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Banana stem fiber spinning weaving

Published on:2014/12/5 15:29:00

Keyword:Fiber, research, spinning and weaving
Introduction:The original title: banana stem fibers can be spinning weaving ReKeYuan banana from the raw material of the banana stem extract fibers spun into threa...

the original title: banana stem fiber spinning weaving,

ReKeYuan banana from the raw material of the banana stem extract fibers spun into thread.ReKeYuan banana institute for figure

Haikou on December 2,

this newspaper news (reporter Fan Nahong The correspondent Lin Gongsheng) when it comes to bananas, people think of just the fruit.Tropical academy of agricultural sciences in China, however, after six years of research, make whole plant possess the banana product development value, can be extracted stem fiber spinning weaving, or the preparation of organic fertilizer;Flowers can be made into fall blood sugar capsule;The fruit can be made into jam.

On December 1,

in the morning, the reporter in ReKeYuan banana institute, banana stem was used to extract the fiber, appearance similar to hemp, after simple treatment, the pale white, strong toughness, not easy to break, and the use of banana stem fiber made of cloth, texture and texture with linen was no significant difference, permeability is strong, soft and crisp.

"banana false stem, leaf and contain high quality in the bast fiber, the fiber has high strength, small elongation, moisture absorption, and put a wet fast, etc. The banana fiber not only can be used to spin, production of various kinds of high-grade fabric, also can use in the production of the paper, arts and crafts, and composite materials."Researcher at the institute of banana, main r&d people built hon Ming how project subject.