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The original yarn cost is much cheaper than China spinning

Published on:2014/12/5 15:28:57

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Introduction:Americans are also able to spinning?You may think, the original low cost than our yarn spinning.According to the Wall Street journal (blog, twitter), ...

americans to spinning, too?

you may consider that the original low cost than our yarn spinning in the United States.

according to the Wall Street journal (blog, twitter), hangzhou city, zhejiang province a spinning mill in our country, because of the rising cost of Labour, energy and land.Is packing and put some spindles shipped to the United States, south Carolina, cole group co., LTD. Has approved a $218 million investment in Lancaster county, the new factory electricity but less than half of our country, and can get the local government support, cole company is expected to create at least 500 jobs.

, because the cost of our country is increasing, cole company can put the yarn manufacturer shipment to Central America, is not the same as in our company, it is exempt from the clothing to the United States.


: the advantages of the spinning mill

first of all, the United States with the cotton spinning mill, rich raw material resources;

second, American power cost is very low, is our country's electricity costs about a third.

in the third, a high degree of automation in the United States, although the high cost of choose and employ persons, but the equipment of choose and employ persons is very little, so the overall cost of labor is low."


American electric power with land cost than in

low of 40% - 50%.

there is a problem, also a container, do cotton yarn, cotton come with if the higher value-added, spread to the lower freight.

power is low, raw materials can guarantee, so the U.S. cotton impact to our market is very big, now 32 air spinning knitting yarn to make clothes to wear in the body is very comfortable.

air spinning in China compared with raw materials of low, the United States air spinning better with the raw material.Rotor spinning in the United States a high degree of automation, a very big shop even both of them don't have to.

Statistics show

, 2003, in the United States spinning at a cost of $2.86 per kg, $2.76 in our country.By 2010, to $3.45 in the United States, in our country has already jumped to $4.13.

textile production costs in the United States, which has been lower than in China, India, Turkey, South Korea and Brazil, the rising cost of pushing some Asian textile enterprises moved to the United States.

an Indian textile makers Shrivallabh Pittie group, Georgia to invest $70 million in the United States, the construction of the first production of pure cotton combed yarn's factory in the United States, the yarn factory will create 250 job opportunities, the mill will be installed the most advanced machines, production of the other general combed yarn,

the United States levy customs duties on imported yarns with clothing for decades, but the north American free trade agreement, trade agreements, with a few in the United States has created a free zone between trading partners.Relevant agreement, import of textiles from partners, must be fully used in these countries or the production materials, otherwise textiles face tariffs, generally can reach 5% to 6% for yarn, fabrics of 10% to 12%, clothing from 15% to 20%.

More than

years, Asia clothing manufacturers has been suffering from the tariff, due to the production and transportation cost is very low, and at present, they are reassessing the practice.

it introduced changes in global trade, how is to create advantages for American manufacturing.


textile Asia


Keyword:Yarn, garments, textile products, yarn, automation, cotton yarn, knitting, market, fabrics, cotton

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