first, products are exported to southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Mongolia, Russia and so on more than 10 countries and regions.& other;East jia & throughout;Trademark as well-known trademarks in China, in token of carding machine, carding machine is Qingdao and shandong province famous brand products, cashmere carding machine is Qingdao famous brand products.Company is listed as the national large and medium-sized industrial enterprise independent innovation ability ", won the top 500 China's textile and garment enterprises competitiveness, state-level enterprise technology center, national high-tech enterprise, national guard contract, heavy credit enterprise, shandong province high quality textile machinery production base of leading backbone enterprises in shandong province, rich xing lu labor diploma in shandong province, shandong AAA grade credit enterprise, the first to fulfill social responsibility demonstration enterprises, agricultural bank Qingdao branch AAA grade credit enterprise, Qingdao a-class tax credit units.

Over the years, the east better has independent research and development of the five series, more than 60 varieties of textile machinery products, there are 26 items of technology to fill the domestic gap, and reached the international advanced level, 20 items was identified as the national patent technology, 16 kinds of products are classified as national new product, 18 kinds of products have won the Qingdao, provincial and national progress prize in science and technology, and otherEast jia & throughout;Brand carding machine in the domestic market share of more than 90%, leading products domestic market share of more than 30% of the carding machine, and are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions.

The Shanghai textile industry exhibition center leadership go grassroots campaign a success, is popular among Qingdao textile machinery enterprises, all full of expectation, for next year's exhibition under the unfavorable situation of the textile industry, Qingdao textile machinery enterprises also show vitality, embodies the Qingdao people to challenge to make bold innovation, also add colour to the city of Qingdao the brand!

Keyword:Textile machinery, carding, market, carding machine, carding machine, textile industry, fiber, carding machine, gas loom, nonwovens

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